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Premier League Wednesday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread

sky sports epl Premier League Wednesday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread

Today’s one of those rare days in the Premier League where we have eight matches being played at the same time. If you live in the United States, four of them will be on (one of which is on ESPN2), one is on FOX Soccer and the remaining three will be on FOX Soccer 2Go (one of which is on FOX Soccer Plus).

Out of the 8 matches today, there’s plenty of tasty matches to choose from including Chelsea vs Fulham (a west London derby featuring a chance for the Stamford Bridge crowd to either protest against Rafa or give him a cheer), Manchester United against West Ham United (can Big Sam give Fergie a run for his money), Tottenham against Liverpool (who will prevail between Andre Villas-Boas and Brendan Rodgers) and more.

The two Premier League clubs who are punching above their weight will do battle today. Swansea hosts West Bromwich Albion at the Liberty Stadium.

Plus, there’s always Wigan vs Manchester City, Everton against Arsenal, Southampton versus Norwich and Stoke against Newcastle.

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

59 Responses to Premier League Wednesday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread

  1. Nicholas says:

    Am I missing something? Where is the City-Wigan match broadcast?

  2. Guy says:

    Choices, choices. Watch and surf FS & FS+, watch Spurs with Dust on ESPN3, listen to Stoke on talkSPORT.

    Ready, set, go! :-)

  3. Guy says:

    Walcott in 52 sec.!

  4. Guy says:

    Maybe a day for goals! Dust happy!

  5. Dust says:

    Get in there, bale just skinned Gerrard!

  6. J says:

    nice defense downing!

  7. Mufc77 says:

    Time for Anderson to step up and make this midfield spot his own.

  8. Guy says:

    What was Lloris doing?.

  9. Guy says:

    Pool cooked.

  10. Dust says:

    Great free kick, looks like bale is using the cr7 technique

  11. Mufc77 says:

    1-0 brilliant start

  12. Dust says:

    Dawson seriously, slows everything down allows LFC to get their shape, horrid pass then follows.

    • Matthew says:

      Wow Dust, Dawson played and they won that makes two in row. I know you are on the verge of a heart attack but relax and it will be fine.

  13. Dust says:

    Démbèle making Joe Allen look like an academy player.

  14. Dust says:

    Spurs put together 30+ passes without 1 challenge from a LFC player

  15. Guy says:

    News flash! Torres feels gust of wind. Falls down.

  16. Mufc77 says:

    I’m all for the jimmyV foundation but do we really have to have the logo on the screen the entire game

  17. Dust says:

    Dawson & Gallas wow… Just terrible….

  18. Dust says:

    Love Swansea kick the schnitzel out of west brom

  19. The Gaffer says:

    Anyone catch the FOX Soccer pundits Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda laughing and complaining about Rafa Benitez before the Chelsea-Fulham match?

    They were criticizing Benitez for wearing a red tie.

    Problem is he is wearing an orange tie!

    The Gaffer

  20. Guy says:

    Uh oh. Stoke down a goal. Score two to win? Hmmm

  21. Dust says:

    Apart from gallas and Dawson, its been Men vs Boys.

  22. Guy says:

    Only way Pool could score. :-)

  23. Dust says:

    LMAO bale’s face

  24. Guy says:

    Torres has to cut it out. Does he actually wonder why he doesn’t get any calls??

  25. Dust says:

    Good defending from Lennon great header from bale… What a joke, spurs looked super comfortable then boom

  26. Dust says:

    Poor decision by Phil Dowed replay shows the trip.

    • Clampdown says:

      You’re right, Gallas did trip Suarez. Should have been a penalty.

    • Jim says:

      You’re right it was a poor decision to give Bale the yellow as Agger just about caught his toe. Shame the ref didn’t spot the dive by Dempsey for the free that led to your second goal or the foul for the PK at the end. The commenters got it about right when they said that a lot of poor calls were made by the ref mostly in Spurs favour.

  27. Guy says:

    Potters have one!

  28. Guy says:

    Stoke score 2! Amazing!! :-)

  29. Guy says:

    Uh oh, Dust. Your boy is on.

  30. Guy says:

    Good point for Fulham!

  31. Andrei says:

    Looks like two horse title race again.

  32. Dust says:

    It’s painfull watching Huddlestone he’s only been on 5 mins and he looks nakerd

  33. Dust says:

    Get in!! Bale was on a hat trick.

  34. Sacto Blues says:

    Complete dross …. lucky to get a point.. probably have to look at Champions League qualifying than at league title and whats worst is to boo off the team at the Bridge that’s what they do at WHL not Stamford Bridge.

  35. Guy says:

    3 more for Stoke. Looking good. :-)

    • Andrei says:

      Yes Stoke in the race for CL spot. EPL needs fresh blood there :)

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      Just got back. A bit nippy tonight, frost on the car windows walking back.

      Stoke deserved the 3 points but gifted an early 2nd half goal to ‘Castle. Apart from that they had 1 other shot I can remember. However Stoke didn’t look like scoring until all 3 subs were on. I’d start the side that finished against the Baggies on Saturday and take heart at their defeat tonight.

      Just watching MOTD for once, Shearer’s take on it will be interesting.

  36. Dust says:

    LFC only 3 points above Aston villa.

    • Mufc77 says:

      If they don’t get all 3 points against Southampton at the weekend they are in trouble

      • Clampdown says:

        Trouble for what? Finishing somewhere between 8th and 12th? Meh. What’s the difference?

        It’s frustrating but I’m backing Rodgers to get a few new faces in, stick with the plan, and LFC will be fine. No club between 4 and 14 is distinguishing themselves.

        He does need to stop lavishing praise on his players after they lose or draw, though.

    • M Owen says:

      Dust, regarding your earlier comment…spurs were good for first 15 minutes,that was it..the remaining game it LFC which was running them ragged.

      i will give you that you guys won the game and that’s all it matters…but no way i mean no way was spurs superior to LFC this game…home team got the calls and that saved your butts.

      • Dust says:

        You are understandably upset about not winning. However, If you did watch the game no way can you say LFC bossed the game for 75 minutes, possession was 52 /48 shots on goal equal.

        The mistakes made weren’t by the ref, they were by rodgers for playing downing at left back and enrique in midfield. By Henderson a 20 million pound player missing an Open goal.
        By Rodgers for not getting another striker in before letting Carroll go, by Rodgers for leaving sterling out on the wing to get bossed by jan vert so much so that he committed 6 Fouls, and never went in the book!

        What about the several occasions spurs put together 30 plus passes with ZERO Challenges from LFC?

        What about Spurs looking comfortable dealing with the pass around game LFC had around the 18 yard box with no penetration until you won set prices from deflections and your only goal coming from a Fluke own goal.

        Believe what you want, believe whatever makes you feel better about the decisions made by Brendon Rodgers and the terrible performance by Gerard who was made to look silly on several occasions by bale, dembele and jan vertongen.

        We had several chances we missed to like the terrible anger backpass that let Defoe and Dempsey in (someone Rodgers and LFC didn’t want to pay for, not Phil Dowd) only for them to miss a blatant goal scoring opportunity.

        I’m sorry you sit 3 points above villa with Southampton coming up, but Lloris only had to make 4 saves all game, the other 2 clear chances were Lloris getting bored and running off his line, so suarez and gerrard shot for them to be cleared off the line, one resulted in your only goal.

        Out of your “attempts on goal” the joke of a shot by Suarez from 45 yards out that went out for a throw as he tried to lob Lloris who WAS in his 6 yard box.

        Was it the best Spurs performance, NO, but in no way did LFC boss the game for 75 minutes. We did defend very well, sometimes that’s what you have to do, and to be honest, we had the worst centre back parrying in gallas and Dawson that it is even more embarrassing an LFC player couldn’t score. those 2 were like Laurel and Hardy out there with Dawson passing LFC the ball..

        As for rodgers commenst about spurs before the game how they had, built up a squad for “years”. You had a more experienced squad with international players that YOUR manager has chosen to loan out, bench or play out of position in favor of “young talent”.

        In the post game it was pointed out that Phil dowd has given more penalties than any other ref in the BPL this year, for him to NOT give them says more about the challenges than LFC and brendan Rodgers whining and blaming the Refs instead of the players and his decisions.

        It’s a long season, it’s not over for LFC, but with BR not owning all his poor decisions and the restrictions he puts on Steven Gerard so he can play in rodgers system, LFC have themselves to blame, not the refs.

        I’m sorry but after listening to the delusional LFC manager not own it, I hope LFC get smashed by southampton at the weekend. if they do we will see who Rodgers blames then, 50-1 says it isn’t himself or the players, you will be 11-50 on it’s the refs.

        • Mufc77 says:

          Tell us how you really feel

        • M Owen says:

          I guess you and i were watching a different games then…and no i was not watching the game thru pretty Pink LFC tinted glasses, of course i was upset for losing.what kind of fan would i be if i am happy when my team loses. you cannot honestly tell me the Gallas hacking down Suarez was not a penalty? you defense was in a scramble mode all game…like i said i will give you that spurs were the better team first 20 minutes but that’s about it…if i was spurs fan i would be worried how teams come and dominate on the home ground , how you guys have to hang on for your lives most of the game.

          Yes, Mistakes were made by Rodgers but i would not blame him for playing Downing at left back, that was the right call…if he stuck with playing Wisdom like we usally do then Bale would have destroyed his confidence and we would have lost very good and promising Right Back… Downing along with Joe Cole personify what is wrong with English football and why England fail miserably in the world stages, overpaid, overhyped, No Heart and no hunger…

          Right now the elephant in the room for us is “Stevie G”…who clearly is having trouble adapting or does not want play to the system. Apart from him i am willing to give Rodgers and the team time because i can see what Rodgers is trying to do and I like the football we are playing under him.

          I like Spurs, i would say Spurs are my second team i would root for in the EPL. Only difference between previous seasons and this season is that even though spurs were never going to win anything atleast they were easy on eye and played positive attacking football…and i can see AVB destroying wht you guys had going for you.

          BTW about Rodgers…if Daniel Levy can have a do over, he will snap him up for ABB in a heartbeat.

  37. Jason says:

    Liverpool are in trouble because they have a midtable manager with a midtable mentality. Why is it that Liverpool seem to be the only club to overpay for mediocre talent, like Joe Allen for 15 million who is not even half as good as any of the Swansea players that came after he left.

    Liverpool will struggle to beat Southampton who are turning things around. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends in a draw or a win for Southampton. Tough times for the Reds.

  38. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Posession is more important than goals?

    Every season must seem like a recurring nightmare for Liverpool fans.

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