Norwich vs Sunderland, Premier League Gameweek 15: Open Thread

I always enjoy watching a match on television from Carrow Road. The quaint ground, good footballing side and colorful supporters are a refreshing sight to see in the Premier League. And today, they come up against the dark force of Sunderland, a team that is mired in negativity and as predictable as a Manchester United late victory.

Before, during or after today’s match between Norwich and Sunderland, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

24 thoughts on “Norwich vs Sunderland, Premier League Gameweek 15: Open Thread”

  1. Sunderland are in a funk so they desperately need a win today. Norwich will be difficult to beat as they have played well so far this season. Let’s hope for a cracking game.

  2. Draw is my favoured result. However it gives me the opportunity to give one of my favourite football songs an airing.

    ‘You are a wurzel, a dirty wurzel,
    You only sing when you’re making hay,
    Your mum’s a nympho, your dad’s a scarecrow,
    Ooh aar, ooh aar, ooh aar!’

  3. What the hell was that from Rob Stone openly calling the Sunderland guy fat and mocking him like that. What the hell kind if b******** is that? How many kids watch the show, now they see the face of the show mocking someone for their size like that?

    Un believable unprofessional. Just fire rob stone, either that or someone give him a slap on air.

    I can’t believe he jaut did that for lie, 2 straight minutes

    1. Agree, he is a decent player but the red mist goes to his head. In the second half he had a good shot saved then decided he would be their main striker and wasted the next two Sunderland attacks with speculative efforts.

  4. Dust
    so have you come down from yesterday? it had to be one of the best days in a while all the evil teams lost and ManU almost lost.

    1. Not yet, lol, looking. Forward to this week as the media sink there teeth in an apply the pressure to Farcenal and CFC. Thinking about the Everton game this Saturday coming.

      1. Dust
        i think Everton will be a tough match with no Bale a draw would not be a bad result.i would have to say Chelski is in more trouble than AFC but not by much.

        1. CFC have a great squad with incredible talent, they lack a good manager to belove in, motivation is an issue for them as they are mostly young players.

          CFC are a joke but for different reasons.

          Farcenal are just a joke.

          The Everton game will be interesting for sure tactically.

          Now ade is available I would still play 4-2-3-1 and replace Dempsey with ade and put falque in place of bale,

          The key is to stiffle the supply to forwards, Baines need to be shut down, as does Fellaini, so I would put Sandro on Fellaini.

  5. Looks like MON might actually be offering his resignation this week.

    Pilkington is an excellent example of a decent lower league player having paid his dues and learnt his trade.

    Chris Hughton will get head hunted again I’m sure.

  6. Ian
    congrats on your boys with a huge away win and you wanted to get rid of Tony P shame on you and how about the hiding the All Blacks took from England.

    1. I wouldn’t say I want rid of him, believe me I appreciate what he’s done for us immensely. If he’d gone, before this debacle, I’d have taken Rafa.

      The rugby was awesome, a historic victory. Can’t wait for the 6 Nations now.

  7. MON has some serious issues to face, the squad he as they should be doing better. Newcastle fire CH for pardew and they look likethey are in trouble because he didn’t expand his squad.

    And CH is doing well with NCFC, longest unbeaten run except for man city in the prem after taking man utd and Farcenal scalps, actually the Farcenal scalp is no big deal as they are a mid table club. LoL

    CH had a difficult Jon, taking lambert s squad and players and making them better, he has done. Good job.

    And they just drew Peterborough in the FA Cup which will be a great game, as will the Spurs Coventry game. It still hurts loosing to those…… those ….b…….
    Still hurst to much .

  8. Gaffer
    what a great win yesterday for your Swans and now you get the Gunners in the FA draw at least your side knows what it takes to get the win.

  9. This could be my last match with Fox Soccer. Going to have a little face to face chin wag with Time Warner about my new cable bill. Too much money for too little use.

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