‘Soccernomics: Revised and Expanded Second Edition’ is This Month’s Book Club Selection, Join the Discussion!

We’re starting a new feature on EPL Talk — a monthly book club selection where you, the reader, get to discuss a chosen book with fellow readers, as well as to increase your knowledge about the beautiful game and, when possible, chat with the author about the book of the month.

For the first monthly book club selection, we’ve chosen Soccernomics — the revised and expanded second edition.

Some of you may have already read Soccernomics before, which is one of the most well-received modern books about football (it was named best book of the year by The Financial Times). But whether you have or not, be sure to order the new second edition in paperback or on your Kindle (or other book reader).

If you bought the first edition, the new edition contains approximately 25% new content. Each chapter contain new updates. And the book has four additional chapters compared to the first edition.

For the monthly book club, go ahead and read the book and feel free to share any observations, questions or things you find fascinating. Just post them in the comments section below.

The deadline to finish reading the book is the end of this month (January).

Think up some great questions, and we look forward to seeing you online at http://www.epltalk.com/2013/02/05/stefan-szymanski-interview


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