Europa League Could Be Scrapped in Favor of Expanding Champions League to 64 teams: The Daily EPL

UEFA is considering scrapping the Europa League and expanding the Champions League from 32 to 64 teams. UEFA says it’ll make a decision in 2014, but if the proposed move is approved, it could mean that 7 Premier League clubs will enter the Champions League instead of just the top four.

That’s great news for clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. But it’ll also make the Premier League more competitive as clubs try to get into the top 7.

What do you think about the proposed move by UEFA? Will it improve the Champions League or dilute the quality? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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27 thoughts on “Europa League Could Be Scrapped in Favor of Expanding Champions League to 64 teams: The Daily EPL”

  1. The “Champions League” was hopelessly diluted decades ago when non-champions were admitted. I like the idea of expanding the tournament. Then, UEFA could go back to calling it the European Cup.

  2. This would be completely awesome. As is, the Europa League is pretty damn meaningless. I am a City supporter and hope they don’t qualify for it so that the team can be better rested down the domestic League stretch.

    Plus, the UCL is already hopelessly diluted as an earlier poster noted. I mean, you have the rags in a group along with the “champions” of Tannu Tuva, Upper Volta, and the winner of a U21 Girls division.

    Now granted, I will give them some credit for choking and getting run out of the tournament at the group stage as City did.

    1. Maybe Man City needs these “weaker” teams in their group so they can actually make it out of their group.

      Although to be fair to them the two groups that they have drawn have been quite difficult. Still when considering all the money they have spent, I would say that in both this year and last year’s competition Man City underachieved. Just my opinion.

  3. UEFA Cup and Europa Cup is really a tournament for second rate clubs like Tottenham so I’m in favor of eliminating that tournament all together and keep Champions League the way it is.

  4. Effectively a European Super League. Don’t mind to be honest so long as it remains a mid week thing and doesn’t impact on the weekend matches any more than it does now.

    Having experienced European football for the first time last season at home and abroad I’d snap your hand off at another adventure.

  5. I think it is a poor decision. The champions league should be cut to 24 and only have top 3 from each country based off of co-efficient, and not punish the legitimate 3 from the winning country.

    The Europa league should be 24 teams made up of 4 & 5 place tams plus domestic cup winners. There should be NO, none ZERO Champions league rejects added, doing so devalues the competition.

    Add the Europa cup winner to the following years Champions league.

    The Super Cup winners are the REAL champions of Europe as that winner better reflects the form of the top 58 teams in Europe that year.

    If the Champions League winners are really that good and deserve to be there then they should quite easily dispatch the sub par Europa league winner. As we all saw this year, the real champions were Athletico Madrid, and by quit some distance.

  6. I think UEFA see the money the BPL is getting and can see the writing on the wall, the BPL is overshadowing the champions league for entertainment and viewership, and more great players will leagues on the continent and come to the Premier League further making the BPL the actual Super League.

    Remember next year the last place Team gets the same amount of money as this years WInner of the BPL! incredible, Everton will actually have money and maybe be able to attract better players giving Moyes his chance at competing.

    It is UEFA trying to create a super league.

  7. UEFA had already committed the original sin when they created the Champions League, then expanded it from the top two teams to up to four per league – thus in effect gutting the talent pool of the old UEFA Cup – which has since become a tedious, fairly monotonous competition, re-branding aside.

    Love it or hate it – this is another example of Europe heading towards a super league. As shocking as it seems at first but why not – if you qualify for Europe, you qualify you Europe.

    I’ve always thought that the winner of the Europa League should have been given an automatic berth to next season’s CL, especially when 3rd place CL teams are selfishly allowed to parachute into the Europa league.

    As long as the teams are seeded correctly, i.e 7th place walk ins have to work their way up via earlier rounds to finally playing the “big boys”. To the “purists,” does it matter if a seventh place team wins the CL, as opposed to a 4th place one?

  8. Maybe if they did it like the FA Cup, where the top tier or two of teams would wait a while to play. The Europa League seems like a Cup that even teams within it, don’t take seriously.

  9. When one considers Platini’s previous comments on fairer inclusion for smaller countries and states I’m not so sure it would mean extra slots for Premier League clubs. We may be seeing the likes of the Luxembourg and Faroe Islands league winners at the starting gate alongside Real Madrid / Man City etc.

    In theory as others have said – heading back to something like the old European Cup knock out competition. That’s not all bad as each game remains a contest and who doesn’t love the possibility of a giant killer? However, the big boys will be crying out that such games are a waste of their “precious resources”. So the next steps will be interesting

  10. So how would 64 teams work, do you think?

    I assume you’d have one group stage, four teams per group with the top 2 advancing in each, immediately followed by another group stage? Then home-and-away knockouts?

    Or 8 groups of 8, with 14 matches, and only the top 2 advance in each? Then knockouts?

  11. it would be top 5 and 2 cup winners (FA and League), not top 7, I believe. If this happens, the bigger teams will see the League Cup as quite important, which can only be good for the Football League and for fans. And it also allows minnows a chance at the big money by winning a Cup.

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