Udinese vs Liverpool, Bordeaux vs Newcastle and Spurs vs Panathinaikos: Europa League Open Thread

Today’s a massive day for Premier League clubs in the Europa League tournament.

Liverpool needs a win away at Udinese to guarantee a spot in the next round of the Europa League. A draw or a loss won’t be good enough for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

Newcastle United has already qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League, so they’ll be playing several academy players today in their away match in France.

In the match between Tottenham Hotspur and Panathinaikos, a draw will be enough to see the Lilywhites through to the next round.

Before, during or after today’s Europa League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “Udinese vs Liverpool, Bordeaux vs Newcastle and Spurs vs Panathinaikos: Europa League Open Thread”

  1. Someone fire he sound engineer at fox today if he can’t figure out the right blend of crowd vs studio commentator.

    -40db Commentator
    -5db. Crowd


    Just patch through the foxsoccer2go feed.

        1. Thanks, no problem. Check-up and shots for the old girl (10) pictured.

          I’m glad Dust didn’t have kittens while I was out. 😉

  2. When they employ commentators like Keith Costigan the volume needs to be at zero; he sounds like a parrot with a machine gun.

  3. Talk about a close call for Liverpool at the end there.

    At least Jordan Henderson got on the scoresheet today.

    The Gaffer

    1. Funny song by Spurs today ” Champions of Europe .. you’re not anymore ” hopefully you’ll get your wish and we’ll draw each other in the semi’s and you know what happens to Spurs when you play Chelsea in the semi’s.

  4. I didn’t think Liverpool would get a win today, but they ground it out very well after squandering some chances. Think this will be a massive psychological boost for Liverpool and they could very well go on a great win, winning ways and especially making it through to the next stage of a European competition will do them wonders I imagine. Saying that, you have to win the next game after a win like that to truly take advantage of it.

    Spurs have a difficult away fixture but I feel strangely confident about it inspire of not having bale. IF we play the 4-2-3-1 that Is. We didn’t loo to comfortable in the 442 today and not having bale in the 443 really showed the qualitys of bale in that suystem compared to Dempsey..

    Good luck to Liverpool, no so much to Newcastle, and I hope CFC pull Lazio in the next round and go out! LoL

  5. You can put your money on a Chelsea vs Liverpool matchup if both teams get through the next round. It might be the only game where the opposition supporters cheer Benitez while the home supporters boo him.

    The Europa League could do with such a matchup. Otherwise, very few care about this tournament.

  6. Europa league this year has some very interesting teams…and looks like most of the teams except for Chelsea would want to be in it.

    but quality of the teams which are unseeded are just ridiculous i mean how can Napoli, Athletico Madrid be unseeded?

    1. because they won it last season, Atletico Madrid aren’t take it as seriously, they are playing reserve sides away from home

      Italian sides are generally like the Engish when it comes to the EL

      German sides take it seriously but most of the teams don’t have the quality to go all the way (maybe Leverkusen, but they are fighting for a CL spot)

      I woudn’t be surprised if the final is the traditional La Liga vs. Portugal or Iberian vs. Eastern Europe matchup

      With Chelsea I guess it depends on their league form. If they struggle to make the top 4 or get back in the title race the EL goes out the window

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