Howard Webb to Referee Manchester United v Liverpool: The Nightly EPL

The referee for Sunday’s Premier League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool will be one Howard Webb, one of the better referees in the division. In such a high profile match, the referee is bound to come under some immense pressure. Hopefully Webb will be able to have one of his games where the focus is on the key moments instead of refereeing decisions.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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15 thoughts on “Howard Webb to Referee Manchester United v Liverpool: The Nightly EPL”

    1. I see Howard Webb has just signed a new 2 year deal with Man U and SAF hopes to sign at least 3 more refs before the transfer window closes

  1. Not a united fan but in light of recent events I hope they Stuff LFC! Now they have 12 men I’m sure they will. Score prediction MUFC 6 LFC 1 (accidental handball concilation goal…lol)

    Can’t wait for LFC fans to scream “handball! Penalty!” & get denied & then moan “handball is handball, it should have been a penalty”, I’m sure there will be quite a few ” it wasn’t intentional so it doesn’t count” responses. Ha!

    1. Wow Whiskey nose must really be scared to call his gun…Now that Webb has been called on Suarez is going cut the middleman and just book himself before the game starts.

    2. Take a break dust, all this inbuilt anger is not good for you lad.
      Worry about your bale getting booked for 6th consecutive yellow card for diving.

      1. LoL not angry, I am extremely happy! It’s fan chatter…

        You know what I said is true tho… How much do you want Bale to handle the ball or bite someone’s neck now…c’mon admit it!

    3. could not agree more i stated last night i hope UTD throttles pool and you know i have no dog in this fight.all these pool fanatics need to crawl back in their holes after the handball fiasco.would love to see the cheating rabbit get tossed for diving.

  2. Wow!!! Its gonna ßε̲̣̣̣̥ a splendid night 4 LFC. N̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊w̶̲̥̅̊ dat webb is there den its makes it more easier for man U̶̲̥̅̊ to grab all d 3 points at home. JƱ$τ̲̅ watch out 4 penaltiessssss. Lols

  3. Gaffer,
    Any chance you could post screenshot from couple of tweets from PADDY POWER regarding LFC VS ManU game here?

    Its funny actually..this is what is reads
    1st one reads.
    “We’ve Shortened Man Utd into 4/5 to beat Liverpool on Sunday after Howard Webb was appointed refree”

    2nd one:
    “BREAKING: Sir Alex has officially called up Howard Webb- to refree manchester United vs Liverpool this Saturday.”

  4. So much noise in Premier League these days, by both sets of supporters of either team playing, and people just can’t agree on reality anymore. Neutrals are left to fend for themselves while both sides sling mud at each other and then blame the referees for their own mistake.

    Blind supporters will just look through their blurry vision “either you are with us or against us”, sort of reptilian lens.

    I really hope that Howard Webb has a good game otherwise, the abuse that he will get in websites and forums of begrudged supporters will be unbearable. But it will be a good reading on a bad workday, that’s the sure.

  5. As good as a referee as Webb is for some reason he always does a poor job in big games. The occassion seems to get the better of him and he ends up having a poor officiating performance. Let’s hope he does a better job this time or else he’ll be the talking point of the game.

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