Harry Redknapp Says He May Not Spend in January If QPR Are ‘Cut Adrift’: The Nightly EPL

I almost fell out of my chair today when I read that Harry Redknapp said he may not spend in the January transfer window if QPR’s survival hopes look doomed. Trust me, even though Redknapp said these words, this sounds like something straight out of the mouth of QPR owner Tony Fernandes.

Not spending money in a transfer window is too logical for Redknapp. It’s so unlike Redknapp. If Fernandes and Redknapp are honest, then not spending in the January transfer window is a superb idea. The team can then rebuild next season in the Championship, cut out the dead wood and to come back to the Premier League stronger than now.

What do you think? Do you really believe that Redknapp will not spend big in January, or is QPR trying to get some bargains instead of paying through their nose for expensive players? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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2 thoughts on “Harry Redknapp Says He May Not Spend in January If QPR Are ‘Cut Adrift’: The Nightly EPL”

  1. The following is few paragraphs from the Jermain Defoe’s interview with Amy Lawrence of the guardian.co.uk


    I wanted to pull out these particular paragraphs of Defoe thoughts on AVB…..

    Defoe is thoroughly enjoying his football at the moment. He has already exceeded one of his targets – he aims for 10 goals before Christmas as a marker, but has 12 – and is grateful for the absolute faith of Tottenham’s new coach, André Villas-Boas. Defoe may be seen as one of ‘Arry’s boys but he could hardly sound more positive about André’s ways. The jury may be out for some but Defoe speaks with enough genuine fondness and enthusiasm to suggest that the players are won over. It is the little things that seem to be making a big difference.

    “Away from football, as a person, he is a top guy, a really nice guy. After every session he will come into the changing room or treatment room and go to every player to see if you are OK. ‘How do you feel? How’s your legs?’ General chit chat. He will do it with every player, every day,” he explains. “Even when I was away with England he will send me a message sometimes – ‘Good luck. How’s the game?’ Stuff like that. When you have got a manager like that you want to play for him and do well.”

    For Defoe, first impressions have had a lasting impact. Villas-Boas was unequivocal about his plans for Defoe from day one. “In pre-season obviously there was a lot of speculation about me and whether I was going to stay or leave, and I had a meeting with him and he said: ‘I want you to stay. Last season you should have played a lot more than you did. I was watching the games, the goals you scored. A player of your quality, I need you at the club.’ For me that was such a big thing.

    “It’s always difficult for a manager coming into such a big club,” Defoe continues. “Obviously it’s difficult for André because he was at Chelsea and things weren’t great there. He’s come to Tottenham and everybody’s looking at him. Even before the season started a lot of people were doubting him, which was harsh. You’ve got to give everybody an opportunity. What he has done so far has been brilliant. All the lads love him. He’s got great ideas. He’s really organised.”

    A some point u have to wonder just how bad the CFC dressing room really is…… He sounds nothing like the manager CFC painted him out to be.

    I think all the ‘array lovers that have a blind hate for avb and boo need to read this and realize it is they that don’t know the situ.

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