Must-See Documentary About Chelsea’s Iconic East Stand [VIDEO]

One of the most iconic stands in the Premier League is Chelsea’s East Stand, which was opened for the 1974-75 season. Almost forty years on, the stand still looks modern from pitchside.

I ran across a very interesting documentary on YouTube that’s worth watching whether you’re a Chelsea supporter or not. There’s some match footage in there, so you can see how different the game looked back in the late 80s compared to now. But you can also see the state that Stamford Bridge was in (around the East Stand), even as late as 1988-89 when this documentary was released.

You can also see what the original vision was for the remodeled Stamford Bridge.

After watching the video, post any observations you had about the stand or the footage below. I look forward to reading your comments!

2 thoughts on “Must-See Documentary About Chelsea’s Iconic East Stand [VIDEO]”

  1. As a devotee of football culture and history this was a great look back to the 1970s and the building of Chelsea’s East stand.

    The East stand was the first of the “new” stands at the Bridge and the dog track was removed long ago. The story of the ground and the pitch owners association adds to a great venue’s legacy. (from not a Chelsea supporter)

    Steep terraces are a challenge for some but allow closer proximity to the pitch.
    Having been there, sat in the East stand, made it all the more interesting.

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