DirecTV Moves FOX Soccer to Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate, While Adds 2013 Africa Cup Of Nations

DirecTV has moved FOX Soccer from the sports pack to the more widely available Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate packs. The move means that customers wishing to subscribe to FOX Soccer on DirecTV could save money by not needing to subscribe to the sports pack anymore. Plus, it will help bring FOX Soccer into more U.S. homes.

In other exciting news for soccer fans, this year’s Africa Cup Of Nations tournament will be shown live on to viewers in the United States. Coverage of the tournament in previous years had been practically non-existent on US television and Internet, so ESPN’s decision to show the competition online should be applauded. It’ll give many viewers of the Premier League a chance to see star players such as Yaya Toure, Emmanuel Adebayor and many others.

The Africa Cup Of Nations tournament runs from January 19 to February 10, and will be staged in South Africa.

20 thoughts on “DirecTV Moves FOX Soccer to Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate, While Adds 2013 Africa Cup Of Nations”

  1. Do you have a source for this? I can’t find it anywhere else.

    And it’s not good news for consumers that were happy with what they had. Now I will have to move up a tier and still keep the sports package to see beIN Sport. Terrific.

    1. Matt, no one has announced it yet, but several DirecTV customers have told me that FOX Soccer is now on Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate.

      The Gaffer

      1. Confirmed. If you look under the channel listings for each package on the DirecTV website you will see that Fox Soccer and Fox Soccer HD are now listed under Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate. Great news since I was just about to resubscribe to the sports package this weekend. Now I don’t have to.

  2. The beginning of the end for FSC I am afraid. NBC sports will have the EPL next season. NO need to pay for FSC at all…..

    1. Numerous reports indicate Speed (also recently moved down to the Choice packages — out of Sports Pack) will be rebranded Fox Sports 1. Sure looks as if FSC will morph into Fox Sports 2.

  3. I want to know what is going to happen to Fox Soccer Plus. I want to watch the SPL, but will not pay $15 a month, I have Dish, to watch a channel that has lost 2 leagues with picking anything up.

  4. For what it’s worth I just got notification from Comcast that they’re adding BeIN Sport USA (SD) to South Florida markets Jan. 15. Nothing about HD, but hoping that follows soon. Perhaps I won’t have to switch to Dish or DirectTV after all.

    1. Thanks Stephen for the heads-up. Hopefully my Comcast provider in Lake Worth will do the same thing too. Fingers crossed.

      The Gaffer

  5. I have Comcast (New Jersey) and have had BeIN since late December but I lost GolTV. I have both BeIN in English and Spanish but neither are in HD

    1. matt, same here…mine says HD but he picture quality reminds me of how Fox( a year back) used fool everybody they were telecasting in HD.

  6. Glad the ANC will be available to viewers in this part of the world. Was already wondering how i’ll be able to watch the matches

  7. Ok so FSC no longer on the sports pack, cool, I am a subscriber to the sports pack but am still getting FSC..what gives?
    I mean cool im still getting it and i hope i do at least until the end of the PL season. I hope they dont take it away from me :(

  8. This was the reason I left for Dish. They offered FSC as part of their 250 package (not having to get the sports package), which meant more channels, including a quasi-premium set of movie channels and FSC. A few years have passed and Directv is now getting more in line, though Dish is still the cheapest, by a long shot, to obtain FSC (and bein Sports).

  9. Great to hear about Africa Cup of Nations. In my opinion this competition is underrated. Always a lot of exciting games. I would suggest EPL fans watch not just to see how current EPL players do, but also to get acquainted with potentially future EPL stars. This is also the reason why I like junior tournaments such as CONMEBOL Under 20. I love the game and will watch any chance I get.

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