Lazio vs Spurs, Liverpool vs Young Boys and Newcastle vs Maritimo: Europa League Open Thread

How about some traditional football on Thanksgiving Day? No, not that football, but some real football with three live Europa League matches featuring Lazio versus Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool against Young Boys and Newcastle United versus Maritimo.

A victory for Liverpool against Young Boys will see them through to the next round of the Europa League. The same applies to Tottenham Hotspur who, if they get a win in the Italian capital of Rome, will advance to the next round. Newcastle will also advance with a win.

With a win each, the prize for all three English Premier League clubs is a place in the Europa League knockout stage.

Before, during or after today’s UEFA Europa League match, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Lazio vs Spurs, Liverpool vs Young Boys and Newcastle vs Maritimo: Europa League Open Thread”

  1. it only gets worst for chelski.Mark Clattenburg cleared of charges and mikel charged with misconduct.i hope Clattenburg sues the hell out of anybody he can.where does he go to get his good name back i hope he goes after luiz and ramires.

  2. Lloris strong there with that save. I’ve been there when you get that service and think I have time to get off something quick and chunk a crap shot. Wish we could have the UK announcing crew.

  3. Ill take that!

    Great performance from Lloris, Démbèle gets time for fitness, carrol plays well.

    A draw or win at home in 2 weeks and we are through!

  4. God I miss the Europa League, (starts to get misty eyed about The Mestella and Cathedral Square) 😉

    Say what you want about it being mickey mouse but when you’re involved it’s a buzz and a half. I’d snap your hand off if you told me we’d qualify for it through the Fair Play standings.

  5. Lloris looked awesome today. The Spurs backline don’t look too comfortable with the ball at their feet. Particularly in the second half it seemed like they were in a hurry to get rid of it and rarely in a constructive way.

    Adebayor was kind of MIA.

    1. I a point, the defense will,get better when it becomes consistent, Lloris in control, jan needs to stay at cb with naughton at lb to give some stability, jan ill then become more comfortable as the general infront of Lloris.

      it was interesting, the first 20 they played 442 then switched bale and siggy and went to a 4-2-3-1 then in the second half went back to a 442 and then went to a 4-2-3-1 when dembele came on.

      I think the disallowed goal and numerous decisions that went lazio’s way just got to them on the field.

      4 goals disallowed, 3 were legit against Lazio over the 2 ties.

      If brad was in goal, we loose that game. I honestly think we have dropped at least 4 points as a result of freezals errors against Norwich and west brom and another 1 against city.

      I think Lloris will show to be a great consistent keeper.
      Tom carrol had a good game, bale was too quiet for me as a captain. I think we looked most comfortable in the first half in Abbas 4231, ade was more involved. Dempsey was poor again unfortunately, although he was getting kicked quiet a bit.

      Looking forward to west ham!

    1. absolutely, the back four needs consistency, Lloris staying back there will help, need to settle on the centre and the left, I fear gallas will come in again, as long as huddlestone stays out i will be happy

      1. Lol I don’t care about the rest of the team I need a goal keeper for my fantasy team and lloris is dirt cheap so it’s either him or that muppet Guzman from Villa, think ill take a chance and go with lloris and hope he starts.

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