AS Claim David Villa is Heading to Liverpool Next Summer: The Nightly EPL

It’s a Spanish newspaper report, so I wouldn’t count on it, but it looks like David Villa could be heading to Liverpool in the summer. Many soccer fans around the world would be licking their chops at the likelihood of Spanish sensation David Villa joining the Reds. But honestly, I can’t see it happening. Stranger things have happened though.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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7 thoughts on “AS Claim David Villa is Heading to Liverpool Next Summer: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I remember reading a story earlier this season that said had Villa recovered from his broken leg sooner than he did, he would have moved to Liverpool this past summer. But since they couldn’t gauge his fitness, they decided to wait until January or this summer

  2. Lol yes Liverpool is waiting to see if David Villa is going to be good enough for them. From winning la liga titles, champions leagues and world cups to playing with the likes of downing, Henderson and cole in the bottom half of the table.

    1. hey troll, re-read his comment for again for the first time. He says nothing negative (or even close to it) about Villa’s great ability, just that Liverpool was worried his BROKEN LEG wasn’t fully healed in the past transfer window. Obviously Liverpool, like many clubs around the world, are impressed with Villa’s considerable ability.

      Hope he comes to Anfield, him and Suarez would be very dynamic together.

      1. Hey Numbnuts you couldn’t afford Clint Dempsey at 6m what makes you think you can afford a world class striker like David Villa.

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