Fulham vs Sunderland, Gameweek 12: Open Thread

If you have any small children or pets at home, today is probably a good day to move them away from the television set. What they are about to see today could be damaging to their eyes.

I kid, of course. Sunderland’s lack of goalscoring could make them a painful side to watch today, but the three worthy things about this match are (1) they’re playing Fulham, who know how to score goals, (2) the match is at the quaint Craven Cottage ground, and (3) Sunderland is playing away from the Stadium of Light, so perhaps the team will feel less pressure on their backs.

Let’s hope it’s a better match than what it is on paper.

Before, during or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

18 thoughts on “Fulham vs Sunderland, Gameweek 12: Open Thread”

  1. I know I am a sicko because of the fact that I arranged my schedule this morning so as to be able to watch the Sunderland-Fulham match.

  2. Fulham3/1 and we do have a sickness and i hope they never find a cure!

    Marc L
    you know you will have to go mtn biking from now on when MUFC plays after your post yesterday.your boys are back on top congrats.

    1. Ha ha thanks. I just cannot stand watching them play against a lower-table club. They are going to win 99% of the time so if you just absent yourself from the info flow you might be pleasantly shocked later. But usually you can just say “well that’s what United does. They win.”

      I expect United to be up on points six weeks from now. Tough league stretch coming for City. But long term it should be a good race.

    1. Technically speaking he was flying in the air with studs up. I have no problem with red card for this kind of offence if this is applied consistently. E.g. against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge or against United at OT.

  3. That red did not seem to be warranted at all. Plus, Hangeland is about the last guy you’d expect to be trying to injure someone. Classy guy, team captain. National team captain, for that matter.

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