Liverpool’s Joe Cole to Return to West Ham With a £3m Payoff: The Nightly EPL

Liverpool is ready to cut their ties with Joe Cole so the attacking midfielder can join West Ham United. If the move goes through, Joe Cole will return to the club where he started his career in the youth academy in 1994 before leaving the club in 2003 to join Chelsea.

According to The Guardian, “It has been reported that Cole will receive a £3m pay-off from Liverpool. His four-year contract on Merseyside is worth £92,000 a week and Liverpool said they will save about £4m by paying Cole to leave now, given that the last 18 months of his deal is worth about £7m.”

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2 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Joe Cole to Return to West Ham With a £3m Payoff: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Well done take your payoff and get the f out of the club. It’s not your fault but the @$$ole Rick parry is to be blamed for this clusterfu#k.

    Sorry gaffer had to get it out.

    1. The deal is that West Ham will pay him 30K a week and Liverpool 50K a week for the remainder of his 18 month contract. He was on 92K a week so he is taking a pay cut to go to West Ham. Has to be one of the worst deals in Liverpool history.

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