See How Your Premier League Team is Doing After 14 Matches Compared to Last Season

I am the first to admit that comparative tables prove absolutely nothing when it comes to the EPL, but that doesn’t stop me from creating them and pondering over the results. After Wednesday’s matches, it occurred to me to take a look at last season at this time, 14 matches in. The table below shows total points at that juncture. Keep in mind that Wolves had 14, Rovers 10 and Bolton 9.

Take a look and tell me what you think. The only teams ahead of themselves from last year are WBA (+11), Everton (+6), Swansea (+6), Wigan (+5), Fulham (+2), Sunderland (+2) and Stoke (+1). Man Utd, with 33, and Norwich, with 16, are right where they were. Everyone else is in negative territory to varying degrees.

Points after 14 matches:

Is there anything in the tea leaves? Last year 37 points kept you up. What will it take this year? Transfer window aside, which teams have the potential to pick up the pace? Will someone collapse a la Wolves? Can Harry pull a miracle?

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18 thoughts on “See How Your Premier League Team is Doing After 14 Matches Compared to Last Season”

  1. I keep a spreadsheet for the big six to compare results for the same fixtures from the previous year. I’m not too worried about how we’ve done over the first 14 if we’ve played completely different teams.

    1. Interesting way to look at things, but wouldn’t you be concerned if you had lost points playing comparatively weaker teams overall than the year before?

    2. I agree. If you want to look at comparitive tables, look at them based on the fixtures that have ben played (i.e. Team X Away, Team Y Home, etc), not simply after some # of games.

      The 14 game total doesnt eally provide any real meaningful comparison.

      1. Actually it does. Teams played 14 out of 19 possible opponents almost 75%. The 14 game sample pases statistical significance test i.e. there is no statistically significant difference between 14 vs 19 game comparison results.

      2. I agree that any statistical comparison can and should be sliced and diced further, but are you saying that simply on the face of it Newcastle should have no concerns?

    1. Funny. When I made the table that is the first thing I noticed. They are never too hot, never too cold. There is something inexorable about United that is both admirable and irritating.

  2. Chelsea doing worse than last year in-spite of spending £80m more and replacing a manager.

    Spurs 8 points worse off having sold key players Modric & VdV and a manager.

    Arsenal 5 points worse off after loosing RVDirty.

    Swansea BETTER off after loosing 3 key players and a manger.

    Liverpool 7 points worse off and OUT of the cup competition they won last year after adding more players and a new manager.

    City 6pts worse off and crumble in the group of champions after loosing dejong and Adding 3 more players.

    Guy, any chance you could do 2 years ago too?

  3. 2010

    Man Utd—–28
    Man City—-25
    Aston Villa-17
    West Ham—-9

      1. Or stagnation. Depends whether your glass is half empty or half full. I’d say it’s preferable to a rollercoaster ride that some teams have.

  4. duh. Forgot to put the 2010 end-of-season numbers in. Sorry about the formatting.

    Man Utd—–28——80
    Man City—-25—–71
    Aston Villa-17—48
    West Ham—-9——33

  5. City still unbeaten yet 6 points off last year’s total at this time?

    Makes you realize how hot City started the season last year.

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