Premier League Super Sunday, Gameweek 22: Open Thread

The world will be watching today as Manchester United takes on Liverpool, while Arsenal plays Manchester City.

In today’s matches, it’s an opportunity to judge how far (or close) Arsenal and Liverpool are from the quality of Manchester United and City near the top of the table. Are the Gunners and Reds just a player or two from the top, or is the gap wider than we would like to believe?

For City and United, it’s an opportunity to increase or narrow the gap near the top of the league. Both clubs will be hoping that the other drops points today.

Manchester United starting lineup: De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Cleverley, Carrick, Kagawa, Young, Welbeck, Van Persie

Liverpool starting lineup: Reina, Wisdom, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, Downing, Sterling, Suarez

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, join the conversation in the comments section with soccer supporters from around the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

110 thoughts on “Premier League Super Sunday, Gameweek 22: Open Thread”

  1. welcome to your own horror show pool will get ugly and it will be a long 90 minutes hope you won’t take it out on the dog or your wife.ENJOY!

  2. Talksport has been amusing this morning. Micky Quinn and Jason Cundy have been presenting the 8-12 show and its been dominated by the obvious topic.

    They were asking for calls on the Man United v Liverpool match at the start of the show. I went to the gym whilst it was on and whilst driving home at 11.30 they were still pleading for callers who actually came from Manchester or Liverpool to call them. By 11.55 they finally got a Manc and a Scouser on the phone. All of the callers before had been from anywhere but!

    No surprise I suppose but it goes to show how gloryhunters over here are the scourge of the game. I treat the people who come on here as a different kettle of fish as you have no direct link so can choose to follow whoever you want for whatever the reason. These English football fans who never set foot in the stadium and wander around Cornwall, North Wales, Essex and Surrey in their replica shirts are simply weak and vain sheep.

    Rant over.

    My tip for today, neither RVP or Suarez (his teeth are offside) will score.

      1. No chance(although the lardarses that made tha resolutio were packing it out, 5 ays a week for the past 12 years. Like a racing snake I am ;-).

        Funnily enough the Port Vale youth team wandered in as I was leaving, the pitches are frozen this morning. Bunch of no mark chavs.

  3. Old Trafford pitch looks awful. No wonder Fergie wants to have it ripped up and replaced this summer.

    The Gaffer

  4. Joe Allen, boyhood Manchester United fan he’s just been described as on Talksport. Despite being from Camarthen! AAARRGGH!

    1. Based on your logic a person is only ever allowed to support a team from the town that they are from. And if the person is a fan of any big club (especially Manchester United) then they are the worst kind of person. Why do you care so much about what team a person supports?

      1. Just speaking for myself, but for various reasons, I think the feeling that one should support his home team is much stronger in the UK than in the US.

        You would think Joe Allen might have grown up a fan of a Welsh team, but apparently not. Wonder how he happened to choose Man Utd. 😉

      2. Because if you’re born in England you have 92 league teams to choose from. It’s simply no excuse to follow Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City et al because your grandparents once went past the stadium on the train they were travelling on. It shows a lack of character on the part of the glory hunter who chooses to link themselves to artificial emotions that cannot mean the same to a non-native. My team represent me and my city when they play win, lose or draw, in League 1, the Championship or the Premier League. Supporting them is my birthright and in all honesty I respect those that feel the same and follow our local rivals than the spineless creatures who swan around our city, speaking with our accent but emblazoned across their midriff with Standard Chartered or AON. The only plus point is results against those sides are all the more sweeter, though they may be few and far between.

        If you’re not from England support who you like I’ve no beef with that. if you are man up and have some self respect.

  5. Don’t know if you’ll get this over there but I’ll try anyway.

    Nigel Adkins – utter, utter bellend. After Jack Cork gets a player sent off by diving the stupid tw@t has the temerity to defend Rodriguez’s dive yesterday.

    Guy here’s a cracking statement from The Oatcake today in response to Adkins shocking defence.

    “I wish someone would invent a new game, where the aim is to score goals by being good at playing football, as opposed to simulating a foul.

    They could call this new sport “football”.”

    1. No, I just thought it’d be an interesting punt if someone fancied it. Going against the obvious grain of backing both to score.

      I can’t see death by a million passes being victorious for Brentan today.

  6. Joe Allen is having a terrible game. Worst I’ve seen him play. Too many wayward passes and he’s losing possession too many times today. Very unlike him.

    The Gaffer

  7. The sooner Liverpool brings on Sturridge, the better. It’s too easy for Manchester United to snuff out Luis Suarez’s attacks each time. Suarez needs better support up top.

    The Gaffer

  8. What are the comments about Webb favoring United? Decides to stop play once United gain possession after Liverpool decide to play on with their keeper down.

  9. Liverpool look awful! Is Gerrard playing?
    Throw caution to the wind, bring in Sturridge at the half. 0:1 or 0:3, it don’t matter. Show some courage out there. This is turning into United’s easiest game of the season. They should have been up by at least a couple…QPR put up a better fight at Old Trafford this season. PAthetic!

  10. no fight from pool very pedestrian first half.3 or 4 missed chances from MUFC.Louie is lost with no support up top.Dust must be trying to get over his draw at Loftus Road.

    1. What a difference a goal makes. Liverpool were toast until Sturridge scored.

      Looking forward to seeing what Borini can offer. Such a dynamic player.

      The Gaffer

      1. Since Borini and Sturridge came on it has really allowed Suarez more room and brought him into it much more. United’s defense can’t just focus on Suarez any more.

    1. I keep hoping he will learn it and start being a deadly force out on the pitch, but truth is, I would much rather see Chicharito than Welbeck in any given match.

  11. It’s being reported that police have been investigating a suspicious package near to The Emirates, they don’t think the game will be delayed though.

    I wonder if it contains a trophy 😉

  12. 10 points ahead of Man City, 24 ahead of Liverpool! Fair play to Fergie, he knows how to turn the screw on his rivals.

  13. Ugh, run for your lives, wives and dogs of Liverpool. It will be a happy bunch (i.e. roughly 100% of the OT attendance) making its way to Piccadilly for the Euston train.

    Okay, City. Win away at Arsenal for the first time since 1977 or so just to stay within 7. Somewhat demoralizing, to be certain.

  14. Well done ManU , for the 1st time in past 5-6 meets I felt you guys deserved al three points.
    I like how my team is taking shape..time will tell and I happy to give BR the time.

    Joe Allen and Sterling overplayed and need to rested for quite sometime…they had a horrible game.

    Gaffer, so when vidic and Ferdinand headed the ball last and the refree gave a Manu goal kick? I didn’t see them running to the lrefree letting him know it was a LFC corner? So are they blatant cheater too? I didn’t hear John champion lash out the same criticism he did for Suarez…double standard can I say ? Lol Shiite happens gaffer Is my point.

    1. I think Allen and Sterling were found out from the point of view of the team they’re playing in and the team they were up against. They’re not good enough to drag Liverpool up to the level they expect to be playing at, but they’d improve a Swansea, Stoke, Southampton et al. It’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid, like many over priced and under cooked players that Liverpool have signed before.

  15. I wonder if the sophisticates at The Emirates will greet Clichy as respectfully as they wish everyone else to treat their players?

  16. On behalf of Spurs & west ham thanks for finally showing up in the game & making it co petition for the last. 40 mins. That vidic. Goal looked offside to me, as for Webb being a Man U ref, not sure about that after that performance, how Johnson stayed on after the literal rugby tackle I have no idea, if intentional wrapping your arms around another’s legs to stop them racing off isn’t a professional foul then I must have been watching the wrong sport… Should have been a yellow & him gone.

    Anyways, .. Man city v Farcenal if it is a draw or loss for city then the backpges will be rife with Mancini out. Results wise for me it’s tough, I want Farcenal to be destroyed every game, but I also like the idea of a draw so man city stay in touch with the pack…………………………. Nah, I hope Farcenal get destroyed!

      1. I was so gutted, Stoke have really impressed me defensively this season as well as in transition as they start to get it on the deck. I really thought you would get something out of it, CFC got the rub, I hope stoke can bounce back…. I was gutted

        Payers just walked out at the library to a thunderous……. Meh lol….so shabby at the Farcenal. C’mon city blow these peanuts away!

        1. A thunderous what? Thunderous silence is the oxymoron that you were looking for Dust.

          I’m sure they were all adjusting the belt on their tuxedos and getting their opera glasses focused.

  17. 55 points from 22 matches for Man United, the highest that has been reached by a league leader at this stage of the season since the Premier League began.

    A statement of intent if ever there was.

    1. Did you read the article posted about RVP influence? If not check it out, it is interesting from the author, the problem I found was it did the opposite of his point, the point was to prove man utd weren’t a one man team but what you took away each teams top goal scorer, RVP was the only one that took 14 points away and dropped man utd to 4th…. LoL … Anyways check it out

      1. The same could be said of Liverpool and Suarez. When are you coming over? The weather’s starting to turn if it’s soon.

      2. That might be true, but I have a problem with that kind of talk. RvP was bought for exactly that reason. He’s doing his job. Why bother with arguments about his goals carrying the team, he’s there to score goals. It would be a problem if he wasn’t scoring goals.

        1. Nobody Whinged when Cole, Shearer, Wright, Ferdinand, Bright, Fowler et al banged in 20-30 a season so I don’t see the difference between now and then.

          I agree, you may as well argue Messi and Ronaldo carry their teams based on the volume of goals they score.

  18. Dirty, dirty Arsenal. Holding inside the penalty area I thought only teams like Stoke did that.

    Filthy team. I wonder if the whinger saw that. Shame on Man City for spurning that.

    1. If an Arsenal player pulled out a lasso and hogtied an opponent, Wenger would swear that he never saw it and then question how the referee could dare toot his whistle.

  19. What the hell was that ref? Why stop the game for a Wilshire roll around, city were on the break…. Rubbish

    Dzeco…uuugghhh ….say what you want about balotelli. He would have put the pen and that last chance away

  20. Joe Allen’s getting some grief off Liverpool fans on Twitter. Lightweight, not the Welsh Iniesta because he passes it sideways and backwards, worse than Vladimir Smicer. When they compare him to Salif Diao the game’s up for him.

  21. I’m not the biggest fan of Citeh but I hope they romp home now.

    I wonder if Koscilney will get called up for the 6 Nations? (Can’t wait for that to start, Robert Huth is a naturalised England player now so is in line for a call up from Stuart Lancaster).

    1. Thanks for the 6 Nations reminder. Have to see if BBCA will at least show the England matches.

      Huth at lock! Does he have any experience?

  22. stat of the day liverpool has not beat a top ten side in the EPL and season is half over.Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Dust and Ian are sharing smiles with 2 nil lead to city.oh i forgot Marc has a smile also.

  23. Go on Citeh rub their noses in it. The boot’s on the other foot now if anyone remembers the Arsenal v Newcastle match this season?

    Be interesting to see the empty seats second half. I’ll go for an exodous once the 3rd goes in.

  24. Would have been a perfect football weekend if Ade had put away his chances too…oh yeah and chavski would have lost… I guess LFC loss and arsenal turmoil will have to do…lol

    1. A very good weekend Dust with CFC getting 3 points at the Britannia after hiccups against QPR and Swans. Add another 3 points midweek and we’re 4 points clear of Spurs.

  25. Extremely lax and complacent play by City after the second goal. Can’t let them do that, Bob. Even this simulacrum of Arsenal can score on you pretty quick.

    Looked a bit draconian of a decision by Mike Dean. But then that raises the rhetorical question – who is easier to beat? Koscielny? Or the empty space of grass that is left once he has been sent off?

    Glad to see Milner with one, as he continues what has been a nice and largely unnoticed run in the side this past month or so.

  26. bad call on Kompany his one leg was pulled back plus he won the ball.Dean needs to be reviewed after this match not his best at all.

    1. To be fair to the referee, at full speed it looked bad since Kompany went airborne, but you are right. His studs were down and only one foot was put in, not to mention that he did win the ball and didn’t make contact with Wilshire. More like Wilshire went over top of Kompany.

  27. Just an utterly crap job of officiating by Mike Dean front to back today. Sucked the air right out of what could have been an immensely engaging match.

    Balotelli to hairstylist: “Make it look as if there is a rolled-up condom on the end of my head.”

  28. At NO point was that challenge by Kompany a red, what a joke, jack Wilshire is an embarrassment, goes down more than Pam Anderson at a tommy le boat party.

    Mike dean is a horrid ref, but he got Koschicken right, but such a fail on Kompany, it was a great challenge by Komoany. I’m sure city will win the appeal.

  29. Keep an eye out for Martin Keown in the press this week, he’ll be writing an article berating Arsenal for holding in the box.

    Or maybe not because he’s a hypocritical simian who is so one eyed it’s unreal. Because they don’t play in red and white stripes Koscielny will be hard done to and the world will be against the Whinger and his gnomes.

    Does anyone else think Keown could be Bale’s dad? They both look like planet of the apes extras.

  30. All this rubbish about Michu for player of the year, signing of the season etc.. Even (Gawd help us) Suarez getting a mention. Ridiculous. The only name on the ballot should be Van Persie. Signing of the season by a good country mile or two.

  31. Great build up and the fans where great at both stadiums but Sunday was less then super. MAN U clearly was going to win and the same can be said for City. I am impressed how MANU has not only top quality footballers but also great athletes.

  32. United are clearly in pole position to win the title. The only thing that might derail that would be an injury to RVP. He has been surprisingly injury-free this season which was not the case at Arsenal.

    Liverpool are not progressing with Brendan Rodgers in charge. He continues to get his selection and tactics wrong. He is still learning his trade but unfortunately it is at the expense of Liverpool. Another year without CL soccer for Liverpool.

    Manchester City are a very consistent team and have the talent to challenge United for the title but unless United falter badly (and I don’t expet that to hapen 2 years in a row) City will have to concentrate on the FA Cup for a trophy this season.

    Arsenal are going to find in tough to get 4th spot this season. The red card hurt them badly but I think even if they had 11 men they would have lost to City anyway. Arsenal have been blowing hot and cold far too often this season. Their only hope of getting into the CL next season is to win it this season but that won’t happen with the squad they have. Stranger things have happened though.

  33. What is it with Nobby No Mates – John Gregory? During the Arsenal game he mangled names like he was desperate to be their best mate. We heard “Little Jackie” Wilshere a hundred times, almost as many “Robbie” Mancini’s, then “Ollie” Giroud and finally the hilarious “Carlito” Tevez. He always sounds like a bloke watching the game at a pub and commentating to himself.

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