Wesley Sneijder Agrees Deal With Tottenham, Says Report In Italy: The Daily EPL

Today Tottenham Hotspur supporters could be waking up to a brilliant Christmas present or an early April Fool’s Day present. A respected Italian journalist has revealed that Inter Milan and Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder will be joining Tottenham in the January transfer window.

We’ll find out soon whether the report is true or not. But I can’t see where Sneijder would fit into this Tottenham side. The Tottenham midfield is already brimming with talent such as Sandro, Dembele, Dempsey, Parker and several other gifted footballers.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

Have a wonderful Christmas Day! But before I go, here’s an appropriate new video from the Crystal Palace football club cheerleaders:

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16 thoughts on “Wesley Sneijder Agrees Deal With Tottenham, Says Report In Italy: The Daily EPL”

  1. Sometimes these stories turn out to be true, but often they are attempts by the players agent to smoke out other offers. Spurs have probably made an offer, but they are hoping for Manure, the Arse, and possibly a Spanish giant(don’t hold your breath on that )and maybe Bayern, Bremen or Dortmund

  2. A young Sneijder would be a no-brainer. However, he has recently not been at his best at Inter and I’m unsure that he will be as succesful in the EPL. Depending on his wages I think 12 million Euros is not a bad deal though. If he joins Spurs then who will they sell, Dempsey? Sigi? Paker? I cannot see them all staying.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Sneijder according to reports isn’t the most popular guy in the locker room on both club and country squads could upset that rotation AVB is trying to build.

  3. So the myans misread April 1st moving to dec 25 as “the end of the world”?

    If its true then great! SAF was trying in the summer, who is his agent? What are the ties (aside from AVB working with moutinho at inter).

  4. Why?! midfield is strong @spurs. Check with striker or
    defender… this is stupid. Dempsey, Sig.. and players coming from
    injury. Dembele getting game fit.. and Bale coming in after
    hamstring injury .. what’s with AVB saying in interview few days
    ago that no new players would come in january transfer window…
    now this.. wtf!? hope it’s bullshit.

  5. He won’t take a pay cut from his 200k+ salary at Milan so why would he join spurs on a lot less, it doesn’t make any sense.

    I can’t see Utd being interested anymore because its well known he doesn’t get along with RVP. However if Milan really are desperate to get him off the books and the price is right SAF might still surprise everyone and bring him in. I wouldn’t say no to having him but I’d rather we got Stootman instead.

    1. I think he would be a poor signing for either United or Tottenham. I have a hard time seeing him fit in for either squad. United needs more of a defensive midfielder and, as has been pointed out already, he wants too much money to go to Spurs as well as their midfield being crowded.
      Perhaps he’ll go to City, considering his high wages, but again, they have an overcrowded midfield. the difference with City is that Mancini loves to tinker.

      1. I don’t think he would necessarily be a poor signing for utd as he’s only 28 years old and he still a top player, I just don’t think we need him now that we have kagawa but you never know what SAF is thinking.

        I’m a big fan of Dutch players in general as they are all technically very good and they adapt pretty quickly to the BPL. Also With the UK being a similar climate/culture to the Netherlands they generally don’t piss and moan about wanting to move to warmer climates either. Sneijder could be a top signing for someone but it all depends on his transfer fee and wages.

        1. Absolutely. I suppose “poor” was the wrong choice of wording. Unnecessary is better.
          I certainly agree with all your points there. I always like Dutch players abilities, but often worry about their general temperament/attitude. Transfer time is always so full of this sort of thing, so I always take these reports with a heap of salt.

          1. Who knows if SAF is determined to dump Nani like has been rumored maybe a straight swap deal could happen. Personally I’d like to see nani given one last run of games in the team to see if he can sustain any kind of good form before dumping him.

    2. You are probably right, but sometimes clubs fiddle around with signing-on clauses and loyalty bonuses. Personally this seems like an attempt to get Utd or A.N.Other involved….but you never know!

  6. I believe Nani has become the next version of Jaap Stam, David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy, or even Thomas Kusczak.
    I had always thought that Nani would get better, but I always wonder about his work ethic, I think that’s what truly separates him from Ronaldo (or at least a major part of it). Would be nice to see Nani given one more shot, but then again, you never know what you’re gonna get from him on every touch of the ball.

  7. Sneijder would be a great signing for any club, but not for ManU as het doesn’t get along well with RVP. But on the other hand it’s a joke to compare him to people like Dembele who are good EPL players but not worldtop, which Sneijder and Bale (the only one in the current spurts squad) are when fully fit and well. His wages could be a bit too high though, but maybe he just wants to play in the EPL and play at a nice club during the last great years of his career. Although he is only 28, these players are normally having their best years before 32, so in that sense he needs to play, win games, do some great passing and score some goals now, and not later. I really hope to see him back being in similar shape as during the 2010 season, then people will understand why he was with the best 5 players in the world during that year and why in Holland it is a no-brainer to say that he is better than Van der Vaart, although that’s a very nice player as well.

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