Chelsea vs Nordsjaelland and Manchester United vs Cluj: Champions League Open Thread

Today is D-day for Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez whose side has the chance of making it through to the next round of the UEFA Champions League. In the past, Benitez has been a master tactician in the Champions League tournament. Let’s see if he can figure out a way to help Chelsea convincingly beat Nordsjaelland, while hoping that Shakhtar Donetsk will defeat Juventus.

In the other Champions League match today featuring a Premier League side, Manchester United plays at home against Cluj in a match where United will field some B players (they’ve already qualified for the next round).

Let’s hope Chelsea and Manchester United can certainly perform better today than the very disappointing performances yesterday from Arsenal and Manchester City.

Before, during and after today’s Champions League matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations below.

36 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Nordsjaelland and Manchester United vs Cluj: Champions League Open Thread”

  1. Shakhtar v Juve is 10/11 at the bookies here. An evens bet for a draw is relatively unheard of, its an interesting price given that a draw suits both teams.

  2. Lots of nil-nil draws at half-time so far. Any good matches worth watching in the second half that someone can recommend? I don’t see Nordsjaelland coming back.

    The Gaffer

    1. Celtic vs Spartak Moscow may be the winner for me.

      Or maybe Shakhtar Donetsk vs Juventus. I can’t decide!

      The Gaffer

  3. Much better from my Blues. Regardless of what happens in Donetsk this is a much better performance compared to the second half of the West Ham match. Yes i know its Nordsjaelland but I’ll take it at this point. C’mon Shakhtar !

  4. United losing again…we’ll see if they can comeback and win like they have been this season. It won’t matter today though.

  5. Nsj are not a good barometer for a CFC performance it looks like defending for NSJ has the same appeal as Brussels sprouts for kids.

    If they do get knocked out of the UCL it will be their worst moment since being founded in 2003.

          1. Recent form CFC won without spurs 3 key players Lloris, bale and Démbèle, and that was after losing a 1-0 lead. We will see what happens in the return leg with a full spurs team.

            Anyways…. Haven’t you got some poor sportsmanship to engage in?

          2. I’m glad we agree that Spurs were not good enough to be a barometer.

            As for poor sportmanship if you refer to Adriano yes it was a disgraceful conduct and I hope that the club will deal with it accordingly.

  6. All the CFC boo boys crack me up, do they not realize it was Di Matteo that put them in this situation?

    Still not bad for a club founded in the same year as Facebook lol

  7. Wow I’ve never seen old Trafford so empty, well unless their is 30 minutes of a derby left LOL. Funny that because if City have 6 or 7 empty seats on view they are giving it out everywhere!

    The City is ours, the City is ours, with 30 thousand empty seats it’s certainly not yours!!

    Utd v Newcastle 26 September 2012 att. 46,358, 8k of those being Geordies! looks like they gonna smash that tonight!

    1. Um we already won the group and Cfr Cluj isnt really a ticket seller. If we played Dortmund real and those teams then u wudnt see thos empty seats like at the Etihad. Common sense Cluj wouldnt be a sell out.

        1. Wasn’t that a Carling Cup (or American Express Cup, or whatever that Mickey Mouse trophy is called now) game?
          It’s like Man City playing Sky Blue FC at the Giants Stadium and expecting a sellout.

          1. Yes it was, that’s the only time utd fans aren’t forced to pay for the games a bit like City in every cup game! The official att tonight was 71k!! LOL. Lucky if there was 27k! City fans are not forced to cup games so the figures are not manipulated.
            The reality is Utd was playing a major premier league club and not ‘sky blue f.c.’they didn’t show as they haven’t every time they have had the choice! Usually the ignorant Utd’s fan here who don’t know this and believe it or not some Spurs fans here (lol I know unbelievable! look at their attendances)go on about, funny they’re pretty quiet about their own!

          2. And you know what’s funny? 46,358 WILL be a sellout at Emptyhad.
            So even when not “forced”, United still gets better attendance than most teams can ever dream of, stadium size notwithstanding.

          3. Yes it would be a sell out for Norwich in a 70k stadium if they had spent the last 20 years wining every thing! But i doubt they’d have to blag it with people who didn’t even turn out!!! The whole point is Utd in reality don’t sell out after years of glory hunting recruitment is amazing, yet they these glory hunters are constantly giving it out. They haven’t managed to sell even near all there season tickets yet again this year and their still advertising them on the site now, but even more funny is when clowns say things like ’emptyhad’ when city sell out every league game and more cup tickets than Utd evry cup game those that aren’t force or dont even go but still counted anyway! that’s even though they have hardly won anything, imagine after 20 years of domination! By the way Utd haven’t managed to sell a single match out this year!!!! ‘Emptyhad’ hahahaha !

  8. I’m not really a fan of Celtic but I would love to see a match there on a night like this. I think it would be completely awesome.

  9. Wait….Twitter was founded in 2006 that’s 3 full years before Man City. WoW both newly formed clubs have been eliminated within 24 hours of one another.

    (Sorry can’t resist) lmao. 😉

    1. If Chelsea were founded in 2003 were true isn’t it humiliating that Spurs are in the complete shadow of a team formed in 2003 ? LOL I do hope we draw Spurs somewhere in the competiton because will destroy Spurs as always.

      1. LOL bring it on! I cant wait for the return fixture WITH Bale, Dembele, Lloris and any new signings. The CFC train wreck will continue, RA being told to stop pestering Pep LOL, maybe Rafa will be all that is left for you!

        If we get though with Freezal in goal on Thursday I will be looking for CFC at some point.

  10. You what’s so great about Fox Soccer? I wait all day to watch the delayed Man U match at 5:00. I tune in at 5:02, just to be safe from spoilers only to see the f***ing score at the bottom of the screen. Awesome.

  11. Fox Soccer needs to evaluate how they select matches. I know for them the EPL clubs get preference, but the fact Shakhtar-Juve is on DirectTV is a disgrace. Did they really need to show Man United vs. Cluj?

  12. Teams in the CL playoffs by league:

    La Liga 4 of 4 (2 group winners, two runners up)

    Bundesliga 3 of 3 (3 group winners)

    EPL 2 of 4 (1 group winner 1 runner up)

    Seria A 2 of 2 (1 group winner 1 runner up)

    France 1 of 3 (group winner)

    Portugal 1 of 3 (runner up)

    Ukraine 1 of 2 (runner up)

    Scotland 1 of 1 (runner up)

    Turkey 1 of 1 (runner up)

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