Loic Rémy Completes Club Record £8m Move to QPR: The Daily EPL

French striker Loic Remy has officially joined Queens Park Rangers in a club record deal believed to be £8 million.

QPR manager Harry Redknapp has long been an admirer of the former Marseille footballer’s skills, and it’s certainly a somewhat risky move considering that the French striker has only scored three goals for his club so far this season. If QPR stays up, then Redknapp will be seen as a miracle worker.

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6 thoughts on “Loic Rémy Completes Club Record £8m Move to QPR: The Daily EPL”

  1. You’ll be with Rangers for about 5 months buddy. You turned down the wiser move to Newcastle to play with Rangers who are sure to get relegated. All for a larger pay packet.

    To add to that- your 2 goal haul this season in League 1 (France) shows you’ll have a nightmare of a time in the Prem.

    Hope you enjoy that fat pay packet for 5 months, because once the Prem sees how mediocre you are you’ll be lucky to get into a championship side next term.


    bitter toon fan

  2. Newcastle have a serious problem, and there’s no getting around it – Mike Ashley and his henchmen are not getting it done. Seems QPR chair Fernandez sealed the deal on Remy himself. Can’t see Ashley charming anyone to come up to a club that can’t get anything right this year. If Remy keeps Rangers up then it’s worth it, but that won’t be easy, especially for a striker who can’t seem to score goals this season. NUFC need some players in quickly – another forward, another central defender (2 if Coloccini is really leaving) and more cover on the wings – and so far Ashley’s pocketbook is not convincing players to join. Even Debuchy doesn’t really count – Cabaye is his best friend and they wanted to play together.

  3. Just as I predicted Pep went to Bayern, it is a great club & has a very similar setup to Barca internally, since 1992 they have only won the title 9 times, which shows far more competition for titles than in the BPL. CFC were the ONLY club to go in for him, no Farcenal, No man Utd, or city.

    NO Way was he going to go to CFC , the structure of that club is an absolute joke in comparison. It has a horrible youth policy with no one given a real opportunity, its a philosophy of buy success. The only real option for pep in bpl would be Man Utd who have proven successful youth policy since buzby in the 50’s.

    CFC LMAO, also just heard on TS an interview with pep biographer that CFC offered Rafa 18 but he only wanted 6 months, lol. He will be RM next boss & i think he WILL take Matta with him…. Then what?

    1. All eyes will be on him to see if he is as good as the press make out. I find it strange that people talk bad about Mourhino for only staying 3 years at clubs yet Guardiola only signed a 3 year deal and it doesn’t get mentioned.

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