FOX Soccer May Be Turned Into an Entertainment Network, Says Report

News Corp. may convert FOX Soccer into an entertainment network, according to a report by the LA Times.

Executives at News Corp., the parent company of FOX Soccer, are reportedly discussing the possibility of turning FOX Soccer into FX2 — a sister channel of FX. Then, the soccer rights that FOX Soccer has retained could be given to FOX Sports 1 where games from the Champions League and Europa League could be shown intermingled with the other sports programming that FOX has the rights to.

The LA Times editorializes that “[FOX Soccer] going ahead as a soccer-only channel is unlikely given that it recently lost the rights to the English Premiere [sic] League to Comcast’s NBC Sports Network.”

The newspaper report adds that the challenge for News Corp. will be to rebrand the soccer network as an entertainment network, which could face some opposition from cable and satellite TV providers.

The future of FOX Soccer has been up in the air ever since the network lost the US media rights to NBC for the Premier League, seasons 2013-2016. There have been rumors that FOX Soccer could morph into FOX Sports 2 or FOX Sports 3, but it still appears that News Corp. is trying to determine the best course of action. After the 2012-13 Premier League season ends in May, the only major soccer TV rights that FOX Soccer owns will be the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup.

What are your opinions about the future of FOX Soccer and whether it will or should be turned into FX2? Let us know in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “FOX Soccer May Be Turned Into an Entertainment Network, Says Report”

  1. Would not be surprised Fox Soccer had every opportunity to build a great network and fail to do so. NBC probably won’t be the best home for the BPL, but well see. Hopefully Bein Sport can improve.

  2. End of an era. Having been there since the start it will be sad day to see it go. Still hoping NBC can take it to the next level and not screw it up. Otherwise we will look back on the past 14 years as the good old days.

  3. So is it going to be Speed which is going to be Fox Sports 1 ? We actually have that in HD on Comcast so that would be o.k. I wonder about the World Cup that Fox have the rights to …. Hope they don’t rebrand Fuse as that is only in SD, and we don’t get Fox Soccer Plus. I don’t know why they just don’t call Fox Soccer – Fox Sports 2.

  4. That sucks. Fox Soccer was great! I especially appreciated their Fox MVP Parties last year for the Euro 2012 matches, which they didn’t even own, but still promoted. I will miss Fox Soccer.

  5. FSC is deserving of transforming to a FOX SPORTS 2 focusing on international sports. Hey the A league and rugby are gaining in popularity. It appears that FOX Sports 1 has a great deal of US sports already signed up so there seems to be a place for it. FSC is a old friend and I would like to see it stay activate in sports. I would expect NBC to pick up a lot of the FSC staff who may not be retained,

    1. I must disagree Eplnfl, A-League attendance is declining and most of the FSC staff isn’t worthy to be part of the NBC family. We want soccer coverage to b advanced by NBC, if you hire FSC people you aren’t making an effort to improve.

      1. I think the personal where trying to promote the sport they loved despite many years where they little to work with. Always felt the staff where true believers instead of hired guns.

  6. I was hoping Fox would try to pick up more rights to the MLS and maybe Mexican League. I am not a big fan of domestic soccer but I was willing to watch if more games were televised. I guess not though. That being said, the US probably doesn’t need 3 (english speaking) soccer channels (4 if you count FS Plus). Don’t think Gol TV will last much longer either.

  7. The core of FSC was always about the live games. And as Rizzo pointed out earlier in his post, Fox had a decade’s head start to make a viable football network in this country and failed to do so.

    I hope NBC can learn from Fox’s errors and give a boost in quality right from the beginning. As for Bein, everything seemed promising until they began and offers nothing great aside from the matches of course.

  8. Speed (USA) will be converted into FOX Sports 1 this August.

    Fuel TV (USA) will be converted into FOX Sports 2 soon after.

    UEFA Champions League (through May 2015), Europa League (through May 2015), Concacaf Champions League (through April 2017), Premium FA Cup matches (through May 2018), and the FIFA men’s and women’s world cups (through 2022) can all fit on FOX Sports 1 and 2, with the biggest games on the FOX free-to-air broadcast network.

    FOX Soccer must be converted into something else in order to stay in the digital basic (i.e. DIRECTV Choice Xtra) or expanded basic tiers and maintain over 50 million subscribers. Having the Dutch Eredivisie on weekends won’t be good enough.

    “FOX Soccer Plus” (or “FOX Sports Plus”) will be the dumping ground for niche stuff that doesn’t sell advertising: Dutch Eredivisie (starting August 2013), Scottish Premier League (through May 2014), rugby, aussie rules, and leftover soccer (i.e. FIFA youth events, leftover UEFA Europa League, leftover UEFA Champions League, etc.)

  9. So it appears that ultimately not all at one time the FSC we have come to know and sometimes love gets re-packaged into a different channel. Most of the staff goes on to new assignments with some winding up at NBC?

  10. Actually, Fox Soccer Channel also has bought rights to the very entertaining Dutch league, and also has the rights to the Scottish league, as well as the Champions league, the Europa league, and the Fa cup games.
    Fox Soccer Channel, whether it goes by another name and includes other sports, or whether it keeps the name of FSC, should have some quality soccer matches.
    The Champions league is the best, and the quality of play in the Dutch league is of a high standard, with plenty of goals.

    1. Dutch Eredivisie and Scottish Premier League belong on “FOX Sports Plus” (currently known as “FOX Soccer Plus”), not FOX Sports 1 or FOX Sports 2, because those two products just can’t draw enough viewers.

      FOX Sports 1 and 2 need products that can draw at least 100,000 viewers live.

      When Rangers were in the Scottish Premier League, the Old Firm Derby only drew 85,000 viewers on FOX Soccer on a Sunday morning.

      A typical Dutch Eredivisie matches averages less than 10,000 viewers on ESPN Deportes and combined.

  11. If Fox is going to turn Speed and Fuel into Fox Sports 1 and 2 which they can use to show Dutch, CL, EL and Scottish League games, then why doesn’t Fox Soccer sell its channel to beIN Sport and make some money out of it.

    1. FOX can make much more money by rebranding FOX Soccer into FX2. $3 per subscriber per year x 50 million subs = $150 million/year.

      beIN SPORT USA reportedly paid over $3 per subscriber to each MSO in order to get carriage.

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