FA Could Turn to Retrospective Action to Ban Game’s Divers: The Daily EPL

Hopeful news this morning for one of the most annoying facets of the professional game — diving. The FA could turn to retrospective action by the end of this season to ban the game’s divers by tweaking the disciplinary code.

Hopefully the FA will move ahead with this since it’s one of the sore points of watching the Premier League or any soccer match. It’s difficult for referees to make quick decisions, and if The FA can step in and make retrospective decisions with the aid of time and technology.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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38 thoughts on “FA Could Turn to Retrospective Action to Ban Game’s Divers: The Daily EPL”

  1. The FA could take retrospective action on diving, but won’t because of their ludicrous, “If the ref saw it we can’t do anything,” policy. Yet, it works fine in rugby and Aussie Rules and hasn’t diminished the refs’ authority one iota.

    Unfortunately, rationality is not in the FA’s playbook.

    1. Guy
      could not agree with you more something so simple to correct a wrong they revoke red cards if the Ref made a bad call why not get divers out of the game.will you be around for that momentous match today Fulham/Newcastle?

        1. That’s the spirit! Pray for the turgid Monday night bore draw for Stoke’s benefit. If you want entertainment go to the circus.

          Look that one up and it’ll be of no surprise he managed Stoke once.

    2. Aussie Rules! Even I’m not that cultured! In terms of toughness then put these in order in your opinion:

      Rugby Union/League players
      NFL footballers
      Aussie Rules footballers

      I can’t say as I would know to rank NFL players, they seem to end up with some horrific injuries, post career particularly.

      Used to watch a lot of NHL many moons ago but just don’t have time now.

      1. Rugby
        Aussie Rules

        NFL players are plenty tough, but they’re encased in body armor. Take all that stuff off and see how they hold up. Wouldn’t take long for them to learn to tackle correctly. 😉

        1. Yes, that body armor has truly saved many an NFL player. Perhaps that’s why their expected lifespan is some 17-20 years lower than normal.

        2. Not sure of your point. I was asked a question about the toughness of certain athletes. It is simply my opinion that rugby players are the toughest. That if you took the armor off NFL players and put them on a rugby pitch they would be none too happy….and not nearly as “tough”. Just my opinion, nothing more.

          As for your lifespan numbers, “There are statistics, damn statistics and lies.”


  2. Congrats to Santi Cazorla for getting his picture substituted for Suarez as illustration whenever there is an article about this sort of thing.

    1. Pissed. Alternate between Suarez, Bale, Young and Santi Fallover.

      I’m going to try and bring out a calendar of football’s top divers for 2013. Problem is there’s at least 12 of the Arsenal squad in contention.

      It’s very easy to hoist Wenger by his own petard on this one, no wonder the arch-whinger is silent on this one. “Err I did not zee eet, Santi says ee got touched and I believe ‘im”. Myopic French cock, Stevie Wonder could see that one.

  3. Lifetime ban for the City fans who threw things?

    I agree with this action but why didn’t they want the same thing when a fan threw a bottle at Bellamy in a derby a few years ago?
    Double standards.

  4. Arsene Wenger Came out himself last season and said anyone who is found to blatantly dive should be banned for 3 games.

    So Wenger, we have all seen it, not only did he dive he sold an injury too, will Wenger stand by his word and just ban Cazorla himself for 3 games?

    Wenger was calling for the retro punishment, so what are the odds Wenger bans him for 3 games? Zero

    1. That’d be 12 games Gareth Bale would have missed for those 4 yellow cards for diving in the past 12 months. Sure you want to push ahead with that 😉

      In all seriousness if it were brought in clubs should be duty bound to pay the player a subsistence wage while they sit out any suspension.

      The FA are well within their rights to make laws on this as there is no FIFA ruling to stand in the way of it.

      1. For the punishment, yes it should be a minimum of 3 game ban for first time. I’m all for the clubs and the FA dong it! ban divers even if Bale is guilty.

        While the Bale example is funny it is quiet different, I would love to see footage or an example of Bale having zero contact in a penalty area just jumping off his feet onto the floor like Cazorla and Suarez have done.. Its not close, not even in the same galaxy,those cards are dubious cards. 😉

        Also, show me someone else in any league with his acceleration and speed that has a history of injury through hack N slash tackles from players?

        All the LFC fans that get over Bale do it to deflect from the blatant cheater that is Suarez and will be the first to go absolutely nuts if Sterling gets his ankle ligaments torn from a challenge.

        it’s a good debate, and one I’m sure will not go away for a while. in-fact I think you Ian, Guy, JTM, MU77 and I should figure out a little podcast pilot.

        See if wee can put something together? would be quite interesting…..just a thought…

        1. Bale dives more than Suarez. Stop deflecting, Dust. Suarez has also been fouled at least four times in the box this season with no penalty called. His reputation precedes him, and Bale better be careful because the same will happen to him.

          1. Clamp, I respect your defense of your clubs players its natural, as is mine, but to say Bale dives more than Suarez is just wrong, carded is different, it depends on the ref, he still dives.

            How do you explain Suarez jumping off the ground like a salmon out of a river in the pen this season…has bale ever done anything like that? NO or anything like the Cazorla dive? No.

            All his alleged dives are him in full pace or as he goes from stand still to dribble, sorry but in no way shape or form is Bale in the same dimension as Suarez., he is a cheat.

            How do you explain his deliberate handball in the World cup? or the racial comments? or the kicking out he does?
            ever seen bale do the those, ever expect bale to do those? honestly?

            Like I say, on the field Bale is not a cheat. Suarez has done it in many more situations.

          2. LOL I forgot about that.. see, just brutal, you cant compare .

            for those that haven’t seen it !

            The only players I can think of in the Suarez galaxy of nasty cheats would be Frank Rijkaard, Maradona, Rudi Voller, Drogba, John Terry and Thierry Henry. I think its their ego’s that try to justify it, they were good players but just had real issues on the pitch.

        2. You lot wouldn’t understand my Stokie accent duck. It’s not a bad idea but I don’t think we’re particularly impartial.

          It’s very rare it happens at Stoke, Adam got booked but he’s a fat little prick who is a bit billy big-time so it’s to be expected. You could argue Pennant would go down easily but that’s the least of his crimes. Pulis genuinely doesn’t stand for it and 9 x out of 10 when they get tackled they get straight back up ( see Gardner on Wilkinson in the Sunderland match).

          Even where I sit if people think one of our players is faking it you’ll get negative comments. I’ve heard ‘get up Walter’s you tit’ this season, though he is a bit of a whipping boy.

          1. Im sure I’d been fine with your Stoke accent I’ve only been in the states 10 years, i could translate cant be any worse than the geordie i used to work with.


            I think there are only 4 moanagers that are ok with diving, SAF, Mancicni, Wenger and Rodgers. (watch the pelters begin)

  5. 3 match ban plus 3 weeks wages.

    If the dive resulted in a goal being scored directly (e.g. PK) then when the player returns from the ban, the opening kick off will be a PK against his club with the offending player in goal. If the offending player is injured or otherwise unavailable for selection, then the manager will play goalie.

  6. A couple of match bans won’t deter anyone. First timers need a bit more persuasion like a quick turn in the iron maiden or a spinal adjustment on the rack. Repeat offenders a five minute ducking in the witches chair.

  7. Dust
    you are to funny a podcast that would be a kick in the butt,and you translate for Ian so the two old Yanks can play along.were already starting behind the 8-ball 2 Stoke fans and my side hoping to stay in the Championship division.i still think we should have a preseason kick off on the Eastern Shore of North Carolina i know i will get one vote from Guy and his home turf.you might not like what we have to say but you will listen.

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