Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers Stands by Luis Suárez After Mansfield Goal: The Nightly EPL

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has come out in defense of star striker Luis Suarez saying that it’s not the job of the Uruguayan “to own up” to whether he handled the ball or not despite it being vividly clear that the footballer purposely handled the ball to help him knock Mansfield Town out of the FA Cup third round on Sunday.

Brendan Rodgers’ managerial style flies in the face of what Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said in the press after his winger cheated to help engineer a penalty kick at Old Trafford versus Aston Villa in April, 2012. After that match, Ferguson said that he had a word with Young. The Scot, at the time, added that “[Ashley] understands where we are coming from. Hopefully it makes a difference.”

What do you think? Did Rodgers make the correct decision by defending his player and saying that it’s not his responsibility to own up? As a result, is Rodgers encouraging his players to cheat, when needed? Have your say in the comments section below.

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20 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers Stands by Luis Suárez After Mansfield Goal: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I disagree that he did anything maliciously here. He did handball, and it should have been called, but it was missed by the refs. You can tell that it wasn’t malicious by the way he kicks it into the net, and then has a subdued celebration compared to his usual celebration. I fully expect most people to disagree with me on this, but I agree with the Mansfield manager.

  2. Intentional or not It wasn’t Luis Suarez responsibility to own up to the ball hitting his hand but he had the opportunity to restore his image a little to everyone in England if he had of gone to ref and and said what happened.

    There is no law in the game saying he had to do it but there also isn’t any law saying he can’t do it either. It would have been a fantastic act of sportsmanship for him to do it but now he’s just a bigger villain.

    It’s kinda like when Palo DiCanio caught the ball for West Ham with a open goal in front of him just so seriously injured player could get treatment. A terrific bit of sportsmanship from him at the time. It’s a missed opportunity for Suarez and Liverpool to get lots of positive publicity. What’s the worst that could have happened they end up drawing the game and have a replay that they would likely win anyway.

  3. Yes, Brendan should definitely take a leaf out of honest Sir Alex’s book, I mean who can forget 2005 vs Spurs when Roy Carroll deliberately cheated to deny Pedro Mendez a winning goal with the last kick of the game? Sir Alex took him aside afterwards and had a word, admitted to the press that it was cheating and demanded Spurs get all three points. Oh wait…

  4. He didn’t do it on purpose. You really must believe he has super hero reflexes to react that fast.
    Honestly, give Suarez a break for once, this attack on him really is ridiculous……

    1. As a volleyball player I know that it is more than possible to react that fast. It doesn’t take “super hero” reflexes at all, it just takes being a finely tuned athlete to be able to react.

      1. Volleyball is played with the hands.
        This wasn’t just trying to keep a ball from hitting the ground. If you look at the video both arms were out at the same angle as he moved to his right.Accidental just as officials said.

    1. I actually don’t think it was intentional. If you look at the picture above he has a closed fist and the ball look like it hits him in the wrist.

      Also look at the video and the direction the ball bounces after it hits him, if he was going to handle it intentionally to gain an advantage he would have pushed it onto his right foot or straight out in front of him.

      It’s still a clear handball in my opinion simply because he had his hands out and away from his body. Just like a defender has to keep his hands down these days so he doesn’t give away a penalty when trying to charge down or block a incoming shit or cross.

      I don’t like Suarez one bit in fact I think he’s the scum of the earth but in my opinion that wasn’t a case of him blatantly cheating like Henry or Maradona. It was a handball and a badly missed call and nothing more.

      1. Ok I didn’t watch the game and only saw the incident on the gif posted in the other thread.

        I was under the impression he had his had out while charging down a clearance from the keeper but looking at the replay it looked like the ball just popped up in front of him and he reached out to knock it down. It wasn’t a case of him trying to block a keepers clearance and the ball came at him so fast he couldn’t get out if the way. I know think it WAS intentional but he was most likely expecting the ref to blow for a handball and not actually give the goal.

        I now think he’s guilty and should be charged by the FA for cheating and banned for 12 games.

  5. Miroslav Klose, while playing for Lazio earlier this season, inadvertenly used his hand to score a goal that was not seen by the officials. Klose went up to the ref and told him. The ref disallowed the goal.


    1. Klose is an outstanding example of a stand up guy, but 9.9 out of 10 footballers wouldn’t do what he did.

      If there’s a fire in a building with people trapped inside and everyone stands on the sidewalk, but one guy goes in – is everyone else a coward is the one dude just a hero?

  6. if this was the first controversy for suarez more people would give him a pass. this is just one of many handball biting racist taunts he does not have a clean past and it will follow him forever.

  7. It’s not Suarez’s fault. Let’s get real, a player won’t admit that the ball hit his hand. The referees should’ve done a better job. Simple. Why blame Suarez when footballers are handballing all over the world? Suarez isn’t the only player, on earth, to handball.

    1. I think sometimes it’s difficult for the referees too. They are put in so much pressure with 50,000 fans chanting and abusing and they can’t spot every single incident, plus they don’t have the luxury of replays like we do as well. For example I always frown when we claim it was offside by an inch or a body length. That decision is so hard to spot in happens in split second. The ball is played, the run is made and you gotta spot that right there and then. Still they do such a good job,and then one decision goes by hairs length and we start abusing. Referees don’t get even a little break.

      Which is why I think referees should be helped by technology, in this day and age, specially. I know the argument against it is that it slows down the game, but not every decision has to be re-looked. Maybe few important ones like the NFL does in a some capacity, every scoring plays and turnovers. In soccer, we can say, legitimacy of goals and controversial penalty decisions, could be few examples.

      Suarez dives, he scores with his hand, and he complains all the time. It makes it so difficult for referees. This guy, he is such a good footballer, I just don’t understand why there is a necessity to cheat and even claim he will cheat to gain advantage every time. Playing against Mansfield, he could have been the bigger man here and gain some reputation. Yes, we can claim that it is the referee that should have spotted that, but in turn Suarez could have admitted that too. It’s just the matter of good judgement from both sides.

      Anyway, who can claim who is right and who is wrong? I just cringe when people blame referees but player’s bad decision. It’s too much sometimes.

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