Michu Looking Like the Striker Fernando Torres Might Have Become: The Nightly EPL

The Guardian‘s Barney Ronay has penned a piece tonight about how Michu looks like the striker Fernando Torres might have become. The way the Swansea striker clinically finished his chance on Wednesday night is reminiscent of a Torres in his prime, but to be fair to Torres, the former Liverpool striker is not the same type of player he once was — and not in a bad way.

Torres’s game has changed over the past few years. He’s significantly improved his crosses, and he’s often more the provider rather than the goalscorer. Maybe Michu is the new old Torres?

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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11 thoughts on “Michu Looking Like the Striker Fernando Torres Might Have Become: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Congrats to the Swans 90 mins away from a League Cup Final and if the Bantams hang on their will be no loser either side that wins will be great.

    La Nina has been derailed by the signing of Ba what a joke.

  2. Who the hell is handling the contracts and evaluating talent at Liverpool. They bring in Sahin from Real Madrid and now want to ship him off to someone else after 4 months yet they will still have to pay his wages. This right after the joe cole fiasco the owners must love pi$$ing away good money.

    1. I agree…Ian ayre is a very good commercial man but he is not good at contract negotiations, LFC needs a proper CEO based out of england.

  3. What is amazing is that the Swans paid, what? 2 mil for Michu? I hope they hold on to him for at least a little while, although selling him for several times that would appear to be very easily do-able at this point.

  4. Let’s hope Michu doesn’t become a one season wonder and continues to score. Even if he doesn’t replicate this season’s form next season for 2 million he has already been worth it.

  5. Oh, and props to EPL talk for that link to the “exclude bleacherreport” results from google searches.

    Public service journalism at its finest. Although come to think of it, the average BR article is SO BAD and SO LAUGHABLY TRANSPARENT an attempt to generate pageviews that I sometimes find myself hate-clicking on their links just to laugh at them. Which ends up making them just that little bit more of money, so bad on me I guess.

    Still, when you see a link to “25 things Arsenal must do to finish in the top 4 of the EPL this year (slideshow),” the end product is almost compelling in its cartoonish awfulness.

  6. Michu could ask for what he wants right now and get it. Good luck to him. On the other hand we have the rise and fall of Torres. He seems to have a bit of a poker face for an Ibernian but read his body language and the bloke simply has no confidence. Great shame – so much potential. He could use some man management. I thought the fat waiter would do that, but it appears even he’s given up on him.

    Send him to our ‘Arry’s last chance saloon.

  7. Michu deserves all the credit he is getting right now but the idea he is “what Torres might have become” seems kind of silly to me. Michu turns 27 in March and has scored less than 30 first division goals in his entire career.

    Torres had broken that mark before he turned 21.

  8. Torres in his prime was better than Michu is now. Rght now though Michu is way better than Torres. I think Torres is done being a prolific striker. His best days are behind him and is only good as a substitute on a good team or will be OK as a starter on a mid- to lower-table team.

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