Nobody Knows Who to Mark in Manchester City System, Admits Aleksandar Kolarov: The Daily EPL

Gifted Manchester City left fullback Aleksandar Kolarov has admitted that nobody knows who to mark in the Manchester City defensive system. And judging by the team’s performances, especially in the UEFA Champions League, he’s correct. Roberto Mancini has plenty of work to do in preparation for next week’s plum tie against Real Madrid at Etihad Stadium.

Don’t forget that there are international friendlies on the deck today including Sweden vs England (live on GolTV at 2:45pm ET) and Russia against the US men’s national team (live on ESPN2 at 10am ET)

Here are the Premier League news stories today:

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8 thoughts on “Nobody Knows Who to Mark in Manchester City System, Admits Aleksandar Kolarov: The Daily EPL”

  1. Gaffer any chance you’ll do anything on AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons? I appreciate it’s not Premier League related but it’s a hugely significant match in English football history.

    If not the commentary will be on Talksport for anyone interested.

    The vitriol over here that is reserved for MK Dons has lessened over the years but there will be lots of fans in general rooting for AFC Wimbledon. Funnily enough the AFC Wimbledon board and fans say its the last tie they wanted and many fans are contemplating boycotting what will be their biggest match since they made it back to the professional ranks.

    Personally I’d like to see them beat MK Dons then draw Liverpool in the 3rd round. A bit of a fairytale there.

    1. The hype and over dramatization by the Durpdeeduurr that is Adrian Durham is a joke.

      What’s the difference between “Woolwich Arsenal” moving from south london to north london and what MK dons have done?

      There is no difference except time, Arsenal did the same thing, they left Woolwich (South London) and moved to North London and kept the Arsenal part of their name. It will be a good cup tie to watch because of the split, but the argument of AFC Wimbledon (who haven’t and still don’t play in Wimbledon, and now own a ground in Kingston) being the real Wimbledon is just not valid.

      The reason Wimbledon failed in the first place is because the area wasn’t able to sustain enough support to keep the club going, so they moved it to a new market where they felt they could, after trying numerous things including ground sharing with crystal palace to keep it in South London. Wimbledon were always second fiddle to Crystal palace and Charlton Athletic in South London.

      If anyone believes that MK dons have not legitimacy, then surely the same must apply to Woolwich Arsenal.

      1. I mostly enjoy listening to talkSPORT but Adrian Durham is one of the few talk show hosts I dislike listening to. Most of what he talks about is nonsense, simply to fill up dead air. On a slow news day, he’s a chore to listen to. To me, it sounds like he picks a controversial opinion and then debates it incessantly (whether he actually believes it or not, is another question).

        The Gaffer

        1. Absolutely agree, I cant believe Durham still has a show. Collymore, and Saggers on monday nights is a great listen with there debates, and even tho he is a chelsea boy, Jason Cundy always gives a good balanced perspective. I think Andy Goldstein is hilarious. Hawksbee and Jacobs I could do with out tho too.

      2. Woolwich Rejects they’re affectionately known as. I think what upsets most people is the franchising of the club rather than allowing it to drift down to its natural level.

        Durham’s a perrrick!

  2. Caulker Cahill partnership at the center is a no brainer and the future of England center back pairings IMO, both quality players with Pace, touch they read the game very very well, and that will still improve, they like to play football and can score, quite exciting to see how they deal with Ibrahimovic.

    If Roy had any clue he would keep that partnership moving forward and build on it for Brazil.

  3. It’s not often I agree with the FA, nut this SBL guy has lost the plot accusing the FA of being institutionally racist, he is damaging the real fight against racism with ludicrous statements, which is a real shame.

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