Juventus vs Chelsea and Galatasaray vs Manchester United: Champions League Open Thread

All eyes will be on Turin today as Chelsea hopes to get a good result against Juventus with only two matches remaining for the Blues in Group E. The two teams played out a memorable 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge in September, so we could see a similar scoreline today.

In the other UEFA Champions League match featuring a Premier League, this one is a dead rubber game for Manchester United who have already qualified from Group H. Galatasaray will want to get a draw or win today to help their chances of making it to the next round, so the Turkish fans and diehard Manchester United supporters will be watching this one.

Before, during or after today’s UEFA Champions League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

54 thoughts on “Juventus vs Chelsea and Galatasaray vs Manchester United: Champions League Open Thread”

  1. Am i an idiot thinking Chiellini and Bonnuci are really going to have it easy playing against a false 9 ? I just don’t see my Blues being able to pass it into the net. I’d put at least Sturridge up top than play a false 9 but we will see after the match.

  2. Forzaa Juve’ale!

    (Sorry CFC supporters – I’ve always been a Pirlo and Buffon fan. And at least your boys haven’t utterly choked in the CL like City has)

  3. Tick tock tick tock…. Has Chelsea’s luck finally run out 2 zip to juve.

    So, if spurs make it through, will they draw Chelsea in the Europa league ?

    1. Looks like Chelsea want Benitez on a short-term contract until Pep is ready to take over. Benitez turned down such an offer last season when AVB was fired so I’m not sure if he will accept now. Another name that is surfacing is Avram Grant who knows the club from his time there before.

      1. seems far fetched Grant is used up and why would Benitez want to take it for short term. I know stranger things have happened.i think Roman will just throw enough millions at Pep and he would have to take it. hell maybe Pep could get el nino scoring he can’t do any worst then anybody else.

  4. If chelsea do not qualify will the song change to….

    We’re not any more! We’re not any more! Champions of Europe, We’re not anymore?

    I think other fans could replace we’re with You’re on the terraces, Ian can you see to that? I would myself but it’ll have to wait til jan 😉

  5. Well Juventus richly deserved the victory and 3 points and probably whatever formation Chelsea played wouldn’t of mattered because today we weren’t good enough end of. I take back earlier saying Chelsea will have it easy in this group I was wrong. Chelsea needs a win and Shakhtar win over Juventus.

    1. Well, I guarantee one thing, neither Juve nor anyone else will trust Shakhtar with anymore sportsman like restarts. They disgraced themselves today.

      1. i know i am dating myself but the manager for SD should have let Nord score and have his players stand and not get in the way.no HONOR for SD bush league!

  6. unfortunately, Chelsea still have a decent chance to get through. Juventus still need to get a result in Donestk where its not easy to play and Shakhtar outplayed Juventus in Italy

    Chelsea though deserve to go out, lucky win over Shakhtar will probably keep them alive

  7. I don’t think Pep will take over at Chelsea, at least not now.

    The Spanish press are suggesting Rafa Benitez is the guy, which would be a surprise to me, but who knows.

    1. I don’t think it will be Benitez despite what the press is saying because according to Guillem Bellague, noted Spanish football writer, Benitez has not been contacted by Chelsea. Besides, Benitez is hated by most Chelsea fans and given that the sacking of RDM has been heavily crticized I’m sure Roman A. will not want to antagonize Chelsea fans even further by hiring Benitez. Avram Grant and Hiddink might be better options. Then again, who knows what Roman will do. I’m sure he will try everything to lure Guardiola and may even offer him much more money and power than he might have originally planned just to get his man. Don’t be surprised if Harry is the next Chelsea boss.

      1. Abramovitch has quite clearly exhibited he doesn’t care about Chelsea fans, players or managers. They are all expendable. He only cares about himself and he’s never going to rehire managers he’s previously fired.

  8. Chelsea hilariously stuffed 3-0 by Juventus, watch in January when Abramovitch offers 80M plus for Suarez and throws Sturridge in as a gift.Mark my words.

  9. I bet Harry is sitting by the phone just waiting for it to ring. I bet he’s willing to whore himself out for the rest if the season for the right amount of money.

    My choice for the job is JT as player manager, oh how we could all have fun with that scenario.

  10. If you were Pep would you take it? i was under the impression Pep was being lined up to take over from SAF.

    You have to think any manager of worth is going to demand a ridiculous money clause in case of being sacked, so much so that to sack them would cost 100 million, a figure so high that they have to be given time to apply their trade.

    oh to be a coach for abramovich

    1. Personally I think Pep will be found out when he takes his next coaching job. He inherited a fantastic group of players at Barcalona and everything fell into place for him after that. If you look at his record in the transfer market with players he brought in and sold its not exactly very good. Mourhino is the next logical choice for utd as his record is second to none over the last 10 years.

      1. I for one think that Benitez is a better manager than Pep but he is still not a good fit. And I agree that Pep will be brutally exposed if he joins Chelsea.

  11. According to BBC:

    “The club’s board met earlier on Wednesday and their next appointment is likely to be a short-term role rather than a long-term replacement for Di Matteo, according to BBC Sports editor David Bond”

    Long term replacement for Di Matteo? What are they talking about? All managers at Chelsea are short term by definition.

    1. Not many to choose from when it comes to top managers. Pep Guardiola, Fabio Capello, frank rijkaard, Jurgen Klopp and differ Dider dechamps all spring to mind right away.

        1. He’s done very well at Dortmund the last couple of seasons. I’d love to see what he could do at another big club before he gets a shot at one of the very top teams. IMP he Definitely has potential to be a top manager from what I’ve seen so far.

  12. Just heard an interview where a skysports Spanish league expert says Roman declined Falcao just hours before the athletics game.

    Lmao WOW

  13. I don’t think RA was concerned about CFC not winning the champions league, I think he was more concerned with not finishing in the top for for next year with a new manager.

    No way was CFC going to win URL again, so to get Pep he has together top four, he wasn’t confident in RDM getting top four so…boom it’s over for RDM.

    1. I smell conspiracy here… It is all Harry’s doing. No wait it is JT doing. And didn’t Drogba visited Chelsea’s grounds last weak? You take your pick.

  14. hey roman just remember with all your billions you still can not buy class you either have it or you don’t i think we all know where you fall on that deal.

  15. I always pictured Roman Abramovich as being something like the “Kim Jong Il” from Team America: World Police. A sort of crazed megalomaniac with a chrome-plated Desert Eagle who has a trapdoor in his throne room leading to a tank filled with sharks.

    1. Then you should probably research Abramovich history as a governor of Chukotka. May give you a bit different view on life not based on Team America version.

      1. Which – per Wikipedia – was apparently pretty good, all things considered.

        Although there are a lot of things in his entry that kind of bring “Bond Villain” to mind as well.

        1. Well Abramovich is very contradictory character but at least in one place on Eart he manage to become a local hero. You’d wish that some ‘proper’ Western billionaires had done as much as Abramovich did in spending his personal wealth to improve life of people in Chukotka.

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