Bayern Munich’s Guardiola Coup Began After Their Defeat to Chelsea: The Nightly EPL

Congratulations to Bayern Munich for capturing the signature of one of the most sought after managers in world soccer. While some had thought that former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola would be taking a long sabbatical from the game, The Guardian’s Rafa Honigstein reveals that Bayern Munich had been busy trying to capture Guardiola’s signature long before the Spaniard quit Barcelona last summer. In fact, the conversations started after Chelsea won the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final.

The signing of Guardiola has already rocked the Premier League, where discussion now has erupted about who will take over at Chelsea after Benitez leaves, and whether Guardiola is planning on managing Manchester United after his contract ends in Germany.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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18 thoughts on “Bayern Munich’s Guardiola Coup Began After Their Defeat to Chelsea: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Not surpised about Pep. Why would he choose smaller clunbs like City and Chelsea over a club like Bayern. Never thought he would come Chelsea over Bayern. Chelsea got lucky last year and have been found out meanwhile Bayern is the 2nd best club in europe after barca. Not really a shock that he chose a club with such stature and respectability over the newboys on the block in City and Chelsea.

    1. Well if he some how had a decision to make regarding city and Chelsea why didn’t he have one at Utd the club with the 70 year old manager? You don’t like the thought of that eh? I mean city did just dish out a 5 year contract a few months ago to Mancini so they’re clearly happy with there man. As for Chelsea to me and anybody with a bit of sense, it’s pretty clear that they are waiting for Hiddink’s contract to be up in the summer. That only leaves Utd for pep in England really, so it looks like it’s your team that he made any possible decision against. Typical arrogant rag just wanting to try and put down others.

  2. Suarez admits to cheating vs Stoke and were suppose to believe the handball vs the Stags was just a accident.he is becoming more and more a cartoon character.what a joke so much talent and not an ounce of CLASS.

    1. In fairness, you don’t show an ounce of class yourself with your posts. If there’s one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb on the odd time I’ll have a glance at this site, it’s your overly bitter and nasty comments banging on about Liverpool. I know plenty of Everton and Man U fans from round my way who have BANTER and it’s great… you miss the point entirely and just come across as a bit of a moron.

      1. okay tell me what i said that is moronic.just keep dinking the kool-aid.just remember i was not the one diving biting handballing or saying racist taunts to minority players.but your right i am the moron.ENJOY

        1. I’ll do you the honour of replying even though you come across a bit childish. Have a look back through the site and see your previous comments – it won’t take long to see how moronic you are. See above too – are you a toddler? That’s how your posts come across to me. You sit on the horrible side of the line because believe it or not, it can be (and usually is) lighthearted fun between different sets of fans. No need for the constant hatred from you though.

          You either ‘get’ it or you don’t. Clearly you don’t.

          1. the transgressions that suarez has committed which one did i fabricate please enlighten me because your are far superior to me in your mind.i cheer for the good guys D Fletcher V Kompany S Distin S Parker M Kelly yes he plays for just because i dislike l suarez and his antics why is that moronic.please oh please show favor and enlighten the less fortunate.

  3. I guess Chelsea are stuck with Benitez now. Will Abramovich bring Jose Mourinho back in from the cold? It’s on the cards. Though it would imply the Russian made a mistake getting rid of him which might be too much to ask. Maybe Jose ends up at Man City and Mancini gets a go on the Stamford Bridge carousel.

  4. Guardiola will never re-create what he did at Barcelona. No Messi for a start. Plus German football is more like English football than La Liga whereas the planets aligned for him in Spain.. No doubt he’ll dominate his league but will find the champions league a tougher ask. A 3 year contract suggests he will be on a nomads journey around the top leagues and probably the Spain job at some point.

  5. Luis Suarez has as much class as a unemployed teacher. What a sorry excuse for a human being he really is. He’s an embarrassment to LFC.

  6. LOL Rafa is GONE at the end of the year, he turned down roman who offered a 18 month contract to him and Rafa opted for a 6 month contract.

    Rafa WILL be off to Real madrid and he will take Matta with him…. nice draw at home against southampton after being 2-0 up ha!

    Klopp will be lured to Man city in the summer, Mourinho will go to PSG, Farcenal will keep Wenger and Chelski will hire??? what a mess

    1. Do you watch the Bundi? Klopp wud never leave Dort. for city. Hes loyal and im pretty sure the only thing city have on dort is depth considering the dort starting 11 outplayed them home and away. No way he wud leave them for city.

      1. I do watch the bund, I have posted on here for a while about klopp, after harry was sacked I posted I was hoping Levy would go for him. I think he has worked wonders at bvb.

        He absolutely would leave dortmund, not because he isn’t loyal, but he is competitive and like most top flight managers would want to challenge himself. City certainly present a challenge. My nightmare would be him going to Farcenal. He is the only one i think that would improve them, not that I think avb & Spurs wouldn’t still be successful, I just want farcenal to continue their downward spiral with the delusional wenger at the helm… long may it continue.

  7. Guadiola’s gone to Bayern Munich, just when the world needed another mercenary of a coach wonderful, now the rumour mill can move on.
    Thank goodness United were never in for him.
    Classy of him to choose a squad loaded with talent and a league with low publicity

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