Liverpool Are Years Away From Being a Top Team Again, But Are Moving in the Right Direction

If Brendan Rodgers’ dreams were to come true overnight, Liverpool would pass and move like Barcelona. His squad would most likely be small in stature and pass the ball around endlessly. Player movement off the ball would be automatic, and eventually the “striker” would be alone in front of goal for the easy tap-in.

Liverpool is not even close to this dream, but they are nearer and playing better than nine months ago. In case you forgot, and many supporters have, Rodgers has been in charge for less than nine months. That span of time in modern football can be an eternity. Just ask Roman Abromovich. For Rodgers, the owners and the supporters, this blip in the club’s great history has to be seen as a pre-season. Wins are nice and losses hurt, but it’s just the beginning.

The Liverpool team that lost 1-0 to Swansea on the last day of last season were close to the opposite of the current side. Last season’s LFC was aging, bloated, and being choked with it’s own wages. Youngsters could hardly get a sniff of the pitch and players were being paid to play for teams in other countries.

Older players with massive contracts like Maxi Rodriguez, Dirk Kuyt, Craig Bellamy, Charlie Adam and Joe Cole are gone. Other younger players like Jay Spearing, Andy Carroll, Danny Wilson and Adam Morgan have been loaned out. Joe Allen and Daniel Sturridge were not bargain buys, but compared to some other recent acquisitions their transfer fees are refreshing to say the least. Finally, young players like Raheem Sterling, Andre Wisdom, Martin Kelly, Jonjo Shelvey and Suso have bolstered the squad the cheapest way. Mistakes have been made — however, missing out on Clint Dempsey and the misfire loan spell of Nuri Sahin are far easier to digest than £55m for Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing.

Liverpool have played well against top sides such as Manchester City and Everton. The team has played some beautiful football against Sunderland, QPR, Wigan and Norwich. Despite those performances, embarrassing losses to Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Stoke pepper the results. Hiccups aside, improvements over last season’s late relegation form cannot be denied.

With limited funds and some shrewd dealings, the foundation of the squad is being constructed. Brendan Rodgers knows what he wants Liverpool Football Club to look like and how he wants them to play the game. The owners and supporters need the patience and vision to allow his plan to take hold.

10 thoughts on “Liverpool Are Years Away From Being a Top Team Again, But Are Moving in the Right Direction”

  1. Liverpool were 5th at this time last season. Right now they are 8th and have yet to beat a top ten side. Doesn’t sound very optimistic to me.

    1. We were always gonna take a step backwards before going forwards. New manager and new system takes time to bed in not only that but the fact we have got rid of the old players on massive wages means there are alot of young players gaining experience. I’m confident the team is improving and will get better as time goes on.

  2. Buying young talent will not bring us up the table. Young talent will leave once they realize they are recognised as
    good players. Rich clubs will hijack them even if they are under contracts Money changes loyalty nowadays. so Liverpool should stop saying they are looking to built up the team for the future. No future when they leave us. Better to buy players between 27 to 30 years old players
    who can bring glory to the club.

  3. Missing from the article, which I largely agree with, is mention of Liverpool’s revitalzed academy system. The U21’s went unbeaten in the last group and in the Next Gen series soundly defeated both Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan. By “soundly” I mean dominated probably two of the best youth sides in the world, barring Barcelona and Real Madrid. So the green shoots are there, as we’ve seen with Raheem Sterling, Suso, and Andre Wisdom, and will see with Ibe, McLachlan, Teixiera, Pelosi, and Adorjan (to name a few). Yes, it will take a few more years for the first team to kick on; by the time that happens there will be a depth of young talent from which to draw that will be unmatched in England. A red storm is coming.

    1. There is no such thing as build the team for the future now days. Liverpool is already a big club so building a future to where or from where. I can understand if Swansea, Wigan et all say they are building for the future. The future for club like Livapool is now or else they are going down. If you think an average manager with average players can build a team in modern football you have to have a reality check. Those days are gone and dont dare to compare AF first 7 years at Man Utd without a trophy. Do you think any manager can last 7 years without a trophy at OT today?

      1. I think if you survey the top clubs in Europe the one thing they all have in common is a stellar academy system. I’m not sure about many of your assumptions considering nearly every club that’s seen growing success today weren’t much to look at 5-10 years ago. If you can point me to the club which took less time than 3-5 years to climb from average to champions, I’d love to see it. I think fans like yourself believe that because some clubs rotate through managers like crops that modern football club’s success is contingent upon immediate results. But time after time we see that it is a complex alchemy of management, ownership, stability, and internal resources (a la robust academies) that lead to consistent results and silverware. That axiom is as true today as it ever was.

  4. Rodgers needs time like Moyes, Fergie, Wenger, Pulis…..

    Liverpool are heading in the right direction, not as quickly as us fans would like.

    We need to buy Sneijder for his expertise and quality. He would get the fans excited and get them believing we can still attract top players.

    We then need to invest in the summer again:
    Either Strootman or Eriksen (Midfield)
    Replace Reina
    New CB
    New LB

    We then will start to get the consistency we need next year and challenge for the top 4.

    Maybe I am being to optimistic, but Rodgers style is getting back to the LIVERPOOL way and with the quality starting to come through the youth set up we will be well set.

  5. Mr Rodgers is a great salesman. His body of work is not very impressive. I don’t see the improvement in the team under him. He also hasn’t spent money wisely on players. Only a change in ownership (present owners are clueless about running a soccer club) and a manager with more experience and better tactical know-how will allow Liverpool to challenge for the top 4. The days of building over time are over. Which club has succeeded in building over time into a top 4 club in the last 5 years? The Manchester clubs,Chelsea, etc. will continue to spend big in bringing in quality players to stay ahead of the pack.

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