The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Watch Chelsea-Swansea Today in the USA

Chelsea plays at home against Swansea City today in the first leg of their League Cup game. For the Blues, it represents their first opportunity to move a giant step closer to winning their first piece of silverware this season. The match will give us another opportunity to see how Rafael Benitez will set up Demba Ba and Fernando Torres. Will they play together or will one get pushed to the bench?

For Swansea, it’s the first time in their 100 year history that the club has reached the semi-finals of the League Cup. And it’s only the third time in the club’s history that they’ve reached the semi-finals of a cup competition. The last time was almost 49 years ago when they lost in the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

Without a doubt, it’s going to be a wondrous game to watch between two sides who are desperate to gain the advantage in the first leg.

But, if you live in the United States, the game isn’t going to be shown live on television or Internet. It could be shown, but US media right owners beIN SPORT have decided that they’ll show the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final live instead.

“Ok, but the game will be shown on delay immediately following the Copa del Rey semi-final, right?”

No. beIN SPORT has decided to show their news show The Express instead.

“Okay, but then beIN SPORT will show the game after The Express, right?!”

No. beIN SPORT has decided to show a live U-20 CONMEBOL game. Instead, beIN SPORT will show the game between Chelsea-Swansea at 10:30pm ET, meaning that the first airing of the game on US television won’t end until 12:30am ET — almost 10 hours after the game kicks off at Stamford Bridge.

If you are interested in following the game live, your best bet is the live radio commentary from (or, if you’re geo-blocked). Other than that, you’re out of luck (unless you decide to try a pirated stream).

In fairness to beIN SPORT, the game today between Real Madrid and Celta Vigo is a bigger match than Chelsea-Swansea primarily because the Copa del Rey match is the second leg. But it illustrates how frustrating it is for soccer fans where beIN SPORT currently doesn’t have the bandwidth to show more than one game at any given time where they have the rights to them. Case in point are the Championship games that beIN SPORT have the rights to, but those games have been “relegated” to off-hours or, more often that not, not shown at all.

As most of you know, I’m against the use of pirated streams, but for those who want to watch the game live today, beIN SPORT is offering no alternative.

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    1. Leo, I know. But that’s not the point of the article. BTW, I blanked out the URLs you mentioned above. I don’t want to be advertise sites that make money off pirated streams.

      The Gaffer

  1. What is more popular in the United States? Premier league football or La Liga?

    beIN Sports has been a huge disappointment so far.

    1. I wouldn’t know…Verizon hasn’t picked them up yet.

      And sorry, don’t take this the wrong way but I can’t get bent out of shape over one game that isn’t being shown. I can’t think of how many other tournament games that haven’t been shown over the past year that I wanted to watch and FOX didn’t show and I had to find other means to watch…so again, sorry if I don’t shed tears over this.

      1. The larger issue is having rights to something and not showing it live. This isn’t just a Chelsea/Swansea issue.

        Matches lose value when shown on replay. At least stream the match live.

      2. Wow a sensible fan on Epltalk.
        I totally agree with you.
        But these spoilt Epl worshiping folks simply don’t get it. Here in the U.S. we have access to more televised football than any fan elswhere in the world despite it being a niche specator sport among the majority of the general populace.
        But this wouldn’t be the USA without a bunch of ungrateful people always demanding more!

        1. It’s actually quite the opposite. You have access to more televised football than any fan elsewhere in the world because (not despite) of it being a niche spectator sport [cheap media rights]

    2. Depends what demographic you are talking about. Most Mexican-Americans (and other people of Latin descent) would rather watch a Real Madrid match than a Chelsea-Swansea match

      League Cup along with the Championship is low on the pecking order for BeIn, in fact I was surprised they showed Bradford-Aston Villa live yesterday especially because at the same time I think Malaga were playing a cup match

      1. I’m Hispanic.

        La Liga is 2% of what English football is in the United States. Bein is paying for the rights to show live games on tape delay. How does that make sense for the viewer their company?

    3. Why have they been a dissapointment? Because they don’t air a league cup game, a cup competiton that no Epl team takes seriously and that’s why they use their reserves for these games. Swansea is a completely unknown outside of England & Chelsea’s reputation for playing $hi* on a stick footy does not help their cause, that’s why Being sport would much rather air anything else during prime viewing hours than this game.
      The premier league is mainly followed by white/cauasian football fans here in the U.S., La Liga has a much bigger following with the rest of immigrant population especially hispanics.

      So that makes you Fernando a very small minority of the hispanic population who’d rather watch the EPL probably less than 2%.

      Face the facts kids worldwide would rather grow up to be a Messi,Xavi,Ineista,Casillas or C.Ronaldo than a Rooney,Crouch or Lampard.
      In that includes kids playing the game in the U.S.
      Most of the players from the U.S. mens & womens national admit that Messi is they’re favorite player. No one really admires or cares to be a Wane Rooney,Terry,Lampard ect.
      Therefore Bein Sport could care less about airing a meaningless English league cup match!
      La Liga is a big deal worldwide, get over it!

      But yes i agree that Being sport does need a solution as a lot of Serie A games go unaired during weekends.

      1. I see where you’re coming from.

        I also see the irony in telling me about how great spanish football is on the EPL blog.

        Your other conclusions about kids not wanting to be Lampards, Rooneys etc is based on fiction. Next time United, Chelsea come on tour you’d see who’s wearing shirts.

  2. I am fed up with Beinsport. They promise live streaming online but do not do anything. Foxsoccer is so much better! I mean Bein sits on LIVE TV rights. Are they morons? I start thinking they are. Ask the flipping Setanta or foxsoccer how to make a live streaming website. Even their aljezeera website or the french bein sport has LIVE streams!

  3. Did I mention too that I emailed them and they never answer? How could we pressure them to get their act together and provide us with LIVE stream of ALL the games of the league they own? Gaffer, any insights?

  4. At least some of you can watch it even if it is delayed because you can get beIN. Most of us cannot get beIN because the majority of cable providers don’t offer it.

    Why beIN doesn’t sell the rights to other companies is beyond me. They would recoup some money in the process and allow fans to watch it live. Bad business as far as I’m concerned.

  5. You can watch on Chelsea TV starting at 7pm EST if you get it like me!!!!!! Just need to be navigate the site the right way to avoid the results on the homepage.

    They have shown all of the Capital One matches at midnight UK time. Don’t know about other matches since they are always televised.

      1. It’s not live coverage of the match – it’s live commentary. You’d be better saving yourself the £6 and listening to the radio.

        1. The TV coverage is on delay at 7pm EST or 12am UK Time. I can guarentee that one since I’ve watched every League Cup match this way.

          1. Gaffer – I do not get beIN Sport. All I was trying to suggest was a means to watch via the internet from Chelsea’s website. For me, it is my only way to watch and it is at a convenient local time for me since I couldn’t watch it live even if I had a feed since I would be at work. Anyway, too late now!

  6. BeIN Sport = Gol TV with better HD. Absolute rubbish channel. Ray Hudson 5 years ago was quite humorous but he is well past his sell by date. The whole thing is surprisingly cheap and tacky given who is behind them. A major disappointment.

    1. It is astounding how poor everything has been so far.

      I thought Bein would bring a good product but at this time it’s been lacking in all areas.

      1. If your idea of a good product is English football I suggest you stick to Fox Soccet.
        Based on your comments its obvious you hate La Liga & only like the EPL. Enjoy your football on FSC with the terrible trio of Barton,Stone,Wynalda & the rest of us will enjoy our Italian and Spanish football on Bein Sport.

        1. I’d rather the FSC crew over Hudson any day of the week.

          I love Serie A, the fact that Bein doesn’t show enough matches is absurd.

  7. Bein Sport will may change their personnel in the future. The problem with Gol, Fox, and Bein is that they remain so sterile and lack personalities you actually want to watch. Setanta at least had people worth watching in their studio(s).

  8. Gaffer,

    When I set record on the DVR this morning, beIN’s Spanish language channel was scheduled to show the match at 1:00 AM ET Thursday. Perhaps it varies by region? I’m in the Northeast.

    Didn’t see it listed on the English language beIN channel at all.

    1. According to their website, the game is on at 12:30am ET on their Spanish channel, and 10:30pm ET on their English channel.

      The Gaffer

  9. It was a bad day for football fans in the United States when that outfit got involved. As a Comcast subscriber and Serie A fan I’ve given up on being able to watch any of the current season. Thoroughly disgusted!

  10. Overall bein are just bad.they do not provide any live choices and show on both channels the same games most of the time.tjey are a loss of space.Give us streaming that’s not complicated. Even fox got it right.

  11. dont have the rights if you wont show them.. plain and simple…

    case in point.. the championship.. full slate of boxing day fixture..NOTHING else going on that day.. and what do we get.. NOTHING..

    BeIn IMAGINA team took the Spanish winter break off..

    you think this is a way to run a “international sports channel”? uh. NO

    this is bush league..

    you want to be Bein espanol.. fine.. do everything la liga and real/barca.. and screw the rest.. but dont pretend to be some fantastic channel appealing to the masses.. because you arent.

    and IMAGINAS commentary choices are another joke.. Schoen and Hudson really.. this is a slap in the face to fans that watch the international feeds religiously for a quality broadcast…

    IMAGINA is the problem spearheaded by Antonio Briceno.. he has no clue how to handle a true international sports channel.. but he does well with handling a central american sports..

    BeIN is an embarrassment compared to its middle eastern cousin… a real embarrassment.


  12. another thing..

    i can guarantee you that at least one of the putz’s that are defending BeIN sport in the above posts.. is a low level producer at BeIn.. similiar to their tactic of bomb calling cable providers at their disastrous launch to make it seem this channel was Heavily desired..

    they did the same PR campain on BIGSOCCER.COM

    pretty crappy tactic if you ask me.


  13. What no live coverage of Wigan practice sessions! I love the league cup and think Swansea is a great team to watch this year. It is also a semi-final match. Yet when is enough enough already. Are we at this point asking for too much? Can their be too much football on TV?

    The point is we are at the point of saturation. Football/soccer is not like the NFL. It is not a once a week event for a few weeks at the end of he year. It’s with us for 10 months. I almost relish the days when you had to search for a pirate net feed to watch the big EPL match of the week. It was part of the romance of being a fan in the US. It’s too easy now.

    In any event with new sports cable channels popping up all the time it is just a matter of time before we have wall to wall coverage of the Fulhams equipment managers inventory session. Enjoy.

  14. beIN Sport has a very bad business model. They bring out a product that wasn’t ready and in the process have angered many fans. Those that have it are upset about their programming and those that cannot get it are upset that there isn’t an alternative, like streaming. So even if and when it becomes available to those that don’t have it now, fans will think twice about subscribing.

  15. Bein just puts us back 10 years. Now people need to find ILLEGAL streams to be able to watch games live! Lots of my soccer friends are doing that to just be able to watch a game. It does not make sense.

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