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Sunderland vs Reading, Norwich-Villa and Bradford City vs Arsenal: Open Thread

sunderland stadium of light Sunderland vs Reading, Norwich Villa and Bradford City vs Arsenal: Open Thread

It’s not even halfway through the 2012-13 Premier League season yet, but we have a relegation dogfight on our hands tonight as Sunderland battles Reading. It’s third bottom versus second bottom, in a match that is rescheduled after the initial match was postponed in August due to a waterlogged pitch.

For the entire season, both clubs have played one less game than the other clubs in the division, so tonight’s a good opportunity for either Sunderland or Reading to catch up with their opponents.

In the other match tonight, Bradford City hosts Arsenal in the Capital One quarter-final. The Yorkshire club has won its last eight penalty shootouts (including the one against Wigan in the last round of the League Cup), so Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will want this match to finish in the win column before the 90 minutes are up. The winner of tonight’s match will play in the League Cup semi-final at Wembley.

If you live in the United States, both matches will be televised live. Here’s the TV schedule.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

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25 Responses to Sunderland vs Reading, Norwich-Villa and Bradford City vs Arsenal: Open Thread

  1. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Bore draw and Bradford please. Read today that Bradford were paying Benny Carbone £40k PW in 2000! It’s no wonder they’re stuck where they are. Valley Parade is in my top 3 coldest grounds so hopefully that will have the desired effect on Arsenal. They won’t fancy diving on a frozen pitch.

  2. Guy says:

    A gazillion channets and only one not working. Take a guess! :-(

  3. Guy says:

    Got it just in time to see that outrageous goal by Fletcher!

    O’Neill looking genius. ;-)

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      It’s a bloody good job they bought him. I’m superstitious over the fact he’s been relegated twice already, a third time and I’ll bet my life savings on his next employer going down even if they’re Man Utd.

  4. dust says:

    MON red and white army….man fans are fickle..LOL

  5. Guy says:

    MON, the hero of Sunderland! Cheers. :-)

  6. Dust says:

    Roma v Atalanta on begins port, not arsenal v Bradford as it says on epltalk tv gude.

  7. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Stuck in a Travelodge in Manchester watching penalties on BBC text updates. Old Skool!

  8. Dust says:

    Listening on talksport

  9. Dust says:

    LMFAO @ Arsenal

  10. IanCransonsKnees says:

    GTFI! That’s what football’s all about, those Bradford fans have had it tough for years then out of the blue they’ve stuck one on the biggest bunch of mardarses around. I cannot wait for Whinger’s excuses! Santi Fallover getting his just desserts.

    Excellent result for football.

  11. The Gaffer says:

    Congratulations to Bradford City for beating Arsenal tonight. A well-deserved victory for the Bantams.

    The Gaffer

    • Marc L says:

      The best posting from this, I think, being:

      It takes something very special to consistently produce and buy players of the calibre that Arsehole Wenger manages.

      Gutless, spineless, calcium deficient wankers the lot of them. Their whole club is rotten from top to bottom and it really couldn’t happen to a nicer club.

      Only Chelsea are on a par with Arsenal when it comes to being thoroughly loathesome!

      • Marc L says:

        Forgot to credit “davejohnno1″ for the above brilliance.

      • Andrei says:

        Then you should probably recall that Wenger bought/managed players like Adams, Henry, Viera, Bergkamp, Fabregas, and RVP. He did create the ‘Invicibles’ team after all. So yes it does take something very special.

        Anyway I don’t think Wenger is the problem. But he is definitely part of the problem.

  12. Guy says:

    There is no joy in Mudville….but there is in plenty of other places!! :-D

    We ‘ave met zee enemy and it iz uss. :-)

  13. Marc L says:

    Oh man, I really don’t have anything against Arsenal but I have to laugh at this. A League TWO side? Arse had 8 of the 11 that started against WBA last weekend?

    Great quotes from the Guardian writeup:

    Wenger, taunted by chants of “getting sacked in the morning”, shook his head in disbelief.

    Podolski released Gibbs on the left of the area and when his low cross evaded Duke the equaliser from Gervinho beckoned. Instead, the striker failed to make any contact with the ball in front of an unguarded net. “Premier League, you’re having a laugh,” mocked the Bradford supporters and, to be fair, they had a point.

  14. Marc L says:

    And this bit of inspired brilliance from the Arsenal forum:

    dyeruz (Forum Member) on 14 minutes ago
    and he’s not a f*cking brazilian, how the f*ck does he get away with calling himself Gervinho, Mr Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi? Drogba didnt call himself Drogbinho, Yaya didnt call himself Grand Tourinho, how does a man with zero skill get away with dubbing himself a brazilian moniker, the only brazilian he got was when he shaved …… cause he aint got no balls

  15. jtm371 says:

    to the Bantams BRAVO!

  16. Sammy says:

    I’m too stunned for words.

  17. MG says:

    Well done Bradford. We all thank you from the bottom of our unconscious hearts for making the nonsense even more obvious..

  18. jalaswils says:

    Hi kids! How are you immediately?

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