FA Cup Sunday, Third Round: Open Thread

After yesterday’s shock wins for Macclesfield and Luton Town, there are still a couple of opportunities today for more shocks in the third round of the FA Cup. Swansea City plays Arsenal in the first game of the day (kick-off 8:30am ET on FOX Soccer in the United States) followed by Mansfield Town versus Liverpool (11am ET kickoff).

FA Cup Fourth Round Draw:

Reading v Sheffield United

Huddersfield Town v Leicester

QPR or West Brom v Sheffield Wednesday or MK Dons

Bolton or Sunderland v Cheltenham or Everton

Brighton & Hove Albion v Swansea City or Arsenal

Crystal Palace or Stoke City v Manchester City

West Ham United or Manchester United v Fulham or Blackpool

Southend United or Brentford v Chelsea

Hull City or Leyton Orient v Barnsley

Middlesbrough v Aldershot Town

Millwall v Aston Villa

Leeds United or Birmingham City v Tottenham Hotspur

Norwich City v Luton Town

Oldham Athletic v Mansfield Town or Liverpool

Macclesfield Town v Wigan Athletic or Bournemouth

Derby County v Blackburn Rovers

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with soccer fans from around the world.

24 thoughts on “FA Cup Sunday, Third Round: Open Thread”

  1. I don’t really think either side winning in the Swansea v Arsenal match would be a shock. In fact, it will be a shock if we win today at the Liberty Stadium considering the performance against Southampton on Tuesday.

  2. Nice to hear Martin Tyler doing the commentary. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him.

    Swansea start today with a weaker side, on purpose. No Michu, Rangel or Ashley Williams — three of Swansea’s key players. That gives Kyle Bartley (former Arsenal player) his debut for Swansea, as well as chances for Ki and Tiendali to raise their game.

    The Gaffer

  3. Yes, Martin Tyler is the epitome of the “class” commentator. Always enjoy hearing him.

    Pretty good stuff here. Entertaining brand of football, as one would probably expect with these sides.

    Couple of nice moments for Flores, who is a player I have been coming to like recently.

  4. Brilliant composure by Michu to score that goal. Two defenders on his back and a defender in front of him.

    Game has now opened up a lot more.

    The Gaffer

  5. Just goes to show what a difference Leon Britton makes when he’s not in Swansea’s side.

    He’s Swansea’s engine.

    The Gaffer

  6. Grrr! I give up on FOX Soccer’s analysis before, after and during half-time of matches. I’ve been giving them more of a chance lately instead of listening to radio commentary. But yet again, FOX is too pro top six teams where everything is focused on those teams, and where they give short-shrift to the opposition. And just a few minutes ago they flashed up the team crest on screen but had a Swansea City team crest displayed (instead of the Mansfield Town one) next to the Liverpool one. Sloppy mistakes.

    The Gaffer

  7. Missed the first half but after today’s match you have to ask is Swansea City the biggest story in English football this year that is not talked about but should be?

    1. It’ll be a mutual appreciation session of death by a million passes. If it’s Arsenal v Brighton the luvvies won’t know who to support.

  8. Nice finish by Sturridge. Should have scored a second… Shelvey influential in midfield…Coates is too clumsy for the Prem…nice to see Carra get a start…2nd goal needed to put the game to bed.

    Khedira scored a cheeky backheelfor Real on BeIN…2:1 at home, playing w/ 10 men.

  9. the last 10 minutes of the Swans match was GREAT.Arsenal full bore takes lead and the Swans fight back for tie.Vorm had a great save on the corner at the death.

    best part of Pool match when the sides had to wait for ball to come off the roof priceless.

    1. Thought you’d have been rooting for The Stags being a Forest fan? Liverpool rocking early on 2nd half! Alan Marriott’s name is a blast from Stoke’s undistinguished recent past, I thought he was a lot older than he is.

      Is Big Eck’s picture on your dartboard? Couldn’t believe the score yesterday.

      Goarnnn you Stagssss!

      1. Ian
        i can’t believe what Forest management has done with hiring McLeast.i am sick can not believe in 3 matches only lead was from a own goal.just wanted Forest to get to the EPL one last time before i die don’t think that is in the cards.but if we are losing to Oldham and Blackburn i guess it is good were not in the EPL.like i said earlier on to the double malt.

  10. What a surprise, quite literally a sucker punch and little wonder who it came from.

    Luis Suarez, your teeth were offside.

  11. Mansfield’s scorer Matt Rhead is a Stoke fan. Was working full time in a factory for JCB up until last summer. Said he had to give full time football a go otherwise he’d regret it.

  12. Carragher and Sturridge are the only Liverpool players to come out of that with any credit forme. They’re lucky Mansfield showed too much respect first half.

    Goes to show it’s still the best cup competition bar none. P

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