Frank Lampard Told to Find a New Club by Chelsea: The Daily EPL

According to a newspaper report that quotes a Stamford Bridge insider, Frank Lampard has been told by Chelsea that he won’t be a part of the club’s future. Despite making his 500th league appearance start last week where he celebrated with a goal, the Chelsea veteran has been told that he’ll be sold in the January transfer window.

Personally, I hope the story isn’t true. I would love to see Frank Lampard continue playing for Chelsea even if it’s in an occasional role coming off the bench. The ideal end to Lampard’s career would be to retire at Chelsea either at the end of this season or possibly next year.

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4 thoughts on “Frank Lampard Told to Find a New Club by Chelsea: The Daily EPL”

  1. I think he’s been asked to find another club because he wants a new contract with terms Chelsea don’t want to match. Seeing as Chelsea have other good options in his position I’m not surprised he will be leaving. This is the beginning of replacing Lampard, Cole and Terry.

  2. I salute u, super Frank. We all thank u for the level u have taken the club to, we love u and ur momeries will still keep the club going

  3. Don’t cry, Chelsea fans, It happens.

    It’s also pretty clear that Chelsea needs a change in the dressing room too. Personally, I don’t think Frank is the biggest headache there (although AVB might disagree), it’s time for a massive climate change at Stamford Bridge.


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