Yossi Benayoun Returns to Chelsea After Completing Loan Spell at West Ham: The Daily EPL

Israeli attacking midfielder Yossi Benayoun has completed his loan deal at West Ham United, and today has returned to Chelsea. Unfortunately he’s one of those talented players who has slipped off the radar despite playing for Liverpool, Arsenal and the aforementioned West Ham and Chelsea.

Benayoun may not be too happy about being shipped back to Chelsea. In 2010, Benayoun was asked why he joined Chelsea from the Reds. “Everyone asks me why I left Liverpool,” said Benayoun. “There is only one reason – Rafa Benítez.”

Not surprisingly, I don’t see him slipping back into the Chelsea side anytime soon due to the depth in midfield, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blues would be open to offers for the talented footballer. Hopefully he doesn’t get stuck in the reserve team or on the bench for the remainder of the season.

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11 thoughts on “Yossi Benayoun Returns to Chelsea After Completing Loan Spell at West Ham: The Daily EPL”

  1. Had to turn Talksport off, spouting some rubbish about joe cole being as good as or better than Gazza…. Joe Cole is a former footballer now… He was a passenger / bench warmer for CFC when they won the titles with Mourinho, he went to Liverpool and did nothing there either, now he is 31, unfit & back @whufc. People confusing the question “has he fulfilled his potential?” With “did he achieve what the media hype said he could” I think there is a big difference in what actual potential a player has & what the media insist a player is….such drivel. Just before I hit the stop stream button someone said, if Fergie had gotten him he would have been the best player in Europe….Absolute rubbish.

    People say Mourinho coached tHe skill. Out of joe cole….lol you mean like he has with cr7? Another falicy the media want to believe is true to justify why cole never achieved wha tthey hyped him up to.be.

    The system Rodgers plays allows for someone of that quality to shine…look at Suarez..but he isn’t in the same ballpark as Suarez, it’s gotnothingtodo with age.

    Just an average player with good footwork and occasional flair

    1. Still paying him £90,000 a week though. Can someone figure out what he’s cost Liverpool in wages and transfer fees including pay offs?

    2. I heard that Dust, too, and had to laugh. Joe Cole was brilliant at Chelsea, but he’s not the best English footballer since Gazza.

      The Gaffer

      1. Where is that interview you did on TS with mike graham?

        Ian danter is a terrible host, Darren gough can be amusing but comes off pretty thick about football most of the time… He should stick to cricket…

        I still think Cundy & Collymore offer the better analysis on there, everyone else is meh, there just isn’t much out there for consumption that’s is very good.

        I think the next step for epltalk should be an Internet radio station. People want to consume opinion and analysis of the BPL, I just can’t find any of consistent great quality.

        1. I was on New Years Eve around 8:20pm ET. Not sure what the link is to that specific interview with Mike Graham on talkSPORT.

          I agree about most of radio being awful in terms of coverage. I have some ideas on the matter, but I don’t think an Internet radio station is the way to go. It’s hard to compete with the resources of talkSPORT, but the quality could be better (although talkSPORT has improved tremendously in the last few years).

          The Gaffer

          1. Fair enough…

            By resources you’re referring to cash to pay for access to post game media interviews,press conferences etc… You wouldn’t need to host games,

            I don’t think it would need to be a 24/7 thing, that model is not really the way forward and the anytime on demand dated un interactive podcast thing is not it either. I think there are other hybrid models models that work, picking days & times to provide a platform for interaction that’ give opinion and fan reaction a few hours before & a few hours immediately after games & game days with various other midweek reflection points.

            More akin to a pirate radio model, destination radio if you will, you turn on at a specific time it runs for x and then is off. And register on a podcast version.

            Just some thoughts.

            1. They’re definitely good ideas, but it’s more about advertising resources — finding advertisers and sponsors to help subsidize the running of the channel so I can pay the presenters and pundits, etc. Most advertisers/sponsors only want to deal with massive numbers of subscribers/listeners.

              The Gaffer

  2. Interesting read below.


    We have our replacement LB for benny when he leaves in the summer. Now all we need is a midfielder & Striker… I don’t think we will see movement until the summer for 1st team players. It has taken Us a year to get this lad at LB and now he will prepare for August!

    If Ade does go to ACN that will not be good and leave us with just defoe, I don’t think they will recall Harry Kane from Norwich.

    I hate getting sucked into the Transfer rumor madness, this latest one about Walcott to Spurs is quiet funny however…

    must stay away from twitter…

    1. Why would Levy and ENIC revert from form and start spending ? I’d be surprised if Spurs spend the dough during January. If they are unwilling to pay Modric why would they pay the big wages for Willian lets say ?

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