Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 20: Open Thread

While most of the attention has been off the pitch at the chilly reception that Rafa Benitez is expected to receive at Goodison Park in front of the Everton supporters, there’s plenty of things on the pitch to discuss. Most importantly, a win for Everton will see them leapfrog over Chelsea into fourth place (and possibly even third place depending on Everton’s goal difference). A win for Chelsea will see them push back into third place. Needless to say, there’s a lot riding on this match for both teams.

In the second match of the day, it’ll be a deja vu moment for Djibril Cisse as the former Liverpool striker plays for Queens Park Rangers against his former club. Cisse will undoubtedly be just one of the storylines, but this could end up being a fascinating match especially since Reading, Southampton and Wigan are starting to create a gap between them and last placed QPR.

Join the conversation before, during or after today’s Premier League matches by posting in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

27 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 20: Open Thread”

  1. Should be a fascinating game. Chelsea will definitely score a goal in this game, but can Everton score more than them?

    The Gaffer

  2. Despite Everton losing they showed why they have been doing so well this season. Even without their best player, Fellaini, they still gave Chelsea a tough game. They are without doubt the best team in Liverpool and given the way things are going at Anfield Everton will probably stay ahead of Liverpool for a while yet.

  3. QPR v Liverpool should be interesting. Considering Liverpool’s inconsistencies this could go either way. Seems a good one for Rodgers to miss out on, can always blame a loss on his absence.

    1. BR has the got the shi££s according to the papers lol 😉
      Seriously though he didn’t want things spreading to the players.

  4. Of course CFC get to play Everton without Fellaini…lucky b******* I don’t think there is any question he is their best player, CFC always seem to play teams without their strongest starting 11.

    Hopefully Czech will be out for a while to negate any rib of the green moving forward.

      1. Who exactly are you? Champions of ….. LoL

        And the bafta for best drama goes to easten….no wait….Chelsea, Chelsea win it! ….ok mr terry ill give you the award… No need to snatch!…. Wait..what did you just call me?

        1. Haha Dust you do have a rapier like wit I have to admit. In May Chelsea for one week will be both UEFA Europa and UEFA Champions League winner while the only cups Spurs will be worried about will be with their tea ladies !

  5. LolL @ Redknapp’s selection brilliance, Clint hill made captain…then skinned like a kipper by Suarez…horrible defending…lol

    Where are you miracles now ‘arry…I’m sure you will get qpr up to eighth still right ? After all it was all you right? Joker

    Some of the nonsense Redknapp has come out with recently beggars belief.

  6. It’s looking like mission impossible for Harry. Meanwhile AVB looks increasingly comfortable in Harry’s old seat. It’s a funny old game as they say. QPR are a team of mercenaries, even more so than Man City. It shows you can’t always buy success. Harry has proven motivational skills but he can’t work miracles when there is no heart in the team.

    Talking of man management, Rafa continues to get results with quality team efforts. Everton were very unlucky but Chelsea would be running away with this league if they played like this from the start of the season. I would not trust Rafa with the cheque book because he has no eye for a player given the dross he signed for Liverpool. But he seems to have the tactics and motivational skills required to get the best out of big name players. Liverpool fans must feeling some buyers remorse watching Benitez with this Chelsea team.

    1. Given the dross he signed for Liverpool? Like Torres, Alonso, Luis Garcia, Reina, Mascherano, Agger, etc. A handful of misses for sure, but you could look at any club and say that. He’s always top-notch with his tactics, but he does have a habit of alienating players with more fragile psyches. Chelsea are lucky to have him.

  7. QPR look completely unprepared, they are making no attempt to close off the supply to Suare & co down. No point in ‘array using a 4231 if the 2 aren’t stoping supply.. Absolutely horrid…

  8. City is full of mercernaries but they are the soldier of fortune types, renting out elite service for exorbitant pay. QPR’s mercenaries act like they care just long enough for the check to clear. I really don’t think I’ve seen a more pathetic Prem side. Maybe that Derby County team from 07-08 (i think), but even then they were just over their head, they at least tried.

  9. What a pathetic performance by QPR. I hope they get relegated, they deserve to. I thought Harry might change their fortunes but it looks like mission impossible. Will be interesting to see what they do in the transfer window.

  10. I wanted QPR to win today, but because i wanted the bottom 6 to be close fight more than anything, what im seeing on twitter is all the ‘arry apologists come out now… It was an impossible job… Blah blah blah… Although before he got the job they couldn’t stop saying.. He did it for spurs, he’s a genius….

    When in reality Spurs position at the time he took over was a false one. The relationship between Ramos & players was not good is all.

    While I appreciated ‘arry at the time, the following is why im glad he is gone….his 10 point collapse to our bitter rivals after loosing a 2 zip lead conceding 5 goals, turning down a new contact in feb after the club supported him during the tax evasion case, his ridiculous statements after games, like “they’ve never had it so good”, denial of the england job being a distraction, tactical ineptitude, bizare starting 11 selections & substitutions against opponents in key games like the fa cup semi final & league games against villa all began to ware thin.

    Then his post departure pot shots at Levy and AVB were unnecessary, unfortunately for ‘arry he thought he was bigger than the club… And he’s wrong…no one is..

    A couple of statements that got under my skin that amplifies his ego and thought process were as follows, when a reporter said, “Daniel Levy has said you are always welcome back at the club” Harry response was “I should think so”… Maybe that’s not enough to irk others but i didn’t appreciate it.

    Just recently, before the Fulham game, he came out with the statement “if it wasn’t for me and Martin spurs would be mid table”. Again just a ridiculous statement… You were paid to do a job, I don’t recall any other manager for any other club saying that… Maybe I’m wrong… I’m sure plenty disagree and that’s fine.. But I’ve seen owners, managers and players come and go at Spurs and NONE are bigger than the club.

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