FOX’s Coverage of West Ham-Man Utd FA Cup Match Nets 887k Viewers

FOX’s live coverage of the FA Cup third round match between West Ham United and Manchester United on Saturday, January 5 2013 posted a 0.6/1 household rating/share with a viewing audience of 887,000.

The match was televised live on the free-to-air FOX network across the United States. Out of all of the metered markets that showed the thrilling 2-2 draw nationwide, Greenville (South Carolina) had the best local rating with a 1.3/3 followed by Kansas City and Columbus with a 1.2/3 each.

The broadcast of West Ham-Manchester United was the first time an English FA Cup game had ever been shown live on US free-to-air television. The next scheduled FA Cup to be shown on the free-to-air FOX network is the May 11 FA Cup Final. Meanwhile, matches from the three round replays through to the semi-final will be shown on FOX Soccer.

In comparison, the 2012 MLS Cup — the preeminent game in US club soccer — was watched by 797,000 viewers on ESPN in October, 2012.

22 thoughts on “FOX’s Coverage of West Ham-Man Utd FA Cup Match Nets 887k Viewers”

      1. Thanks Chris. I would have to say very respectable numbers. A MLS Cup final is one comparison. Another may be the NCAA football game normally shown on fall/winter Saturdays.

  1. Does this number include delayed broadcasts by several affiliates? Does it include live coverage by Fox Deportes? I watched it on Fox Deportes since my Fox affiliate was showing it delayed.

    1. The number is for live only, I believe, not delayed. It doesn’t include live coverage by FOX Deportes.

      The Gaffer

    1. Is this the same Matt (excuse me, if I’m wrong) who said he couldn’t be bothered to watch the FA Cup game?

      The viewing audience for the FA Cup game could have been better, but like I said in my article linked above, the FA Cup caters more to the hardcore soccer fan than the casual EPL fan. Still, the viewing audience was still larger than MLS Cup 2012.

      The Gaffer

      1. Yes it is, and I didn’t watch the game, I don’t care about the “magic of the FA Cup”. FA Cup died many years ago imo.

        Not defending the MLS, in fact its more to show their stupidity, but the MLS went head to head against the SEC title game, this game went unopposed.

      2. It may be safe to say this match wasn’t promoted enough for everyone to know it was on regular FOX.

        Not to say that the number would be that much different.

        Seems like it was only a few days before the match that it was being advertised.

        I wouldn’t have know if I wasn’t a regular reader of this site.


        1. I agree. I spoke to a few people who weren’t aware it was on either. Hopefully FOX will do a better job of promoting the FA Cup Final they’ll be showing on May 11.

          The Gaffer

  2. The television ratings are much higher on free over the air television than on cable. Looks as if viewership is twice that over pay tv. Will the trend of soccer matches on free tv continue or will networks give up on it????

    1. They’ll continue. NBC plans on televising a larger number of EPL games on free-to-air TV next season compared to FOX this season.

      The Gaffer

      1. I know there has been a lot of complaints, mine included, about the irregularity of Championship game shown on BeIN Sport, well the will be airing Middlesborough v Watford. Maybe it is futile or maybe it is not, but if we want mor Championship then we need to make our voices heard.

  3. That’s good news!!!! I may eventually get rid of cable :) I have a friend who lives in Miami and his local FOX didn’t air the game live. It would be nice if the Networks and Affiliates got on the same page and air the games live.

  4. Numbers may have been better if what happened in Philadelphia was repeated in other parts of the country. The game was actually broadcastovertheair, but listing showed that they where airing infomercials. So unless you where hardcore enough to know it was on, or flipped to it.
    And let’s not forget this was the 3rd round of the FA Cup. A round where personally you’d rather watch a Mansfiled V Liverpool, then top PL clubs b teams.

    1. I have never met the Gaffer, but I highly doubt that he is anti-American. One of the things readers of this site need to remember is that we live in a free society and in a free society there is a free give and take of ideas. I am LFC through and through. I don’t always agree with everything people post, but again the beauty of a free society is the free give and take of ideas. I have been a regular reader of EPL talk for a few years now and have never come suspected any anti-American sentiments in any of the Gaffer’s comments.

    2. Johnny, silly comment. I don’t hate America. In fact, I am an American citizen. Why the hate? Is it because the FA Cup third round match had more viewers than a MLS Cup game?

      The Gaffer

  5. Does the ESPN viewership audience number for the MLS cup final include the numbers from telefutura?
    That’s where I saw the game.

    1. No, the TV numbers for ESPN do not include Telefutura, just as the FOX numbers don’t include FOX Deportes.

      The Gaffer

  6. I watched the game, for a tie its pretty good, the pre game intro was good, personally I thought i was a slap in the face comparing the FA Cup to America’s top professional Championships because the FA Cup its self its not a league championship…. FOX did not do very well putting the word out. IMO they could have did better. Again if soccer is gonna be more mainstream it needs to fit the American profile to appeal to the American audience. Then maybe some folks feel that Fox has. I feel the vide is too niche, and still continues to be too niche, and just need to do better next time. From what I can assume the Broadcast was a token for the soccer only fans at best

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