Move Over Premier League, La Liga is the Dominant League In Europe

Is La Liga finally becoming the dominant force in Europe, if not the world? For many years the Premier League has been seen as the best league in Europe, but I and clearly many others around the world beg to differ. Just last week we watched the World XI announced live on TV and in case you missed it the whole XI were from La Liga, with 10 coming from Barcelona and Real Madrid and Falcao making up the numbers. Was this the correct decision?

I have many reasons and statistics why I think La Liga is the best league. I’ve watched football for as long as I can remember and I’m a season ticket holder at Liverpool but other than Liverpool I very rarely watch other premier league games as I don’t find them that interesting.  I’m not going go on and on about why I don’t like the Premier league because that would bore you now wouldn’t it? Instead I’ll tell you why La Liga is, in my opinion better.

In La Liga the best players in the world play there whereas there are only a few ‘world class’ players in the premier league. Messi who has dominated the Ballon D’or for 4 years and has torn apart several English teams in various champions league matches plays in La Liga, Sure Messi took his time scoring against an English team but once he did it he hasn’t stopped scoring 7 goals against English opposition including a fantastic 4 against Arsenal. Ronaldo who has played in both the Premier League and La Liga is also amongst the best in the world. Ronaldo at his time at Manchester United score 118 goals in 292 apps whereas at Real Madrid he has scored 174 goals in 173 apps a fantastic record. His best season at Real Madrid had him scoring 60 goals in one season but at Man United his best was 42. When in conversation one of the main things that people bring up is him scoring 60 goals and that apparently means, straight away La Liga is a poor league. This is a question to all those reading this, ask yourself a question, would you rather see a player score 40 goals or 60 goals? The more goals the better, I love goals and I’m pretty sure that you love goals too so why complain? Staying with the better players in La Liga I know turn my attention to who I feel is the best Number 9 in the world at the moment, Radamel Falcao. Earlier on in the season Falcao scored 4 against Chelsea in the Super Cup. There are many more players I could praise but I’ve just focused on who I feel are the best.

Another reason I think La Liga is the best has nothing to do with players or statistics, it is all about you. Think to yourself before you criticise La Liga how many La Liga games did have you watched this season so far or how many did you watch last year? I bet about half you watched less than five. Most people who claim to watch La Liga will watch El Clasico and that is it. How can you get a real feel for La Liga when you watch 2 games a season? Besides Barcelona vs Real Madrid, there are some really good games in La Liga that are worth a watch.

7 thoughts on “Move Over Premier League, La Liga is the Dominant League In Europe”

  1. I still enjoy both leagues. I follow Arsenal and Barcelona. I definitely enjoy watching Barca more than the gunners, but I still think there is a lot of action and drama and great play in the EPL.

  2. very good observation, most people are selfish, they always comment saying premier league is the best without watching la liga, no argument la liga is the best because if you can compare the clashes between barcelona and manchester in the previous champions league, and the recent clashes between chêlsea and atletico madrid, manchester and athletic bilbao, no doubt you will rate la liga ahead of premier league.

  3. Have you forgotten that a weak Chelsea side who didn’t make the top 4 in the EPL managed to hammer barca. Barcelona even got a penalty and were playing against 10 men. Did you forget that?! Didn’t you see Glasgow Celtic batter them in Scotland. I mean an SPL team?? Personally, I prefer the Bundesliga to both la liga and EPL

    1. Now AC Milan 2-0 Barcelona.

      See my point?

      Pep Guardiola left Barca because Xavi and co lost a little of the quality they once had, which meant he’d have to actually manage rather than just say “play”‘.

      Now he is running off to Bayern Munich, the best team in Europe and the best Bayern team in history, not only that but he will be given huge amounts of money to spend.

      He is not a proven manager.

      1. Pep never left Barca because the team had ‘lost quality’ he left because of a number of other reasons. The main ones were he was exhausted from working 24/7. He would often stay up to midnight and beyond just watching tapes of the next opponent. The health of Abidal and Vilanova also played a part of him leaving.

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