Sir Alex Ferguson Backs José Mourinho to Manage Manchester United: The Daily EPL

In this morning’s British newspapers, many journalists are salivating over the rumors in the Spanish press that Jose Mourinho has reached an agreement to leave the club in June. While there hasn’t been any official announcement from the Spanish giant, the timing of the rumor may possibly be manufactured to bring attention to a new documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson, scheduled to air tonight on British TV (ITV).

In the documentary, Ferguson is asked whether Mourinho could replace him. Here’s what Sir Alex Ferguson said:

“He can manage anywhere, absolutely. I’m not going to put any forecasts on what is going to happen at this club. I won’t last forever, but José can manage anywhere, there is no question about that.”

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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One thought on “Sir Alex Ferguson Backs José Mourinho to Manage Manchester United: The Daily EPL”

  1. The Spanish media has for several weeks stated that Mourinho and Ronaldo are not likely to be in Madrid next season.

    Mourinho’s departure is almost a done deal whereas Ronaldo will leave if Madrid receive the right offer. He wants 100% of all profits from sales related to him and real madrid have refused. Manchester United have the right of first refusal but it is speculated that they won’t be able to afford him as Madrid are going to ask for more than they paid for him.

    PSG and Manchester City are the only clubs that can afford both Mourinho and Ronaldo. However, much could change between now and the end of the season.

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