Linesman Who Urged Lescott to Applaud ‘£62’ City Fans Axed from FA Cup Duty: The Nightly EPL

The assistant referee who urged Joleon Lescott to take his Manchester City teammates over to the away section at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday to thank the City supporters who paid an exorbitant £62 for each ticket has been axed by the Professional Game Match Officials Limited, the board that assigns refs and assistants to fixtures.

Assistant ref John Brooks has been removed from the midweek FA Cup replay between West Brom and QPR.

The decision is absolutely awful. Brooks said something that should have been applauded. Standing up for the common supporter. Instead, his common sense words have got him into trouble. Unbelievable.

If you missed what Brooks said, watch this video:

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12 thoughts on “Linesman Who Urged Lescott to Applaud ‘£62’ City Fans Axed from FA Cup Duty: The Nightly EPL”

    1. Well, it was after the match and he wasn’t refereeing. How does what he says after the match affect what has already occurred in the past?

      1. I would imagine the linesman and referees have a very strict code of conduct that they agreed to when accepting the position. I despise the term ‘zero tolerance’, but when it comes to match officials any public showing of opinions regarding certain clubs should be punished.

  1. Terrible decision indeed. How on earth is anything wrong about what Brooks did? He was just encouraging Lescott to do a sensible thing by thanking his team’s supporters, which in fact I thought was an impressive by him. If anything, shouldn’t he be given praise instead? So what was the board thinking by choosing to punish him? Any ideas? It just makes no sense.

  2. This isn’t a matter of being partial though. He actually had a higher grasp of the situation. It’s a nice idea that a referee is concerned about the fans’ experience as well! Are the ref supposed to stand blank faced with nothing to say as they shake the hands of players after the match?

    He shouldn’t have been fired.

  3. Whilst I feel that it is very harsh that he gets punished, it would open him up to favourtism claims in the future.
    Imagine City are playing Utd and Utd score and he puts his flag up for offside.While replays show that the player was onside the goal doesn’t count. Utd don’t win the match, all we get then from them is he is a City fan and a cheat. All the talk in the press would come back to the incident this weekend and Fergie would crucify him in the media.
    All officials in the game have to be above reproach or one club/fans are going to use it as a stick to beat the other one with.

  4. Great decision by the FA. As an Arsenal supporter, I was absolutely appalled when I saw this video pop up shortly after the match ended. Officials need to be impartial and completely removed from the fans, unlike the writer says in this post.

    1. The Official was making small talk to a player at game’s end. Try to read his comments as lack of impartiality all you want, the fact remains that Arsenal was outclassed and that official had nothing to do with that.

  5. I don’t get the message by the fans. Man City has splashed down unbelievable amounts of money. Do they think that some of this cost wouldn’t fall back on the fans?

    1. Arsenal was the one charging the outrageous ticket prices. Despite all the cash splashed at City, they have some of the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League.

    2. You can get a season ticket for adults at £325 and kids at £110 at Man City so I suppose you can argue their owners don’t force this onto them. I’m sure they only charge a top price of £685 which is far cheaper than Arsenal’s most expensive ticket.

      At Wigan you can get a half season ticket (from Christmas onwards) for £140. Arsenal charge £126 for one game in some seats!

      My season ticket has cost me around £350 for the past 6 seasons. Our board seem acutely aware of managing the club in this economy in relation to the fans. It’s interesting that they’re cagey enough to have held off stadium extension plans until this season.

      The issue for me, were I an Arsenal fan, would be you want more money out of me to pay £50,000 a week to flops but will not use it to offer RVP et al better terms or buy comparable players and challenge for trophies. There are too many mediocre players at Arsenal on superstar wages.

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