Wayne Rooney Ruled Out for Another 2 Weeks; Will Miss Liverpool Clash: The Daily EPL

Bad news for Manchester United fans this morning, but it’s good news for Javier Hernandez. Wayne Rooney has been ruled out of action for a further two weeks, which will mean he’ll miss the match against Liverpool on January 13.

Rooney injured his knee during training on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, Nani — who has been out injured — returned to training today so there is some good news for Manchester United supporters depending on your faith for the inconsistent winger.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Ruled Out for Another 2 Weeks; Will Miss Liverpool Clash: The Daily EPL”

  1. Just keep playing Chich and we’ll be fine. I want Rooney to be completely healthy when he returns, even at the expense of him missing the Liverpool match.

  2. Shame he won’t be fit for the game but we have bigger games in the near future which he needs to be fit for. Getting him some playing time before the Real Madrid game is more important than Liverpool .

  3. Great signing for Spurs today with Lewis Holtby signing. Unusually early business by Mr Levy signing a player in the January window to join at the beginning of July, a man of extremes! A player the quality of Holtbywouldnt sign without assurances of some kind, be it player acquisition, champions league football…something positive either way.

    Now we need a striker that is available to play ASAP not next season.cmon! Don’t disappoint Mr Levy..get a striker!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rooney plays next weekend. Fergie and United have a way of exaggerating injuries to unsettle the opposition. He has done it too many times in the past to not be suspicious.

  5. Drama Drama Drama… A manager photographed in a tussle with a player on the training field, decent at being taken off! Refusal to go on! & that is all at just one club..lol

    It’s not exclusive to city by any means one of the most turbulant & providers of drama & entertainment at their expense is chelski. With Drogba gone & stories emerging about Ashley Cole potentially leaving & now Frank Lampard being surplus to requirement.

    Talksport has asked; Should Frank be given a new contract? where will he go if he isn’t? Among various fans calling in a fair few number are saying Drogba, Cole, Lampard & Terry are all being ousted for crossing Abramovich by leading & player revolt agsinst his chosen manager in AVB, forcing him out.

    While I believe CFC loss is Spurs gain & that Abramovich also believes this, whether it is true or not is irelevent.

    It appears that drama like this is more prevalent now with the globalization of sport, 24×7 media & new information consumption technologies.

    On YouTube I came accross this footage of Brian Clough & Don Revie on TV addressing (politely arguing) each other on that days sacking of Clough from Leeds after a long fued between the two (part 1 Link below)

    I’ve seen this footage before as well as the movie Damn United (a great movie IMO). But watching it again has highlighted how much drama there has always been in football. It’s a game of passion & not just from the fans. It really is an incredible interview, the idea of a former club manager and then England manager confronting anyone on TV let alone a recently sacked nemisis would be unthinkable now.


    Just thought I’d share, it’s not that AVB is Clough 2.0 (although I’d like to believe he can be for Spurs sake). I find this recent drama quiet timid in comparison to the Clough Revie rivalry is all.

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