Lucas Leiva Returns to Liverpool Squad for Visit of Southampton: The Daily EPL

After a three month absence due to injury, Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva returns to Liverpool’s squad for this weekend’s match against Southampton.

Anyone who watched the documentary Being Liverpool should feel a pinch of affection for Leiva, as he raced back to full recovery only to limp off in a match early in the season. The footballer is Liverpool’s lynchpin, so it’ll be fascinating to see him play again and what immediate impact he can make for the Reds.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Lucas Leiva Returns to Liverpool Squad for Visit of Southampton: The Daily EPL”

  1. Just listening to talksport and heard the interview with “kelvin” the representative of arsenals fan based “black scarf” movement.

    Say they are marching about the board not what going on on the pitch, says arsenal fan base is divided, even coming to blows in the pubs verbally and physically.

    £63 was the cheapest ticket for the spurs game ($100).


    Sounds like AFC fans are in as much of a mess as the players on the pitch…And long may it continue….

    Ivan Gazidas interview…WOW… Trying to ease dependence on ground revenue…. He sounded like he was fighting saying the word “fans”….unreal..I think he should stay, so should wenger, but arsenal fans know thats not becuase i think they are doong a good job.

    i know quite a few spirs fans and they want arsene to stay as he has lost the plot, afc fans have to ask if fans of your rivals want to see them stay because its viewed as a train wreck getting worse and worse…should they rip off the band aid? Or continue with this slow painfull process more reminent of the 5 stages of Grief than anything else.

    Pretty sure i’ll get pelters for this but I didn’t think I’d see arsenal fans this divided, and it nearly Christmas…how good could this get if you fall lower in the league!

    1. I suppose you seeing Le Arse fall apart is just as enjoyable as me seeing Liverpool get worse by the season. Makes all the abuse I took in the 80s from mates who supported the mighty Liverpool all seen worthwhile now.

  2. Dust what is the story of Bale going to Madrid ? You’ve mentioned that he signed a contract but does that contract have a clause that lets him get out to go to Madrid or Barcelona ? Who would replace him if he does go ?

    1. LOL, Modric came out and said for the 3rd time this year that he would like bale to join him at RM.

      It’s all just media furvor, Mourinho is umlikely to be there next season and who would bale replace? Ronaldo? LMAO, if RM want to swap ronaldo and give us 10m for Bale I’ll take it, but that idea I just wrote is never going to happen.

      No way is Bale going to go RM next year or the year after that for that matter.

      As for who would replace him, that’s tough, but I Trust that IF and When that happens there will be a replacement lined up, ala Modric, 30m plus addon’s and we have Dembele who has more in his locker than Mod, he just needs consistent time in the starting 11 to get it going. That recent month of if all is well could serve us well in this upcoming nut bar schedule of Xmas.

      I think the only clause is a money clause, a ridiculous amount of money clause, if r or Barca want to pay for that then that’s fine.

  3. I think (and am hoping) we’ll see a much more effective Gerrard and Allen once Lucas is back and playing regularly. Allen may be very good holding mid but he is not a defensive stopper. Give him a little more freedom and he’ll be back to his old self.

    The added bonus is that it will keep Jordan Henderson off the pitch a bit more.

  4. Reports are that Lucas may actually start tomorrow against Southampton. If so, it could be a big gamble given that he hasn’t played a first team game since his injury. He was not supposed to be back till end of December so he is back a month early. Liverpool definitely need him but if he gets injured again because of rushing him back it will be even worse. Will be interesting to see how much he plays tomorrow and how he does.

    1. yup its a worry..personally i think he might come in for last 5 -10 minutes…i would rather have play couple more reserve games before hes fully fit.

      but should be a good moral boost to the team.

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