Why Rafael Benítez May Never Be Accepted by Chelsea Fans: The Nightly EPL

Sure, I go away for a week on holiday and nothing happens! Well, not exactly. Mark Hughes and Roberto Di Matteo get sacked. English clubs sputter in Europe. Harry Redknapp and Rafael Benitez return to Premier League management. And West Bromwich Albion move to third in the table.

I should take a holiday more often!

Tonight’s main headline that I’ve picked out of the bunch is why Rafael Benitez will never be accepted by Chelsea fans, which is a good read from Dominic Fifield.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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14 thoughts on “Why Rafael Benítez May Never Be Accepted by Chelsea Fans: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Pep preferring to go to Man United’s stability versus the madhouse of Chelsea makes complete sense. Chelsea is an attractive club, but changing managers nearly every year can’t be attractive to a top-flight manager.

  2. Don’t be surprised when Mourhino takes over at UTD and he brings Ronaldo with him.

    For me Guardiola needs to prove he can win with a team not full of stars that he inherited.

    1. I can see Jose coming to untied he likes England and he is probably the only one on that could handle the pressure of following a legendary manager.

  3. Gurdiola was ready to take over at chelsea but the reason to date is there are special players for ROMAN like the flop torres it is a must for them to be in the first eleven to rafael benitez he will dump chelsea and go like the way he did at liverpool upto now liverpool is like a cursed team. RAFAEL UNWANTED MAN IN CHELSEA

  4. Iam nigerian chelsea fans,are we never forget my rdm ilove his so much,for rafael benitez never are we not been his fans on till his live chelsea no more love benitez,win or lose no more love better go where you come from thank u up chelsea god bless rdm for me.up rdm

  5. Winning cures a lot of discontent. If Benitez starts to win then there will be less and less booing and Rafa out chants.

    1. what happens if he looses or draws 5 out of 6, what would RA do? You have Fulham, West Ham, Sunderland in the BPL all should be winners. Spurs are 5 points back.

      1. I think the track record is if we lose 5-6 matches in a row is that he’ll get the sack and someone like Avram Grant will get the job again. Rafa may have to win the World Club Cup in order to make it to the end of the season.

  6. I didn’t hear the boos when he came out because I was watching on Fox Soccer Channel and as usual they were showing the four morons talking in the studio instead of the build up.

    1. Well, two for-sure morons. I like Warren Barton, especially because he looks like he wants slap a couple of his co-hosts.

  7. Chelsea fans are so fickle that they forget that Roman Abramovich with all his sackings and mistakes still gives the fans trophies that every club outside of Manchester United would be envious of.

    Say what you will about Roman he still gets Chelsea into the Champions League every year and they do win domestic cups and titles from time to time. Lots of fans would wish their club had a RA as their owner. If things don’t go well he is not afraid of making a change regardless of the cost. If Benitez doesn’t get the job done someone else will be brought in to do the job.

    I guess Chelsea fans drool for the good old days (before the Roman era)when they were nothing more than average.

  8. what I want to know is y roman abromovich had to get rid of roberto di matteo. So what, they lost wut is it 7 games in a row? Big deal, every team loses. I want Rafa out now, not at the end of the season. Jose Mourinho is not coming back. Roberto di Matteo can still come back

  9. Middlesborough chelsea. I have no idea what goes through Rafa’s head. Half of the starters are players that I don’t think that I have ever seen play. If he is gonna let his good players rest, then don’t put them on the pitch in the 75th minute.

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