Sir Alex Ferguson is a Great Manager, But Sets Bad Example With Ugly Tirades: The Daily EPL

The controversy and drama resulting from Mike Dean’s correct decision to award Newcastle United their second goal at Old Trafford from Boxing Day continues to roll on. In today’s press conferences in England, there’s been plenty of verbal attacks from Ferguson against Pardew, as well as Pardew and Wenger against Ferguson.

In an article by Henry Winter of The Telegraph, the well-respected writer says that Ferguson is a great manager, but he sets a bad example with his ugly tirades. I completely agree.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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11 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson is a Great Manager, But Sets Bad Example With Ugly Tirades: The Daily EPL”

  1. I don’t like what SAF said about Newcastle being a wee club especially after he slammed the FSW for saying the same thing about Everton when he was manager of Liverpool.

  2. In many ways Sir Alex is increasingly becoming a caricature of himself. He’s shown the ability to outlast nearly every other Premier League manager and win titles as well. I think his most recent tirade was one that seemed almost to be a result of his half-time anger spilling over. Maybe he didn’t get enough time to yell at the players in the locker room and needed to vent his frustration some more.
    He is a great manager, but watching these moments is rather difficult to stomach. I understand why Pardew and Wenger are speaking out, but they are far from innocent themselves, they just aren’t as above the law as SAF is now.

  3. The referee could have easily dispatched Ferguson to the stands but didn’t. He could of reported Fergie to the FA but didn’t End of story. As for his latest comments, I think it illustrates why he his the greatest manager in the history of the game with a record that will likely never be equalled. He’s 71 on Monday yet still has a fire in his belly and is all Man Utd all the time. He’s a winner, it’s that simple. Pardew and Wenger having a go is a clear case of pot and kettle.

    What is also lost in all this was the goal that started it all was clearly offside, hence the rant.

    The real problem here is the increasing intrusion via these endless press conferences before and after matches. Managers can’t move these days without some grubby hack shoving a microphone in their faces. Who hasn’t said something stupid in the heat of the moment?

    Calm down people, nothing to see here. Referees should do their job.

  4. Managers will always get emotional and have a go at officials. The problem is with the FA and how they handle such incidents. The FA is too inconsistent and instead of making it clear what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior, they just react on a case by case basis and seem to punish some managers and not others for the same offense.

  5. I think it is fair to say if it was pardew behaving the way fergie did that he would have got a ban, I can’t believe mike dean didn’t include the incident because he wanted to ref at old trafford, that’s a little to X Files, but why he didn’t write the incident up is very strange, and does need to be questioned.

    It’s a consistency issue for me with refs, their interpretations of the laws of the game and their whimsical application

    The FA are an absolute joke, on so many levels, from the England setup to their inability to stand up to uefa on rule change, technology implementation or addressing consistent antisocial behavior by certain fanbases.

    It’s fair to also point out SAF hypocrisy, especially as it’s fluency is increasing….. Perhaps it’s his age?

  6. 4:45 KO is brutal! I hate these early kick off’s. We need 3 points, I, like the boss avb expect 3 points, I’m sure Sunderland will sit deep and counter. I hope the schedule effects Sunderland equally as much as us.

    If we don’t get a goal in the first 10 it could be the second half after lots of possession before we score, when we do I hope we run it up….goal difference will be key in this race for 3rd.


    Score 2-0 Spurs

    Line up (a guess of what I think it will be not what I think it should be)
    Walker Dawson Caulker Naughton (BAE after 70)
    Sandro Dembele (Parker after 70)
    Lennon Siggy Bale (Townsend after 2-0)
    Defoe (Ade after 60)

  7. Alan Pardew’s comments were innocuous, I have a feeling it’s Ferguson redirecting the press away from his team’s individual problems in defence.

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