Southampton vs Everton, Premier League Gameweek 23: Open Thread

Get your white hankies out. Southampton supporters will show their support for former manager Nigel Adkins in today’s home match against Everton by shaking their handkerchiefs for a worldwide TV audience.

While Mauricio Pochettino steps in for his first game in charge of the Saints, most of the attention will be focused on Southampton FC club chairman Nicola Cortese for his decision in removing Adkins despite the Saints being on a good run of form and sitting in the position of sixth-from-bottom.

White hankies aside, Everton has the opportunity to take advantage of Arsenal losing yesterday by forging a six point gap over the Gunners. Southampton, meanwhile, will be hoping that Rickie Lambert can continue his goalscoring run in front of goal.

Join the conversation in the comments section below and post your rants, raves, questions and observations.

25 thoughts on “Southampton vs Everton, Premier League Gameweek 23: Open Thread”

  1. Good grief – Everton’s immense away support aren’t paying Arse prices here no doubt, but they deserve better than this. Total sleepwalk by these guys. Saints could have at least a couple through by now.

  2. C’mon Southampton… been the best team by far! so unlucky with that off the line madness. has the ref been recently promoted from the championship?

    1. Oh that ref is indeed a joke. Forgot to make the snarky comment about him that I intended to about 10 minutes ago. Something to do with him and Mike Dean going out for ice cream after, or some such.

    1. I dunno but it’ll be the person he elbows fault not Fellianis, apparently Ryan Shawcross made him headbutt him.

  3. Hey Fallaini, you up late last night scoping out flats in the 16eme arrondissement or something? (PSG humor, there, for you non-Francophiles)

  4. The Saints have been the better team in the first half. Should have been ahead by at least 2 goals. Everton cannot play any worse so they may yet make the Saints pay for not taking advantage of their first half superiority.

  5. a good game to watch, southampton good for the draw, I think the performance by them was more about playing for your place under a new manager than great tactics, they did limit Felaini as much as they could and Osman was stifled well.

    as for Jelavic… that miss was horrid and about 2 months to late!

  6. Well then, Everton. Not too “top 4” of a performance here tonight. And there’s Liverpool and Arse just 4 back and with way better GD.

    Good stuff from Saints and their supporters. I tend to pull for the promoted clubs anyway, but after this I’d most definitely like to see them stay up.

  7. Too many draws for Everton is why Spurs are now in the driver’s seat to get 4th. On today’s performance and earlier ones it looks like Everton’s steam has run out.

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