Mark Clattenburg Left Off Premier League List for Third Straight Week: The Nightly EPL

Here are the Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Mark Clattenburg Left Off Premier League List for Third Straight Week: The Nightly EPL”

    1. you wait and see chelski is going to come out on the wrong end of this deal and i hope Clattenburg sues the pants off chelski.what the hell could be taking so long interview the assistants and the 2 players that made the accusation. the FA could screw up an anvil.i am sure you will post an apology when Clattenburg is cleared of these accusations.

  1. Studge didn’t say he would score 20 goals he said, “It’s always difficult to say I’d score 20 goals a season, but I think if any player’s given a regular run then you’d hope that, given if they’re playing for a top club and given opportunities to score goals, that they’d be able to do that.”

    1. Big difference between what the headline implies (dissatisfied, whiney, crybaby)and what he actually said. What he did say is what you would want any of your bench players to think. Good for him.

    1. Good to see Spurs look to take advantage of the world we live in, I hope it is a good product with real content and not just a gesture.

      Man Utd already has one right? MUTV?

  2. bruce buck is a jacka$$ for saying chelsea is not hypocritical because of the way they handled the terry affair.hey brucie you and some of your fans are the only ones believing that cock and bull story.looks like karma took care of terry since chelsea passed on doing what was right thing to do.not going to miss seeing the racist(terry) on the pitch.

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