Robin van Persie Shirt Most Popular in North America: The Daily EPL

In surprising news, Robin van Persie has surpassed Wayne Rooney as the footballer who is selling the most number of replica shirts in North America.

No numbers were revealed as far as shirt sales, but the article includes the top 10 shirts sold in North America.

Here are the Premier League news headlines of the day:

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5 thoughts on “Robin van Persie Shirt Most Popular in North America: The Daily EPL”

    1. £15,000 less than Bendtner’s logo-gate affair? That would be laughable if it weren’t so damn pathetic. I don’t want to hear another word about racism out of UEFA. Bell ends.

  1. uefa what a freaking joke for the u21 serbia fiasco.they all talk tough about race but when it is time to act they swallow the whistle and look the other way.the fa did the same thing in the terry deal.oh well Saturday is almost here so we can talk football.ENJOY!

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