Eden Hazard Kicks Ball Boy In Stomach, Gets Red Carded But Can’t Stop Swansea From Reaching League Cup Final [GIF]

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard was red carded during the League Cup semi-final today after he kicked a Swansea ball boy in the stomach.

The incident happened before the 80th minute of the match, where a Swansea ball boy went to collect the ball near the corner flag. The boy fell down and landed on the ball that he had in his hands. Hazard went over to collect the ball, got frustrated and proceeded to try to kick the ball out from under the child, but ended up kicking him in the stomach instead.

While Hazard’s patience was running thin, it’s absolutely appalling hat this professional footballer would resort to injuring the teen.

After Hazard kicked the ball boy, the 17-year-old held his stomach in agony until he was finally led off the pitch with his hand holding his stomach.

After consultation, referee Chris Foy gave Hazard the red card. The Belgian midfielder walked off the pitch to a chorus of boos from the Liberty Stadium faithful.

The match between Swansea and Chelsea ended in a nil-nil draw, which was more than enough for Swansea to qualify for their first major cup final. Swansea will play Bradford City in the final on February 24 at Wembley. But despite this, it’s a shame that today will be remembered for an unsavory incident by Eden Hazard.

Overall, Swansea deserved to qualify for the League Cup Final. Today, the Swans were defensively stronger with Ashley Williams and Chico Flores having another impressive game. In the past few weeks, the Swansea side has shown a new resilience that is based on playing as a tight unit in the back, allowing very few goals as witnessed by their Premier League matches against Everton (0-0) and Stoke (3-1).

Chelsea, meanwhile, were lacking the killer edge today. Demba Ba was marked out of the game, and when Fernando Torres came on later in the match, it was too little too late. Chelsea’s best player on the day was Petr Cech, which gives you an indication of how the game ended up.

95 thoughts on “Eden Hazard Kicks Ball Boy In Stomach, Gets Red Carded But Can’t Stop Swansea From Reaching League Cup Final [GIF]”

    1. A little strong, but he certainly deserves everything he gets and then some.

      One thing is for sure. He will never live that down.

      1. he’s going to wake up to sh!t storm tomorrow thats for sure.

        you know what i say…Thank you Hazard for taking the attention of Suarez atleast one week.

      2. Hazard should be dragged across the coals for committing such an unprofessional offence on that poor boy that was just trying to do his job !
        When will these well paid players ever realise they are roll models for our children !!!

          1. I think he is making his point…he probably followed a football player who didnt stay in school growing now cannot spell lol

          2. Please excuse the spelling error.I blame my phone’s predictive text for that one !

            Hazard should expect a ban for his wrong doings and rightly so !

        1. The ball boy was doing anything BUT his job.
          I´m all for Hazard being punished, but the kid should be punished for his actions, too. The club should ban him from entering the stadium for a while.

        2. i wanted swansea to win,

          butwhen did laying on the ball come onto the job description of the ball boy.

          the lad should be kicked out of the swansea football club, and made to aplogise.

          hazard kicked the ball. the lad play acted. what a joke.

          1. Let’s say he did “only” kick the ball. That’s still gonna hurt. Hazard is a professional, highly trained football player kicking a ball against a young boys stomach.
            You have a good point about the kid not doing his job, but it’s not up to Hazard to mete out any “punishment” for that. Absolutely ridiculous for him to think it’s okay to kick a kid like that.

      1. whatever the boy was playing at and whether hazard’hardly touched him’ he should not have touched him at all there are three officials on the pitch it is their de cision as to what is right or wrong.this only reinforces the stereotype of overpaid footballers with no brains

  1. He was definitely time wasting, this article doesn’t mention that – BUT Hazard’s decision was clearly idiotic. How many matches will he get banned do ya suppose?

  2. Obviously if a little moron is time-wasting by lying on the ball, and not doing his job as ball-boy properly (retrieve the ball as quickly as possible), then you boot the lil’ f*cker. Simple. And I’m a United fan who hates Chelski with a passion.

  3. Well well well, i thought it was only Cantona who had a short fuse, apparently i was wrong, Hazard has taken it a step further, at least the lad at selhurt park was known to have hurled some insult at Cantona

  4. The poor lad slipped. He was probably that embarassed he forgot he had the ball. If yous think that hazard kicking a young lad is acceptable yous are all bigots.

    1. oh good we’ve reached the point of EPL speculation where we pretend to know what others think because as you know everyone thinks just like you do so it’s so easy- it’s my favorite part of the hand wringing media driven sensation of the day.

      Oh the tragedy how will a nation survive?

  5. What the boy did was immature but Eden is supposed to be the mature adult in this situation. Eden will get a ban 3-5 games and deserved the red card.

    1. He’ll get a lot more than 3 games. Wait for a member of the crowd to report it to the police a la Terry and Ferdinand. The evidence is far clearer in this case.

  6. Regardless of which club he plays for, you cannot do that. He is supposed to be a role model and he’s kicking a child on the floor. He should be banned for the rest of the season

  7. No-one is showing the entire clip, especially the part before the kick when Hazard pulled the boy to the ground as he tried to get the ball from him. The boy did not slip!

    Ball boy faultless.

  8. I just like to see a good football game Swansea won fair and square but that little prick knew exactly what he was doing if all of you look closely Hazard kicks the ball from under him so all that rolling f**king disgusting i hope he lives to regret his actions what goes around comes around.

  9. I haven’t seen the TV footage yet do I can’t really comment but if Chelsea are smart they will ban Hazard for a couple if games themselves as it would go along way with the public. Then they just need to worry about the FA ban.

  10. Yes,but the ball boy would have been told to give the ball back slow, I mean if it were 2-0 Chelsea and and the bridge the Chelsea ball boys would do the same its part of the home advantage. Also you never know that ball boy could be the next messi ,doubt but you never know. Hazzard defo in the wrong , its disgracful let the ref deal with it , if it was his son I bet he wouldn’t have kicked him test

  11. That stupid ballboy did’nt he slip,the clip shows it all..he fell on the ball when Hazard patted his back..he deserved to be kickd on the ribs.maybe a little more than that.he was even smiling wen he left the pitch.i do’nt knw y u sympathise 4 him after wat he did.. If u sympathise u r weak i mean realy WEAK!!

  12. This is the most biased report I’ve read. It may have been irrational but a ball boy shouldn’t be able to control the game, he should be doing his job so hazard can do his, not wrestle with some guy who refuses to let go of the ball. Maybe next time show the whole clip. plus, he didn’t kick the kid, the kid pretended to get hit. ridiculous

  13. If you see the whole thing, Hazard pushes him over as he collects the ball. Then gets annoyed and kicks him. What an idiot. 6-8 game ban, I’d say. Unless Abramovich slips the kid a few grand.

  14. Interesting article in The Sun showing a tweet from the young lads twitter account pre game insinuating he was needed for time wasting.

    It doesn’t change what Hazard did but doesn’t help the kid case either.

  15. base on the video show the boy really want to waste the time and at the same time hazrd shouldnt hhave done that …he has to face the consequences and at the same time swansea need to face the music for condoling such an arrogant attitude.Thanks

  16. If the ball-boy was time wasting appeal to the ref, don’t kick him. Jeebus.

    Anyways, best line I’ve seen about it: If it had been Tores he would have missed the kid.

  17. From the video it doesn’t look good for hazard. While he wasn’t trying to hurt the kid he definitely did kick out at him.

    Funny thing is if another player did that to Hazard during the game he would roll around the pitch for 10 minutes clutching his ribs trying to get the player sent off only to be up running around 30 seconds later.

    Normal 2-3 game ban for violent conduct plus one or two for kicking someone who’s technically not part of the game.

  18. Surely everyone realises that Hazard’s behaviour cannot be condoned. He overstepped the line and must take the consequences for his actions.

      1. Right now they have the perfect opportunity to turn this into some positive PR.

        A statement from the club saying Hazard was sorry and that he accepts responsibility and acknowledges he made a mistake when he kicked out at the kid in frustration will go a long way. The club can still support Hazard and hand out some internal discipline and come out of this looking ok.

  19. When it comes to issue of chelsea everyboĂ°y will want to comment on it.i think the boy cost everything.it should be lesson to others out there.

  20. I don’t think Hazard should get a long ban–maybe 3 matches. If you look at the video clip, you will see that Hazard lightly pushed the ball boy down in the first place. I also doubt that Hazard makes much contact with the ball boy with the kick. The kid was obviously trying to waste time, and he was rolling around and appealing to the ref just like a pro.

    Still stupid by Hazard. If he was angry at the ball boy, he should have just let the ref know.

  21. CFC are such a mess LOL… they are the oakland raiders of the BPL..

    Any football fans in the USA or anywhere in the world for that matter looking to follow a BPL team that look at CFC and say.. “yeah i Identify with that club and what it stands for” is completely beyond me.

    It’s crazy.

      1. LOL im not a raiders fan, when I moved to San francisco 10 years ago, i was picked the 49ers… they sucked for years… i was a season ticket holder for 4 years as I attempted to embrace american sports, they were horrid, anyways, they are better now. I am fully educated in bay area sports culture including the raiders.

      1. perhaps if the BPL adopted the same structure as the NFL CFC would have won NOTHING too.

        remember you’ve only been around as long as Facebook…. and in no way are CFC even close to as classy as the raiders… I have experienced both fan bases and players the raiders have far more class than that west London mob.

        the positive impact the raiders and AL D had on NFL far out stripes anything CFC have ever done…. its not even close AL D is a legend and RA is…that guy on that TV commercial that bought the miniature giraffe’s.

  22. I watched his twice from a neutral position and I can’t tell how the kid goes down but it’s obvious to me Hazard kicks the boy. I don’t think the kid milked up. He rolls over, looking for help I don’t consider that playing. As someone who has taken referee training I credit Chris Foy for taken proper action. I think you can’t blame this lad, we see time wasting almost every week in the EPL from ballboys. However, assault is never acceptable. If you think this is acceptable in any way you better take a long look at yourself and make sure you aren’t sorry person who thinks more of football than life itself.

  23. Rafa, Hazard, et. al need to send that ball boy flowers. It’s because of him that there’s so little talk about Chelsea’s poor performance in this match.

  24. Nd As I said earlier Chelsea will be in the same boat as the Terry v Ferdinand affair.

    A complaint has been made and South Wales police are now investigating. I suppose at least Chelsea know what comes next.

  25. 17 is hardly a “kid” I wish Eden would have kicked the twit right in the face. The little punk said he was going to do it on twitter. He fell on the ball and stopped play. The twit should be banned for life.

  26. Ball boys are supposed to give the ball immediately to any player close to them, regardless of which team the player is from. So the ball boy clearly initiated the reaction. For that he should be given some sort of reprimand by Swansea.

    Hazard’s reaction was over the top and the referee was correct in giving him a red card. His intention was clearly to get the ball back (he waits to locate the ball before kicking out) and not hurt the ball boy. Regardless, since it resulted in injury to the ball boy the sending off was warranted. Since this is the FA we are dealing with who knows what additional punishment they will hand out to Hazard.

    This type of time wasting by ball boys is all too frequent in games so hopefully this episode will result in some code of conduct for ball boys.

  27. I see the videos are still being used to back up stories then. I can’t stand Chelsea but that clip above takes the piss. It makes it look like Hazard has properly attacked him, which he didn’t! Not like this site to blow things out of proportion is it?!

    There’s no criminal action happening. The lad is the son of the Swansea director and that’d be more bad PR than what it’s worth so that’s all been dropped. The lad was time wasting and planned to do so before the match. If the FA have got any sense, they’ll see it was 6 of one half a dozen of the other and deal with something that actually warrants it. Hazard has a duty of care and should get a slap on the wrists but then move on.

  28. King Eric was suspended I beleive for 8 months for his kick on a Palace hooligan. Was even arrested for assault. Same punishment should be set for Hazzard. Even if the boy was wasting time Foy would of added it on.

  29. @David, I couldn’t have said it better myself – for the most part.

    “Ball boys are supposed to give the ball immediately to any player close to them, regardless of which team the player is from. So the ball boy clearly initiated the reaction. For that he should be given some sort of reprimand by Swansea.

    Hazard’s reaction was over the top and the referee was correct in giving him a red card. His intention was clearly to get the ball back*** (he waits to locate the ball before kicking out) and not hurt the ball boy [I’m not 100% sure about that].

    Regardless, since it resulted in injury to the ball boy the sending off was warranted. Since this is the FA we are dealing with who knows what additional punishment they will hand out to Hazard.

    This type of time wasting by ball boys is all too frequent in games so hopefully this episode will result in some code of conduct for ball boys.”

  30. That fat kid knew exactly what he was doing – rolling around covering up the ball. Upon closer inspection Hazard did attempt to kick the ball out and under the circumstances I don’t blame Hazard for what he did. As players we’ve all been there. The red card was unwarranted. The kid’s stunt needs to be addressed by Swansea.

    What concerns me is how this cheating ethic running rampant throughout the game probably influenced this stupid kid to do what he did. Before ball boys the crowd would simply keep the ball. I saw it at Millwall many times. They got around that by having a surplus of balls in the dug outs

  31. Just wondering Gaffer if in the cold light of day you might have overreacted to this incident. Looks like the little twerp was set on making a name for himself and the slow motion shows Hazard making contact with the ball. Bad form by all involved but a Cantona style Kung-fu kick incident this was not.

    1. I wrote it in the heat of the moment a few minutes after the incident happened and before I knew Charlie Morgan’s intentions, so yeah, I reacted to what I saw and what I knew at the time — which is quite different to now.

      The Gaffer

      1. With you being the editor and owner of this site, I would have thought it was in your interests to formulate a well balanced account before writing an article? Can you imagine what would happen if newspapers went to press with every headline based on an incident that happened 5 minutes previously? There would be uproar.

        It’s very unprofessional, and personally, I feel that lately certain articles written by you have shown personal bias and/or a lack of journalistic professionalism. You’re not here to hang innocent people out to dry – I thought your job was to place a case in front of people and have them decide. You seem to decide for yourself by way of your headlines – and lately added GIFS that mis-represent what’s gone on.

        1. Paul, thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it, honestly.

          There are lots of different types of stories. Some are breaking stories. Some are the day-after stories. Others are more reflective. This one was certainly one of those breaking stories that will happen once a season in such a high profile game as this one. If I had waited until the day after, it would have been more well-balanced for sure based on new knowledge that we discerned.

          EPL Talk is a site based on opinions. Sure, we cover the news, but most of the stories published are opinion-based. While the above article was written in a rush, the vast majority of pieces we write are professionally sound.

          The GIF added was the only one available at the time. If there was a better one that showed more of what happened, I would have included that instead.

          The Gaffer

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