Play Beat The Manager For Your Chance to Win An Apple iPad

We’ve given away two brand new Apple iPads to two EPL Talk readers already (one in Maine, the other in Australia). And you could be the winner of your very own Apple iPad if you’re at the top of the leaderboard after gameweek 18.

Readers Greg Pierko and Adam Heap have won iPads so far, so they won’t be eligible to win an iPad at the end of gameweeks 18, 24 or 30 (but they will be eligible for the end of the season prize after gameweek 38).

Beat The Manager is open for your predictions for gameweek 15. Make your predictions today before the deadline of this Saturday at 6:30am ET/11:30am UK time.

If you haven’t played, there’s still plenty of time to enter to try to win. The way it works is simple, but different. You predict (1) the final score of your favorite team’s match, (2) what you think the starting line-up will be for your favorite team, and (3) what the starting line-up should be (based on your expertise, not the managers; hence the name, Beat The Manager).

Best of luck!

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