Benitez Admits He is ‘Not 100 Per Cent’ Sure He Will Last the Whole Season at Chelsea: The Nightly EPL

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11 thoughts on “Benitez Admits He is ‘Not 100 Per Cent’ Sure He Will Last the Whole Season at Chelsea: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I’d almost be surprised if Benitez lasts the month as Chelsea’s manager. If his side fail to secure full points next week against Sunderland, I wonder who’s next in line…

  2. I dream that I will wake up and this will all be over. Being an American Blues fan the manager thing is hard to understand. As we admire coaches that stay for long periods in the USA apparently in RA’s world there as disposable as toilet paper. This time last year we were about to start down a long dark road that ended with the club’s greatest moment. I hope that this is just a perversion of the same thing. KTBFFH!

    1. Yep. Roman should bring back RDM. The same team that looks uninterested for a half a match playing for Benitez managed to gain 5 points out of a possible 15 for RDM’s final five league matches in charge, while pushing Chelsea to the brink of being ousted from the Champions League.

      Maybe it’s the players, not the manager.

  3. If Chelsea somehow get through in the Champions League then I’m sure Benitez will still be around for a little while longer during which time he will have the benefit of trying to turn things around. If Chelsea don’t get through in the CL then I agree that he will be gone if they don’t beat Sunderland.

    Chelsea also have a tricky away fixture with Southampton in the FA Cup. The FA Cup could be their only chance of silverware this season.

    1. They also have a shot at the League Cup, for what that’s worth. But Clampdown is right to draw attention to the situation on the pitch. However misguided the short-term bet on Benitez was, the players have to raise their hands. There’s little leadership or focus on the field. Mata comes closest but it will be awhile yet before he can lead the team the way Terry or Lampard can. Obviously Chelsea are missing some big personalities right now. Added to those problems, Drogba’s departure at the end of last season left the team without a spine. What do they need after all? A striker who can dominate as a target man, some muscle in midfield, and leadership at the back. Who des that sound like? Cech simply isn’t captain material, and while a number of the younger players have great promise, none has the experience yet to lead. The really alarming thing isn’t how the owner deals with the managers, but the hubris expressed in the cavalier treatment of the team’s veterans – from Ballack and Drogba to now Lampard and Cole. And if there’s truth to the rumors that Chelsea will not under any circumstances extend Terry’s contract after next season…well, expect to see more Brazilian and Spanish light weights getting knocked off the ball by the likes of Man City, Juventus, and – yes – West Ham.

  4. The problem at Chelsea is none of the players play for the manager. They are all owned by Abramovitch. Look at their body language in the second half on Saturday they simply didn’t care.

    The atmosphere at the club is “here’s another manager, he’ll be gone soon, as long as I keep getting paid I’ll show up”. You can’t blame the fat waiter for that.

    Everyone keeps going on about Torres lack of confidence and Benitiz says he probably cannot regain his previous form, but what does he care? Torres is completely owned by Abramovitch not by the current flavour of the week manager.

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