Bacary Sagna Joins Theo Walcott on Waiting List to Leave Arsenal as Pay Talks Stall: The Nightly EPL

Arsenal supporters could be in for more headaches next summer if both Theo Walcott and now Bacary Sagna leave the club. Talks to renew the contract for popular Arsenal defender Sagna have reached an impasse after the Gunners have only offered Sagna a one-year extension. Not surprisingly, Sagna wants a longer term deal.

The French defender is 29 years-old, and will be 30 in February, so the north London club are hesitant to offer a long-term deal.

What do you think? Should Arsenal bite the bullet and give Sagna a long term contract of 2-3 years? Or is Arsenal being prudent?

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5 thoughts on “Bacary Sagna Joins Theo Walcott on Waiting List to Leave Arsenal as Pay Talks Stall: The Nightly EPL”

  1. professor wenger would make a bad investor. he’s been too busy worrying about plotting the regression of player salaries and not overpaying than building a team worthy of raising wages. The stock market dump in 2008 has totally screwed him up, as has all the easy money that other clubs have to spend. He cannot spend the balance of his career looking to avoid another black swan event. He’s lost his nerve, and that’s a very bad development for a gaffer.

  2. What wrong with the Arsenals board haa, do they want to see the Team at the Relegation bottom before they start doing the right things. Oo naa this is Bad, De Gunners of today are not De Gunners that made Us ” The Fans ” fall inlove with the Club ” Arsenal “. We dont even belive what the Team can do on the Field and transfer market anymore.

  3. Arsenal need to get worse before they get better. The owner, manager and chief executive need a kick up the arse and not getting top 4 will give them it.

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