Sporting KC’s Kei Kamara Training with Stoke City for One Week: The Daily EPL

Sporting Kansas City has announced that their star striker Kei Kamara is training with Stoke City. Typically these sort of trials don’t result in anything, but it’s a golden opportunity for Sierra Leone striker to show what he’s capable of in front of Stoke manager Tony Pulis.

Do you think Kamara has what it takes to play in the Premier League? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

LOTS of news today, so without further delay, here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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4 thoughts on “Sporting KC’s Kei Kamara Training with Stoke City for One Week: The Daily EPL”

  1. So is Sean Johnson of the Fire. Either of them any good? Geoff Cameron’s gone down a storm in Stoke. Settled well a well liked by the manager

    1. I like Kamara. He’s quick, is a good finisher, and can play either wing or forward. He is also another big guy (I know how much Pulis likes the big lads). I’ll be curious to see how he does and whether he gets a longer-term invite. Sean Johnson has been excellent at times, but he doesn’t seem to be consistent. He is young, though. Along with Bill Hamid he has been considered a possible successor on the US National Team to Tim Howard. We’ll see.

      I’m glad Cameron has done well. He settled very quickly.

  2. Pulis saw Kamara on the US tour. He’s tough and a great work rate. His ball skills have improved dramatically. Espinoza the Hondurian MF also from Sporting has signed with Wigan for January window

  3. MLS has gotten better, in part, because of the foreign players like Kamara coming here if they aren’t yet good enough for Europe. Higuain with the Crew looks good enough to be over there. Montero and Espinoza too.

    Lots of US MLS players have the potential. If they got the same academy experience as Europeans, then MLS wouldn’t be as far behind. Pulis is seeing value over here. Cameron seems to start every week and RB is a new position for him. Curious if Pulis would play him at CB if Stoke had injuries. If he grew up over there imagine where he would be today. if the best athletes over here didn’t play so many other sports…..

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