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Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 17: Open Thread

number 17 Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 17: Open Thread

Today’s Premier League action kicks off with a match between Newcastle United and Manchester City at St. James’s Park. Unfortunately, very few people are giving United much of a hope in this match. And understandably so, given Newcastle’s injury crisis (Hatem Ben Arfa is now injured as well) in addition to the team’s poor form of late. This should be a perfect test for Manchester City to see if they can get a comfortable away win in the north east.

After the early kick-off, there are six 10am ET/3pm UK time matches kicking off at the same time. Many will be watching Manchester United against Sunderland, but there are other intriguing matches in store such as QPR versus Fulham (can Redknapp finally get a win for the R’s?), Liverpool against Aston Villa (a good test for both sides), Norwich versus Wigan (in what could be the match of the weekend according to EPL Talk pundit Morgan Green) and Stoke versus Everton.

There are no late kick-offs today, so enjoy the matches you do have before tomorrow’s three games.

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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71 Responses to Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 17: Open Thread

  1. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Overcast in Stoke today, still nippy but a lot better than yesterday when the ‘beast from the east’ was blowing.

    Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to would take the draw today. It’d keep us moving up the table and maintain the unbeaten home record. Everton are the only other team to match this now and I reckon they’ll be well up for it to make sure they’re out there on their own. That said Everton sit 4th having only won 2 in the past 9 matches so you never know.

    I can’t see Owen even making the bench despite declaring himself fit.

    Elsewhere I can see QPR winning and Sunderland and Newcastle getting spanked.

    Liverpool Villa is intriguing, both are steadying themselves so neither of them will want to lose, could turn it into a case of who dares wins.

    Norwich should do Wigan but every now and again Wigan seem to cause an upset. I’m a big Chris Hughton fan and think he’s done fantastically after a poor start to the season. It’s interesting to see Bassong lauded again, I’d like to hear Dust’s POV on this by comparison to his time at Spurs. Did Harry ruin him for you?

  2. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Man City 1 up already.

  3. The Gaffer says:

    A poor performance from Newcastle so far. Manchester City could have had a few more goals by half-time if it wasn’t for being offside so often.

    Link-up play between Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse is poor so far. They need to work better together.

    This is going to be a tough winter for Alan Pardew.

    The Gaffer

  4. Marc L says:

    Good lord, the French Army circa May 1940 thinks Newcastle’s back line is a bit porous. Nevertheless, good squad selection up front against this bunch.

    Funny I should congratulate Mancini for “good squad selection.” Shouldn’t need to. That falling roughly into “part of manager job description.”

    It is just that Aguero and Tevez work so well in tandem up front that I don’t at all understand why this isn’t the preferred alignment. Because it isn’t. I don’t have an exact breakdown but guarantee those two have not played together up front to a greater extent than any of the other messings-about with Dzeko or Balotelli in the XI. I watch every game and it mystifies me.

    Okay, Dzeko, you want to start? we’ll find you a good side to play against where it is conducive to run out some sort of “throwing it into the box” plan with Kolarov/Maicon. Keeps everyone involved and happy.

    Yes I am still bitter from last week and still playing too much “Football Manager.” Back to the match!

  5. Sammy says:

    Manchester City clearly the better side so far, they’ve been a constant attacking threat and we can’t say their goals haven’t been coming on the basis of that performance. Newcastle have also attacked several times though, it’s just that they haven’t been able to keep the ball well enough.

    Overall, it’s been quite an entertaining game and let’s hope for more excitement in the second half. Pretty sure Man City have won the game and might even score a few more.

  6. jtm371 says:

    could be good last 35 minutes city had a lot of chances to put the match away.

  7. Sammy says:

    My word, Demba Ba! Just stunning!

  8. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Just about to walk down to the ground and the rain has started to belt down. Typical!

  9. jtm371 says:

    match over now wait to see the Black cats take on UTD.

  10. Marc L says:

    Some decent work here by Francois, the World’s Most Disreputable Car Salesman. And Garcia, who more or less disappeared after a very nice first match back in September.

    Dzeko, on the other hand, did not exactly cover himself in glory starting at about the 84′

    Right then, back to within 3 points after Sunderland puts 5 through at the OT in a little bit. Ha ha, of course that is a joke. I think Sunderland puts 5 through each month. If not less. But one can always hope.

    • jtm371 says:

      Marc L
      with talk like that i hope your not driving i know you had tongue in cheek but then who had Bradford over Arsenal.

  11. The Gaffer says:

    Not the best start for John O’Shea. Poor defensive clearance.

    The Gaffer

  12. jtm371 says:

    maybe Rooney was right they wanted to give Sunderland a hiding for the cheering from last season they are well on their way.

  13. The Gaffer says:

    At this rate, Manchester United may win by 6-0 or 7-0. Sunderland looks terrible.

    The Gaffer

    • Charles Boyer says:

      United truly seem to lack a certain ruthless killer instinct. I thought that pretty much after they scored their third, they lollygagged their way to full time.

  14. The Gaffer says:

    Anyone watching Liverpool against Aston Villa live on FUEL? What’s the deal with FUEL’s awful black frame around the whole picture? It looks awful.

    The Gaffer

  15. Mufc77 says:

    Its ok everyone Liverpool’ didn’t want 3 points today as they are only aiming for 2nd place in the league this season.

  16. Dust says:

    What the hell are stoke playing at! C’mon you have to beat or draw with Everton at home!

    So pleased for villa, will Rodgers experience the “make a stupid statement about finishing 2nd and loose your next game to villa” curse? I hope so.

    Qpr have been playing well but their finishing or lack there of will finish them off before any opponents…just horrid. I expect Fulham will come out with more purpose in the second half.

    Again, least a draw..please

  17. Sammy says:

    Go Villa! Keep that up and ensure a repeat if what happened in that United match dosen’t occur! Or that’ll be just silly.

    No hope for Sunderland now, Man U are just too good for them.

    Finally, go Norwich!

  18. Dust says:

    I know Martinez gets all this praise from his time at Swansea and for keeping up an apparently poor Wigan.. But you have to ask yourself at some point, how did Swansea and Norwich who don’t have the resources of Wigan and its stadium do better than them?

    Norwich consecutive promotions and know a change of manager and they seem to be doing very well, same with Swansea, who share a practice facility with a rugby team, Laudrup doing a great job with minimal resources…perhaps Martinez has hit his ceiling.

  19. Dust says:

    LoL @ Rodgers and second in the league… Right now LFC and being killed by youth-anasia

  20. Dust says:

    Qpr 1 up after a deselected shot, I’m sure Fulham will score 1 to equalize…
    And thank you stoke…Everton should. Be down to 10 men right now but hey…now just stay at 1-1

  21. Dust says:

    Wow a great finish by taraabt 2-0 their first win on the way

  22. Sammy says:

    Hey Norwich, would be great for you to score another goal. That’ll get you your 1st win by more than a single goal this season.

  23. Guy says:

    Another match another draw….and we scored all the goals. Go on Stoke! :-)

  24. dust says:

    one thing I’ve always found strangely missing from epltalk…. the league table….why not, just place it on the left underneath recent comments

  25. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Just got back. Halsey and both his linesmen were poor. Felliani should get a long ban if Wilkinson’s ban earlier in the season is anything to go by.

    All in all its a fair result, we had chances, hit the post etc and so did Everton. Distin is still superb despite his advancing years.

    That result against Villa last week doesn’t look so drab now after their games this week. Rather a 0-0 bore draw than a dicking. I’ll take the same again at the lane next week. If only to see Dust stamping his feet ;-)

    Did well with my predictions this week!

    Happy with progress Guy?

  26. Marc L says:

    Arrrghhhh, hate to see a quality guy like Shawcross with the own goal. Hang in there, Mighty Stoke!

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      It was gutting just watching it loop in, I think Begovic might have palmed it over.

      That’s the goal I sit behind so it was one of those slo-mo style goals that you get scored against you.

      Heard that Fergie wants Begovic AND Shawcross. Our Chairman will sell but only if the price is right.

      I’d take Lindegard in exchange but I don’t think there’s any defenders I’d want unless they were similar to Shawcross as a good youngster coming through.

  27. Steven says:

    Brendan Rodgers is showing how inept he is with his mouthing off about 2nd place when his team couldn’t beat an Aston Villa side that has struggled not only for wins but had scored the fewest goals in the league.
    Losing at home makes it even worse. Liverpool pass the ball a lot but with no end product. Other teams figured that out about Swansea last season and that is why they had a poor last 10 games there. Managers have figured out how to beat a Rodgers side. Liverpool are remain a midtable team for the foreseeable future.

    Swansea are fortunate they have a better manager in Laudrup there now.

  28. dust says:

    5:45am kick off tomorrow…brutal

  29. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Fair play to David Moyes. Just seen his post match interview about the headbutt. He says that Felliani deserves whatever ban he gets.

    Refreshing to hear this instead of ‘errrr I deed not zeee it’ like the myopic wanker would trot out.

    • jtm371 says:

      i think DM is as honest as the day is long. i still think he would be great at UTD or any team that has money look what he has done at Everton with no money.

  30. Mufc77 says:

    What the hell do people see in joe Allan that they rate him so highly. If it wasn’t for Henderson and downing he would look like a right donkey.

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      Ask The Gaffer. 17 games 0 goals 0 assists £15m, Swansea laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Guy says:

      Last year Allen had just 4 goals (double his previous best) and 2 assists. His role really doesn’t lend itself to either. I think The Gaffer has described him as the “engine room” when he played for Swansea…. regaining/maintaining possession, redirecting the attack. Hard stuff to put a value on.

  31. Ralph says:

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  32. Justin says:

    Hey, so I started a new blog a couple days ago. It’s called and I’ll be posting goals, highlights, teams, games, history, players, skills, and more every day. If you could check it out, that’d be awesome.

  33. jtm371 says:

    what happen to in form la nina chelski lost in the final no silverware for the waiter i love it.

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