Clint Dempsey Can Be the New Gareth Bale, Insists Andre Villas-Boas: The Nightly EPL

Peculiar words from Tottenham Hotspur Andre Villas-Boas today after the Portuguese manager has said that Clint Dempsey can be the new Gareth Bale.

It’s peculiar because I don’t see Dempsey and Bale in the same role. At his best, Dempsey is an attacking midfielder. Bale is a left winger who, earlier this season, was playing more of a central striker role during some matches for Tottenham. Both men are incredibly gifted athletes but to draw comparisons between the two seems strange.

Perhaps Villas-Boas is setting the stage for Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham for Spain, with Dempsey being a worthy “replacement”? Stranger things have happened.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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